Top tracks in June 2017

• The best tracks in June 2017

The recommendations, which tracks to listen first.

Top tracks in June 2017

1. alt - J / Relaxer (1 June)

The guys from Leeds recorded their third album - a short and strange. Above it worked well the British folk singer Marika Hackman and participant Wolf Alice Group Ellie Rowsell - their voices in perfect harmony with a pronounced narrative line of new tracks.

The voice of singer Joe Newman literally envelops the listener in a soft but rhythmic songs 3WW and House of The Rising Sun, but the Hit Me With That Snare, on the other hand, delays in the darkness. The Pleader can hear the choir boys, London Metropolitan Orchestra and the sounds of police sirens.

Listen first: In the song, In Cold Blood group sings about how a party in the pool turns into a nightmare, with the help of pulsating guitar riffs, old Casio synthesizer and electronic wind instruments.

2. London Grammar - Truth is a Beautiful Thing (9 June)

Sadness in the songs of dreamy trip-hop band from the UK do not plunge into depression, and encourages reflection. This is a particular sadness - the one where you can get drunk, one that relaxes. Unforgettable vocals of Hannah Reid most clearly heard in the Wild Eyed and drives the longing What a Day. Listen first: In the song Oh Woman Oh Man, you can hear the familiar yet the album If You Wait sounds, as well as escape from the melancholy to something more enchanting.

3. Phoenix / Ti Amo (June 9)

The album with the same name should sound more sharply than in the end turned out at the French group. But even draw a heart on the cover can not see, hearing the nod to the Daft Punk, Passion Pit and Friendly Fires in the tracks Love Life and Fleur De Lys. Album Ti Amo is a smirk on his face, and offers a simple antidote to the no-good light music.

Listen first: J Boy - this euphoric piece of summer, which distracts from the drizzle outside. Chorus, beginning with just because of you, will be constantly spinning in my head, like a thread with the best moments of the happiest days of sunshine.

4. Lorde - Melodrama (June 16)

Failing to do something that turned out not all pop-star, 20-year-old Ella Yelich-O'Connor sends violent, funny, sometimes traumatic and confusing experience of growing up with genuine emotion and depth.

Listen in the first place: The Supercut words of first love are becoming more desperate, developing into a terrific chorus, which sings the Lord that has long been lost (In my head, I play a supercut of us). As Ribs from her latest album, this song is catchy and care.

5. Vince Staples / Big Fish Theory (June 23)

After releasing a successful Summertime 06 and collaborations with other artists, Vince Staples seems slumped to a turning point in his career. On the second album of the California rapper, emotional and sincere, you can hear a piece of the interview Amy Winehouse (Alyssa Interlude), criticism of the propaganda press (Party People), as well as references to the subject of death and suicide.

Listen first: Unexpected electronic intro Big Fish moves quickly in the cheerful, well-chosen bits that you can listen endlessly.