Jagged bangs - a great way to change your image

Every girl by choosing the right kind of hairstyle, solves the problem about bangs once and for all: either it is or it is not. It has long been noticed that some girls are hairstyles with bangs, and other representatives of the weaker sex, they do not fit. It depends directly on the oval of the face, the desire to tinker with a bang, and care for her. At the same time there are so many types and forms of bangs, and each woman is free to decide what to leave under the hair.

bangs shape depends on the facial contours

This part of the strands as bangs, is not for everyone, so if she decided to radically change yourself, then it must take into account the peculiarities of the oval of her face.

Elongated straight bangs suit owners elongated oval face and large forehead. If the forms are more like little face square, these angular lines better mitigated using oblique bangs. When the shape of the face is more like a triangle (narrow chin and broad forehead), it is necessary to adjust the shape of the bangs so that the line was on the eyebrows.

In this earlier presented Bangs structure can be of several types:

  • straight;
  • graphically;
  • to one side;
  • oblique;
  • jagged bangs.

This is the latest version of the most popular, because such a shape makes any image of a light, airy and feminine.

Jagged bangs - a great way to change your image

Torn bangs: features

This form is very popular today. Its main distinguishing feature - is the presence of ragged ends. To understand the difference between straight bangs and torn, it is necessary to hold the line on probation ends. The straight bangs all the ends are at the same level, and in ragged tips will be of different lengths. Such trimmed bangs special scissors, a procedure called "thinning".

Jagged bangs - a great way to change your image

If a girl wants to change and look uncommon, it is right for a ragged fringe. Photos of many famous stars of show business prove that it is not just a suitable option of laying, and the trend, fashion trend, which immediately identifies the owner of a laying out of the crowd. If you want to try something experimental, you can consider other options bangs.

torn oblique fringe + tips - the perfect combination for cuts of any length

If a girl - the owner of a short haircut, made by type with asymmetric ladder torn edges, then torn oblique bangs perfectly complement the hairstyle. Famous singer and actresses are happy oblique bangs, the tips of which are made by ragged type. Such packing must necessarily be made exclusively professional. Form a bang requires little maintenance. Ragged fringe most exposed cross section of the hair, so you need to constantly maintain this form of trimming in the barber shop. If we talk about the benefits of this type of bangs, they are obvious. Torn oblique bangs perfectly softens the angular parts of the face, suitable for asymmetric short and long hairstyles. Perfect fit oblique fringe on straight hair.

Jagged bangs - a great way to change your image

If you choose a complex form of shearing and front strands remain short, it is necessary to consider another option - bangs oblique lacerated. Photos of many girls with such packings say that they are very versatile and Variability: there may be short (2-3 cm) and long (10 cm).

Haircuts on one side. Is it possible to supplement them with a bang?

When choosing a haircut on its side, you can not worry about the shape of the front strands: to this hairstyle is perfect jagged bangs to the side. Its difference lies in the fact that the hair in this part is slightly longer haircut and lean on his face. Laid it to one side, and since it is impossible to fill, it is fixed with varnish to sustainability. Perfectly with ragged fringe to the side with short haircuts: bob, an asymmetrical bob, ladder, cascade. Bangs - very whimsical piece of hair, and if a girl has a curly or wavy locks, its length should be as long.

Jagged bangs - a great way to change your image

Complex ragged bangs

Since hairdressers imagination has no limits, but today is popular and complex jagged bangs. Photos of haircuts exhibit one peculiarity: in such a bang combines several techniques and forms. It is very advantageous to look options pilings, which has both fringe long locks, and short. Particularly stylish look these options on short, thick and straight hair. It turns out interesting effect layering that accurately allocate possessor of hair out from the crowd. For example, if the selected length of the front strands is 10 cm, the suitable fringe oblique torn. Photos haircuts with bangs look so very difficult, although fit in just a couple of minutes.

Jagged bangs - a great way to change your image

Lay even complex bangs is not so difficult. You must first pull the strands of hair dryer from her face. Then, using a brushing, tighten the ends inward. Since such a bang have a complex shape, the strands of different lengths, it is necessary to visually separate them using mousse and fixing varnish.

Creating a bang - a job for professionals

If the girls are trying to visit a hair salon is not so often, with the presence of a bang it would be impossible. This part of the hair is growing faster than ever, and even if it will grow for a couple of centimeters, the shape of hairstyles change dramatically, and not always in a positive way. If the lines smooth and straighten hair can be at home, with a torn anterior form strands, this is not possible without the hands of professionals. To straighten hair like that, you want to use special scissors, which are available only in hair salons.

Choosing fashionable options for hairstyles with bangs, special attention should be paid to it forms a ragged hair. They are versatile and easy to match with different styles, types of cuts: as a classic styling and modern variants.