Tattoo "bat" - a sign of a superhero or dark forces?

Bat - a unique mammal that can fly. All over the world since time immemorial legends, in which a small winged creature appeared as a real vampire, werewolf, or messenger of the dark forces. Some people, on the other hand, admired the ability of bats navigate in the dark and say these animals are symbols of good news and change. So what is a tattoo "bat", a treatment to be believed?

The ancient legends and folk legends


In Europe, the guards did not like the night sky even before the popularization of Christianity. Bats are afraid, and at every opportunity tried to kill and hang the carcass near the property to scare away evil forces. They do not like bats and Japan. A resident of this country will experience confusion and anxiety, if you suddenly see someone's tattoo "bat." The negative value is the symbol and the Brazilian culture. According to the beliefs of the indigenous population, the bat - this is one of the most terrible guise, and an evil deity who lives in the very hell. In ancient Rome, the owners of bats considered an ideal view and excellent intuition. These animals revered, it was believed that they represent the vision and possess supernatural intuition. Ancient Greeks identified bats with fertility and happy maternity. In China today, and bats - a sign of good luck. There is a universal talisman - an image of five bats, meaning calm, longevity, good luck in everything, wealth and health.

The current value of


Today attitude towards bats ambivalent. In popular culture is, above all, a vampire character. And after the popularization of comics and films about Batman's bat has also become a symbol of a superhero (it is a stylized silhouette figure). It should be noted that the vampires society's attitude has changed somewhat today. In modern works of art we see them mysterious, enigmatic, cunning, clever, graceful and always beautiful. Many young people are even trying to copy the style of vampires and manners of the most popular films, most of all, they like the idea of ​​a tattoo "bat" on his body.

Military tattoo

As its emblem bat chose not only the fictional Batman, but very real heroes. In Russia, night animal silhouette can be seen on posters elite units of the national army. This military intelligence, special forces, the GRU, and others. Many soldiers want to leave on your body a special mark of the service and accessories for special purpose troops. Therefore, the "bat" tattoo intelligence has many men who served in the army today. Of course, the military importance of the extremely positive symbol. In this case we are not talking about vampires, and the incredible skill, care and rapid response animal.

So different bats

Drawing for a tattoo you should always choose, focusing solely on your own taste and desire, and only in the least thinking about how this image will be perceived by others. Bats modern tattoo masters and artists portrayed differently. Someone animals look realistic enough, another master - on the contrary, caricature, cartoony, and the third offers a silhouette image.


Tattoo "bat" may have a different value, depending on which characters surround it. You can fill one animal, or wings, or, on the contrary, once the whole pack against a nightscape. The most impressive look bats in flight, but if you want a touching tattoo, think seriously about how to portray a sleeping animal. And most importantly :, remember that whatever you choose sketch, tattoo bat "would be a stylish decoration of your body and this amulet, if it is made with a great desire and a good master.