Makeup with red lipstick. The right makeup for brunettes and blondes

After seeing the centerfold of a glossy magazine or television advertising once beauty with plump lips and red lipstick, we will immediately fly to the stores of cosmetics for a new shade and frantically trying to find exactly the color that the model used. Coming home, we begin to create makeup with red lipstick. It is enough to make a couple of attempts to despair and to understand what we look like, to put it mildly, ugly, and the color does not suit us. But cute girl, this color is such a diverse palette of shades. Red is warm and cool tones. And following the advice from the article, every girl will be able to create a gorgeous makeup.

The color that fits all

Trends in the fashion world are replaced quickly and sometimes do not have time to keep track of them, but the only thing that is always out of competition - this makeup with red lipstick. This is a classic, which many women are afraid because they think this shade too geeky. They lipstick neutral tint, while oblivious to the fact that women's lips should be such that every man awakened desire to kiss them. Women, maybe it's time to become bolder and add some color? Girls, avoid bright colors in make-up, confident in the fact that red lipstick will never find a place in their purse. Experts believe that any can safely use this shade. The main thing - to pick up under his skin tone. Makeup with red lipstick requires perfectly smooth skin tones and a minimal amount of makeup. It is necessary to make up eyelashes, draw a small arrow and complete the case of natural blush shades. Manicure in this manner must be either French or in the tone of lipstick.

Makeup with red lipstick. The right makeup for brunettes and blondes

The right choice for your skin tone

Thus, the owner of dark hair and dark skin are choosing wine hue, saturation, or blood red, burgundy.

Happy haired warm bronze tan must make room in the beautician to carrot red lipstick or any other having carrot hue.

Girl with a cold shade of skin, that is pink-frosted, must choose a crimson hue.

Girls who kissed the sun, decorate lipstick crimson color with hints of peach or a shade "red orange".

Blondes with fair skin can choose the color and the palette of red, but applied the lipstick you need only a single layer.

Once you have decided on skin tone and lipstick, begin to paint the lips. Before the beginning of a little powder for them to make up lasted longer. Emphasize the lip contour pencil to help tone lipstick.

The subtleties of makeup for brunettes

Global makeup artists say that every brunette should have in their arsenal of cosmetic red lipstick, and it does not depend on how old she is, or what type of tone of her skin, as this creates the appearance of a beautiful ensemble of bright colors. Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes in the style of Monica Bellucci is not the first inspiration to all owners of the hair color. However, if it is wrong to use such a bright accent in the mouth, you might encounter problems with 3:

1. Add the additional years of their age.

2. Let's create a vulgar way.

3. This makeup will be considered inappropriate.

Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes will look good in daylight, and at night-time lighting. But the shade of hair color shades often. Do not forget that red lipstick in the evening will be more like burgundy. If you do not want these changes, it is better to check the make-up in the appropriate light.

Makeup with red lipstick. The right makeup for brunettes and blondes

Also consider the color of brunettes eyes. If you are the owner of green or brown, the best option - it is a warm color scheme. For blue, gray or blue eyes it is recommended to choose a lipstick pink, or with a slight presence of metallic notes.

Matte or glossy lipstick should be chosen based on the image that you want to create. If you have the holiday spirit, the glossy lipstick will look like quite appropriate. Formal meetings have to choose matte.

When you paint her lips a lipstick, remember that it overlooks and draws attention to other parts of the face. This is especially true eyebrows. Eyebrows should be ideal. A create such a shape can be by means of tweezers or eyebrow pencil.

Win-win makeup: arrows and red lipstick

To emphasize red lipstick, draw arrows, and it does not look like a vampire - whether it is real? Sure. This make-up gray mouse will turn into a queen whose image a long time crash into the memory of other people. It is thanks to the arrows turns "cat's eyes", and if you add red lipstick, then the image of the temptress is provided to you.

Makeup with red lipstick. The right makeup for brunettes and blondes

How to create makeup with red lipstick, we know now proceed to the arrows. First we need to put on the eyelid shadow or concealer to even out the skin. Drawing Technique arrows each girl their own, but the ideal option - it is the arrow drawn at an angle of 45 °. For more expressive they can be made more saturated colors. And the most important rule - the arrow must be symmetrical!

Make-up for social events

Evening makeup with red lipstick always looks dramatically. It will help us create the image of Kim Kardashian. Applied to the skin for make-up base. Then konturiruem face, while carefully emphasize cheekbones zone. With corrector remove all the skin flaws: scars, pimples, redness, swelling. Apply bronzer on cheekbones and facial contouring process of completing a translucent powder.

Makeup with red lipstick. The right makeup for brunettes and blondes

Folds century cover matte shadows. On podbrovnogo area we put a bronze hue. The inner angle is underlined pearl shade. Draw arrows. On the lashes apply mascara, and for emphasis use false eyelashes. We emphasize lips with red lipstick with a little shine. The image is ready!

The natural day make-up for blondes

Previous makeup for blondes to be inappropriate at work, so we create a daily eye makeup. With red lipstick it will turn into an office and thus emphasize the individuality and sense of style of women. Eyeliner holding a thin line of growth of eyelashes. Paint the lashes ink, thus creating the effect of the natural eye. The emphasis is on the lips, so choose a scarlet hue. Office make ready.

Makeup with red lipstick. The right makeup for brunettes and blondes

for blondes Makeup

Common makeup with red lipstick for blondes - a smokey ice. To create such a make-apa need lipstick bright shades bloody, dark and light shadows, and lip liner that is slightly darker than the lipstick.

1. contour eyelashes spend eyeliner.

2. For ever need to apply dark shade at the same time to push the envelope a little bit. 3. Above apply light or beige shade. Carefully shade, to get a smooth transition between colors.

4. Bring the lip pencil. To exit the volume a little bit outside the contour of the lips.

5. The lipstick should be applied in two layers.

Makeup with red lipstick. The right makeup for brunettes and blondes

The fiery haired girl and

Leading position in creating makeup have a brown-haired and red-haired girl. By their appearance fits the whole color palette of red lipstick, and evening and day make-up is not much different from each other. Red hair and red lipstick shade creates a juicy image, so these girls do not need bright colored eyes. The best solution would be mascara and eyeliner subtly conclusions drawn by eye.


As you can see, create an image of a fatal beauty or flirting lady with juicy red lips is not difficult. Therefore frees up space in your purse for new and bold shades of lipsticks.