Glycerin hair at home: reviews, photos. Lightening hair glycerol

Glycerin - a drug, the simplest trivalent alcohol, sold at an affordable price in pharmacies and are often used in the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumery, cosmetics. He is part of the means of hair care products: shampoos, masks, conditioners or balms. Miracle for mitigating curls, nutritional and moisturizing properties of glycerin provided by its hygroscopicity.

Features glycerol

It is a transparent substance viscous consistency without any odor. Its main feature is the ability to absorb moisture from the air, accumulating it in himself. Using glycerol for at home hair masks as an ingredient or as an addition to the purchase shampoos, conditioners, girls celebrate a significant hydration and elasticity of your tresses. Glycerin as it envelops each hairs and skin of the head, creating a film on the one hand, prevents the evaporation of moisture, and on the other - attract water molecules.

Glycerin hair at home: reviews, photos. Lightening hair glycerol

Thus, for a long time we believed that the best moisturizer is glycerin. For hair, it can be both useful and harmful, t. K. A too high concentration scalp excessively dried, and the strands become brittle, dry dandruff.

Effects of glycerol on the hair

Glycerol hair at home as masks with useful substances such as oils or broths, is useful for dry, brittle, posechennyh, curly, unruly, colored curls. Glycerol mask revitalizes, moisturize and soften the hair, making it shiny, obedient and well-groomed. Medicinal properties of glycerol eliminate itchy scalp, dandruff (only if it is non-fungal origin), tighten the wound and remove the negative effects for hair and skin after unsuccessful zavivok and paint layers.

Glycerin envelops each thin film hairs, giving them lose intracellular moisture. Thanks to this film with colored hair are not so quickly washed out colors, and they last longer maintain its luster.

Glycerin hair at home: reviews, photos. Lightening hair glycerol

Dry hair is gaining moisture and keep it greasy, on the contrary, slightly dried due to glycerin.

The positive effect of glycerol on the hair occurs only when it is used in conjunction with other components of the honey, aloe juice, water, essential oils, eggs, herbal teas. In its pure form it is not used because it can hurt, badly dry the hair and scalp.

The use of glycerol in the home

On the basis of glycerol can prepare softening, regenerating, moisturizing mask for all hair types. After their use improves the appearance of curls, they are docile, easy to comb, begin to grow faster and stop split.

Varieties and recipes of home masks from glycerol:

  • Mixed single raw egg and hair glycerin in an amount of 1 tbsp. l., the composition is applied to dry hair over the entire length and held for about an hour, after all rinsed with lukewarm water. This mask is suitable for all hair types, it will provide the power for the growth and strengthening of the follicle.
  • A mixture of egg yolk, one hour. L. vodka and one hour. l. glycerine rubbed into the roots, after 20 minutes, head wash with warm water and shampoo. This mask will eliminate the greasy sheen and stabilizes the activity of sebaceous glands.
  • A pair tablespoons aloe juice and honey are mixed with one hour. L. glycerol, the resulting mixture is rubbed into the roots, and the remainder is distributed along the length of the strands. Wash off the mask in half an hour. It helps with skin itching and drying of hair.
Glycerin hair at home: reviews, photos. Lightening hair glycerol
  • One yolk is diluted with two Art. l. castor oil, after which is added one hour. l. vinegar and pre-diluted in two Art. l. one hour of boiling water. l. glycerol. The composition is applied to the roots, and the excess length accounted for the remainder. Withstand the mask for half an hour, after which time it is washed off.

in the home hair lightening glycerin

Brunette, dark-colored and red-haired girls would be difficult to produce glycerine bleaching hair. Absolute they will not be blonde, but may achieve clarification on a couple of colors, not more, and only if they regularly use lightening glycerin mask, otherwise - of their natural color comes back.

Blond and light blond hair color is lighter and faster than lighten, unlike the dark. For this purpose, a simple mask: make chamomile broth (50 g of flowers infused for hours in a beaker of boiling water), then cooled broth was added 60 g of glycerin, mix, applied to the hair, wrapped by a film, a towel hour. In this mask, you can add a couple of art. l. lemon juice and honey locust.

Recommendations for the use of glycerin in the home

Glycerine for the hair and scalp is a harmless tool, but only if you apply it according to the following guidelines:

  • necessary for 10 minutes to put on the skin in the area of ​​the wrist drop mask, which includes glycerol, then rinse it with water. If after 2 hours is not going to happen any reaction, then you can safely use this mask.
  • Glycerin hair in a pure, concentrated form can be harmful, ie. In. This active substance, so it is best to mix it with oils, decoction of herbs, and strictly control the dosage as prescribed.
Glycerin hair at home: reviews, photos. Lightening hair glycerol
  • The home-made masks should be added glycerin in the last turn, when the whole mixture is heated up - this will ensure greater exposure mask.
  • as glycerol itself is heated in a water bath for the best effect, and after mixing with the other components directly applied to the hair.
  • glycerol mixture stirred well to avoid lumps appeared which are confused in the hair and impede easy wash.
  • The mask is applied on slightly damp, clean hair.

Reviews girls enjoying glycerine homemade hair mask

Those who used such masks, claim that their main ingredient - Hair glycerin, reviews of which are positive. He helped them get rid of excess hair dryness. It is advised to do this mask once a week.

Glycerin hair at home: reviews, photos. Lightening hair glycerol

To lighten hair girls use glycerin mask once a couple of days. Women say that hair dyed semipermanentnye, permanent, depirmanentnye paint is better not to put a mask on the basis of glycerin, t. To. He is an excellent solvent that can quickly wash away the color from the hair. Good conductor of heat hair glycerol. Reviews stipulate that if you want the hair protection against temperature, then it is used in small doses and with moisturizing, insulating, protective components.

Contraindications for use of glycerin in the home

Not recommended for use on freshly painted locks of hair glycerol. The photo shows that the effect is not on the painting, and the new color will not be fixed on the hair.

Glycerin hair at home: reviews, photos. Lightening hair glycerol

I do not advise to use glycerine masks as humidification, if foreseen long pastime in dry or too damp environment, ie to the first variant of glycerin will fuel the moisture out of the hair, making it dry, and the second -.. Strongly moisturize strands that especially bad when curly hair. All this can be avoided by combining glycerol with oil and water.