Laws of the game. Basic football rules

Laws of the game are recorded in a special regulation, which was approved by the International Federation and the Council of Regional Associations. This set of articles defines the procedure for the official competition. It is worth noting that the first rules of football briefly were formulated in 1863 by the British Association. In the modern form of the regulations developed by UEFA and FIFA. It takes into account all of the slightest nuances of football: from advertising on players gear up to manufacture netting material.

The general rules

In a match attended by only two teams. Number of players on each side is limited to eleven considering the goalkeeper. The only projectile is considered to be the ball. Field players have the right to control and beat on it only feet, except for throwing out. goalkeeper in soccer rules are slightly different. Goalkeepers can catch the ball with his hands, but hold the projectile in the air is prohibited for more than 6 seconds.

The basic rules are the same for all the football associations and tournaments organized under the auspices of FIFA. Thus, the number of substitutions may be not more than three in official competitions. There are certain requirements and to outfit players. It should not pose a risk to the player or the opponent. Prohibited any jewelry, hair clips, watches and so on. D. Mandatory elements are shirt, shorts, aprons, socks and shoes. Gloves only goalkeeper.

Laws of the game. Basic football rules

The duration of the game is two halves of 45 minutes. The judge can add a certain amount of time delay for the game (replacement, trauma etc. D.). Between halves must be a break of 15 minutes.

football rights is controlled by a match referee and his assistants out of bounds. The judge determines violations, punish, identifies points of contention. All its decisions are final.

to the field Requirements

The coating should be in the form of grass or artificial or natural. Field has a rectangular shape. The width (gate line) may be from 64 to 75 m, the length - from 100 to 115 m, respectively. As rules of the game of football and describe the requirements for marking. The field should be limited to smooth white lines which will be clearly visible from a distance (8-12 cm in width). In addition, the layout divides the lawn into two halves. Features Special middle circle with a radius of 9, 15 m from the center of the field.

Goal area is defined rectangle with a width of 5 5 m from each column (rod). Length goalie zone -.. 18 m 3 outlines the box analogous with the sides 16, 40 and 5, 3 m Inside zones marked 11-foot point where a penalty will be performed. Sami gates should be a height of 2, 44 m in width -. 7, 32 m at the corners of the field are fixed flagpoles with a rounded tip.

Policy violations

In today's regulations clearly spelled out all aspects of the undisciplined behavior of players and coaches. Free kick is awarded for tripping, kicking the opponent, jump in the legs, aggressive push, slap, or delay the enemy time, intentionally touch the ball with his hand. Such a breach in his own penalty area is punishable by 11-meter (a penalty).

Laws of the game. Basic football rules

Another type of punishment is a free kick. He performed for certain violations in the penalty area: dangerous play against an opponent, controlling the ball over the goalkeeper 6 seconds projectile hands touch the goalkeeper after a pass from a teammate. This kick is taken from the place of the foul.

The modern rules of football clearly define the actions of judges in disciplinary sanctions. Yellow card (warning) is given for unsportsmanlike conduct, profanity, or systematic violations, lifting equipment, the delay time of the match. Must be punished by the rough and tactical foul. Player removed from the field for two warnings, aggressive behavior, spitting in someone barrier flight of the ball at the gate arm for the foul that led to a penalty for insults and forbidden gestures.

Types of strokes

Laws of the game and cause the input norms of the ball after a violation or exit it out of bounds. It should only strikeout throw-handed because of a head without tearing off the heels of the lawn.

The penalty kick is foot is allowed to play the ball. The goal with this standard position into the wrong gate counts, in its - limited appointment corner side punched commands.

Laws of the game. Basic football rules

Goal kick performed from outside the goalkeeper's area. Own goal with this standard shall be counted only if the ball ricocheted in any player.

A corner kick is done on a flagpole. Imposed for crossing the goal line the ball (not the goal line) from the player of the opponent. Breaks leg, you can play a pass.

Penalty kick with 11-meter mark.

A goal in football is counted only when the ball has completely crossed the goal line between the posts in the absence of violations. The most common foul in the attack is off-side. "Offside" is fixed when the attacking player has appeared on the body closer to the gate of a stranger than any member of the defending party, other than the goalkeeper.

General rules for mini-football

The platform should be rectangular with a width of 18-25 m and 35-42 m in length. The match lasts 2 times for 20 minutes. At the same time the game stops after each exit of the ball out of bounds. Gate Size - 3 m 2.

Laws of the game. Basic football rules

Each team can have 5 players, including goalkeeper. The number of substitutions are not limited to rules. Equipment similar to the great football (dangerous accessories are prohibited). The offensive and defensive actions can participate at the same time all the fielders. Goalkeeper has the right to travel outside his own penalty area only after the permission of the judge and gear shift. "Offside" no.

Disturbances and shocks in the mini-football

Standard penalty imposed for a needless foul, jump in the legs or body, lock, strong push mistimed tackle, handball. If a foul has been defined within the goalie zone 6-meter is performed (penalty).

Laws of the game. Basic football rules

Free kick awarded for a dangerous game, goalkeeper attack, holding the goalkeeper the ball more than 4 seconds, touching the shell by hand by a team mate.

Terms of the mini-football state that a player must be warned of premature to replace systematic violations unsportsmanlike conduct. Deleting a site is given for a needless foul insults, the second warning.