Hairstyles for 5 minutes. Step by step instructions for a popular option fast pilings

I woke up 10 minutes later and no longer prevail nothing? As this feeling is familiar to many men and women! In such a situation it is difficult to catch something, such as make a beautiful styling, twist hair curlers, so have to do everything on the go: drink coffee, apply makeup, choose outfit and do her hair. For those who often find themselves in situations where there is no time to wait, will be useful hairstyles in 5 minutes, which can make every girl. Knowledge of these express the ideas necessary for women who want to do everything and still look stylish. So what are the hairstyles you can try fast and how to make them?

Hairstyles for 5 minutes. Step by step instructions for a popular option fast pilings

Hairstyles for 5 minutes. Popular options

If a girl - the owner of the long or medium hair, then she can try all of the following hairstyles for yourself. The most popular are the tails.

Ponytail really like girls: this installation is done very quickly and at the same time keeps the whole day, allowing its owner to feel comfortable and relaxed. This hairstyle is very easy to create it.

  1. thoroughly comb all the hair.
  2. Collect all the strands on top or other convenient location and attach a rubber band at the base of the tail head.

ponytail and fleece - perfect morning hairstyle

At the creation of hairstyles ponytail ends. If you want to slightly modify the styling, you can use the quick and bouffant hair strand instead of gum. To do this, you must also carefully comb your hair and divide them horizontally into two parts. The lower part of the head of hair at a time to fix an elastic band. From the top of the strands need to make bouffant. To do this, you want to divide the hair into two parts along a horizontal parting. Taking the lower part and gently making fleece (volume), you need to attach it to the base of the tail. Then the uppermost strand need to carefully comb and put on top of the fleece to hide the chaos. All these hairs are then assembled into a single tail. It turns out very feminine, and most importantly - fast hairstyle in 5 minutes on hair of any length.

Hairstyles for 5 minutes. Step by step instructions for a popular option fast pilings

Tufts - feminine version of a work or a celebration

If a girl likes to collect hair, but do not have time to lay them in the correct form, then a great option would be bundles. Hairstyles for 5 minutes in the form of the collected beam look very stylish and tidy. Since today is particularly popular bundles are not smooth, and slightly disheveled (causing a "hipster" style), then you need to know how to make a bun.

  1. Gather hair into a ponytail and comb.
  2. is selected by a small and do provide designated abundant fleece directly behind.
  3. Slightly pull the elastic to hang the tail, not close to the head.
  4. The resulting strands are twisted slightly to each other in a light tourniquet and wound around the base of the tail in a circle.
  5. The obtained result to fix invisible and varnish.
Hairstyles for 5 minutes. Step by step instructions for a popular option fast pilings

Bow of hair - an option for subtle and romantic natures

If you are interested in hairstyles in 5 minutes in the form of a bow made of hair, they are made on the basis of the tail. To do this, you need to carefully comb the hair and gather it in a ponytail at the crown (the higher the better). When tying gum on the last turn of the tail does not need to smuggle all the way down and do an elastic loop and leave in this position.

The resulting loop must be divided into two equal parts, and turned back onto the tail through the middle forward, twist the base and fix invisible.

Bows and beams - these are the ideal hairstyle for 5 minutes over medium to long hair. They can do and a walk, and work, and even to the party.

Hairstyles for 5 minutes. Step by step instructions for a popular option fast pilings

Braids, spikes and other braid

Weave pigtail most simple can every girl, which means that hair for 5 minutes with your own hands can be done because of it. Usual braid of three strands have long been fed up with the women of fashion, but the spike inside, and even diagonally - a very popular option.

To do this, you need to know weaving scheme such braids. For many, this statement will be familiar.

Comb your hair and take a small section near the temple (the parties to choose the one which is convenient to weave). Then divide the strand into three pieces and make 3 turns ordinary weaving braids. Then, holding the three strands should be added to each interwoven (a lock will be in the middle) for a small portion of hair from each side, right and left of the spit. Add alternately locks need. To "spike" has turned bulky, you need to shift the locks are not on top of each other, and from below, bringing a part of the hair up. When the weaving is finished, the pigtail is necessary to fix a rubber band.

Other interesting and simple variants of

If you are interested in unusual hairstyles every day for 5 minutes, then you should pay attention on the spit, and various kinds of weaving. Girls who know how to weave braid of three strands are guaranteed to make an original hairstyle.

For example, a very popular and easy installation of two small braids connected from behind, made a few steps.

  1. The hair must be well comb.
  2. Take a lock of hair on the right and on the left (near the ears), from each of them a thin braid braid of three strands.
  3. Pull the resulting braids to the back and connect them with either gum or invisible.
Hairstyles for 5 minutes. Step by step instructions for a popular option fast pilings

This is the easiest option, but if it would be desirable to supplement something unusual, it can be done again bow out of hair, but only from the tails of the connected braids. The resulting hairstyle is very convenient, because the braids serve as the rim, do not give all tucked her hair to scatter and confuse.

When there is no time to think and an urgent need to do something on my head, some modern and stylish styling, you can use one of the options above. Even the most ordinary hairstyles may look new, if slightly modified, to add some detail (fleece, braid, accessory).