Purple dress with nothing to wear? Makeup for a purple dress. Shoes to purple dress

These ladies have come up with for myself saying: "The dress does not happen a lot." The truth in this. Since in the wardrobe of any woman, except black dresses must be other - a wide variety of shades. Certainly, purple dress is not suitable for everyday life, because it requires a special occasion and reason. This color has a powerful energy of attraction of attention.

Species dresses

This dress choose to wear an intellectual as well as girls who like to dream and have a good imagination. Selecting a purple dress, you can be sure that you are on the right track and will make an excellent impression at any party.

Cocktail. This outfit can be worn more than once, at the same time you will look very elegant.

The evening purple dress on the floor. This is the outfit chosen a girl seeking to become the queen of the elite crowd. This dress will emphasize every curve, but it does not make the image of the caller.

Purple dress with nothing to wear? Makeup for a purple dress. Shoes to purple dress

mini length. This dress - ideal for flirts, as if the fabric is translucent, then any girl turn into a nymph.


Silk. Even if silk purple dress will be tailored in the simplest way, it still will look solemn and elegant.

Satin. Cut from the tissue along with some soft folds accentuate the female form and will attract the attention of the stronger sex.

Chiffon. Purple dress made of chiffon creates an airy and light image, and slightly transparent fabric is intriguing stronger sex.

Jewelry, jewelry and accessories

Well, in your wardrobe appeared elegant purple dress. From what to wear this sophisticated shade and what accessories will be perfectly combined with it? These questions arise in the women's head every time a new dress in the wardrobe appears. We will understand with accessories.

Dark violet must be combined with black jewelery. Thus, you will create a catchy color contrast. If you want to lighten up a little way, then the best option would be jewelry bright colors and best of all - white.

Luxurious and elegant women complement this color with golden ornaments and jewelry with a touch of gold.

Purple dress with nothing to wear? Makeup for a purple dress. Shoes to purple dress

Dark purple color will help to reveal and refresh jewelry and accessories following shades: turquoise, blue, coral, yellow and gray.

Dark-purple dress adorn accessories pink, red, pale green shades.

Summer outfit that color can be diluted with shades of blue and red.

For a brilliant evening dress is best to choose accessories in the same tone.

Pick up shoes

Shoes to purple dress selected depending on its hue. For example, if you thing of deep tones, is the ideal choice of shoes will be shiny satin or patent leather stiletto heels silver, black or dark blue. Under the dress with a reddish tinge pick maroon or reddish-brown shoes.

But these five beauties very well pick shoes under the purple dress. Photo again proves the existence of different shades of that color.

Purple dress with nothing to wear? Makeup for a purple dress. Shoes to purple dress

Girls who want to shock the party its way to stand out and can wear shoes green, yellow and even bright pink flowers. As for the clutch or bag, when their selection is desirable to focus on the hue of the selected footwear. Charismatic girls can safely under a dress to wear golden sandals or shoes, adding to its image of a strap or a belt the same color.

For a modest image, you can choose the color Nude shoes, which perfectly fits the purple dress. Photo of the famous actress proof.

Purple dress with nothing to wear? Makeup for a purple dress. Shoes to purple dress


According to the results of social survey, most of the stronger sex would prefer to see a woman dress is purple. According to them, this shade emphasizes femininity and has a mysterious magic that attracts the attention of men. But for an evening out a little dress, without a proper make-up of any one outfit will look gorgeous.

Makeup for a purple dress is necessary to begin by defining the tone of your skin. The most winning its color - it's bright. Therefore, we arm concealer and mask out all the flaws and defects of the skin and create an even tone. Blush should be gentle: ideal - peach or pale pink.

Purple dress with nothing to wear? Makeup for a purple dress. Shoes to purple dress

To correct eye makeup you need to focus on their color. Kareglazyi preferably selected or golden beige shade. Green-eyed and blue-violet can be used safely. You can not go wrong with the makeup, if you do it in the colors of the dress.

But instead of pink shade delicate image can create tired, so be careful. Do not forget about the white pearl shadows, which are applied in the internal corners of the eyes to create a deeper look.

Nobody cancels and most important rule in the make-up: the correct accents. If you make a bright eye makeup and lips, your image will look defiant and vulgar. Even if you will have a slight chiffon dress. Line growth of eyelashes subtly summing black pencil, under the eyebrows can shade light shade. If the emphasis is placed on the eye, then the owners of short lashes better to use the patch or go to the build-up procedure. This will make it look mysterious and attractive. Do not forget about the classic arrows.

Completes the image of a lip gloss. It is better to use a transparent, peach or brown.


Lucky girl who got new purple dress, should also look into the cosmetics store to choose the color of nail polish wear. Manicure are perfect blue, green and blue shades. Yes, it is necessary to agree, these colors will be lost on the background of elegant dress, but if you choose to cover the nails bright colors, such as yellow or pink, then you will resemble the rural girl who has to make up the nails so that the first found in my mother's purse.

You can also ask the master to make the nails various drawings. For example, the peacock's tail, beautiful pattern or flower.

Or you can create on the nail manicure style Ombre. Since purple and smooth transition to darker shades.