Trendy jeans of the season 2017

• Fashion Jeans 2017 season

Trendy jeans of the season 2017

fashion there is something new and interesting in the world year after year. Designers are trying to impress his contemporaries and to provide society's attention another new product, hoping that in the future it will become a hit and the ratings of the most popular headline elements of male and female changing rooms.

However, no matter how tried to fashion designers, it has for decades considered the most popular clothing jeans. Denim fabric is an essential and integral part of the world of contemporary fashion industry. In addition to the practicality and functionality, which are inherent in virtually any model of jeans, denim items have a particular style and even some kind of charm.

What has prepared for us to fashion this season? What fashion trends should pay attention to all admirers of style denim?

Trendy jeans of the season 2017

skinny models (skinny)

This style of denim pants matter came into vogue a few years ago and began to use so incredibly popular that, despite the diversity of the proposed range, the girl is still not ready to give up the stylish, elegant and sexy jeans that perfectly highlight the beauty of women's legs. The model conveys the fragility and delicacy girl's image. Skinny fit young ladies, for women with a perfect figure and slender admirer of youth style. This year, the fashion trend will be models with abstract prints and intricate patterns of geometric type.

The most successful combination of options considered with surround-top (large sweater knit cardigan made of thick fabric or linked from a thick yarn), jackets, shirts direct or close fitting cut, blouses and even coat up to mid-thigh.

Trendy jeans of the season 2017


Style data trousers - straight from the hip line and slightly narrowed down the leg. The peculiarity of this model is that it is suitable for all types of the women, regardless of the structure of the body, features of a figure, growth, and even the age. These jeans can be worn as teenage girls and ladies in adulthood. Jeans skillfully emphasizes the harmony and the length of women's feet. Today in any fashion shades of denim fabric, a hit for this is most indigo.

Pipes in harmony with almost any top. As a suitable pair of shoes as there are no special restrictions - sneakers, running shoes, slipony, moccasins, boots, boots, cowboy style boots pankerskogo species, sandals, sandals and even high heels.

Trendy jeans of the season 2017



It would not have tried to fashion a bet on femininity and elegance, contemporary women prefer practical and comfortable denim pants style, which was named as "boyfriends". This model is characterized by an incredible practicality and comfort while wearing. By fashion trends this season include: high land, torn edges, abrasions, large patch pockets, asymmetrical patches, fringe, the use of different fabrics (colors, structure), ragged hole, lightning and other decor.

Trendy jeans of the season 2017

Models flared

The fashion legend returns 70 - flared jeans. At the peak of popularity will be bell-bottoms from the hip or flare from the knee. Both options allow you to adjust some of the shortcomings of the female body. To look more slender and have incredibly long legs that will drive anyone crazy enough to wear shoes with heels or wedges model. It is important to heel or wedge were closed bottom leg.

Today actual classics - in the model of jeans is better to refuse from a variety of prints, calling the decor, abrasions, and flaws, etc...