Spirits "Lancome Hypnosis": customer reviews

French perfumes have always been considered the benchmark of excellence in the perfume industry. A large cosmetics company Lancome luxury segment gave us a lot of well-known fragrances. After the success of perfumes Magie, Tresor manufacturer for a long time did not release a truly iconic products. But "Lancome Hypnosis" corrected this mistake and became a worldwide hit. Read more about the flavor and how it is evaluated buyers, read on in the article.

As the legend

I was born

"Lancome Hypnosis," which went on sale in 2005, was a jubilee year, the fiftieth in the line of perfume brand. Its release is expected for a long time, looking forward to something special. We created a fragrance two talented perfumer - Annick Menardo (in her collection of works were Bulgari Black and Dior Hypnotic) and Thierry Wasser ( "father" Dior Addict and Calvin Klein Truth).

Spirits "Lancome Hypnosis" have a close relationship with the previous brand: their bottle is nearly the same bottle of perfume Magie, released in 1950. It is similar to the female silhouette, carved from clear glass, whose faces shimmer in the light. Delicate purple emphasizes the atmosphere of mystery and fascination, which creates perfume. Its name can be read only on the lid of the bottle.


But Magie perfume, as well as many of the old legends of the brand, now sold in a simple rectangular bottle.

Daria Werbowy, a Canadian model with Ukrainian roots, 10 years is the heroine of advertising "Lancome Hypnosis" campaign. Photo attractive girl with a spectacular view of the fragrance embodies the mood. A year ago, "Lancome" even produced a series of decorative cosmetics, allowing make-up as the model.


How smells "Lancome Hypnosis"?

The manufacturer describes it as a charming fragrance for a woman who knows how to use his charm to impress the man she loves. This woody-oriental perfume, which is like a love potion, and intoxicating aura of mystery envelops its owner.

But if this description you expect to feel bright, bold, dramatic, intense flavor, then you're a bit mistaken. "Lancome Hypnosis" - this is not the snap of the fingers Kashpirovsky, which causes a person to lose control of his psyche. This gentle charm that quickly, a little bit binds the will and makes its possessor to remember.

This is a delightful and harmonious sorbet that combines a bit cloying and astringency of tropical fruits, which gives way to the gentle vanilla, and then disappear in a pleasant little musk finish.

perfume notes

Aroma "Hypnosis" resonate with perfume Magie, from whom he borrowed the bottle. Namely - vanilla and vetiver in the center of the composition are common to both works "Lancome".

But "Hypnosis" opens the passion that gives perfume floral and fruity tropical touch (passion fruit - a subspecies of it), a faint resemblance to the smell of peach. But before he could become too obtrusive, it is replaced by discreet, crisp scent of jasmine, almost like in green tea. Another white flower, which is manifested in the heart of perfume - a gardenia. Then reveals vetiver, which gives the flavor of the wood-green touch, and its sharpness softens the powdery soft vanilla sweetness.


Resistance perfume

And how long will the exquisite fragrance "Lancome Hypnosis"? Customer reviews say that it remains on the skin for at least a day, and on the clothes - washing up, and sometimes even longer. But there is a frustrated owner flavor that evaluate persistence in 7-8 hours, which is too small for a luxury product. However, one should not forget that "Hypnosis" is issued in the form of a perfume with a high concentration of aromatics, and in the form of toilet water in which they are smaller. Accordingly, the final resistance will be a maximum of 7-12 hours.

What do buyers of perfume?

For many owners of cherished vial is almost universal flavor. He's good on the job and on the way out. However, at least fans refer it to the evening spirits. But the fact that "Hypnosis" great show their warmth and charm in the cold season, according to the majority of buyers.

In occasion of the smell - most often women describe him as vanilla and soft citrus. The aroma is sweet and "delicious", but not excessively. Astringent woody notes can not be attributed to the family of "gourmet".

It is stable and loopback fragrance that envelops the haze. Perfume is popular with a strong half of mankind. Men pay attention to it, some of them are so fascinated, that even always presented it as a gift of his beloved.


The negative feedback

Alas, it will not please everyone. On "Lancome Hypnosis" reviews are mostly positive, but there are unhappy customers.

Many complain that the name of the fragrance is misleading. The woman expected to be received intense evening fragrance, but in fact reveals a rather delicate flavor. In addition, the perfume gained so much popularity that they can often be found that does not suit the ladies who value individuality.

Some experts also resent excessive "correctness" of this fragrance. Each note is calibrated with mathematical precision to create a perfume that appeals to everyone. But he loses his individuality and character. Sometimes women customers agree that a perfume "Hypnosis" and heavy udushliv and toilet water has a faint aroma. Moreover, about the latest claim that it has a slightly different flavor.

extended range of

In 2009, the famous perfume got a brother - "Lancome Hypnosis Senses". This gentle chypre-floral fragrance. We created his three female perfumer: Christine Nagel, Nathalie Faysthauer, Ursula Wandel. The appearance of the bottle is the same as that of the first "Hypnosis", but the color of the liquid pale peach.


For many fans of the "Lancome" this perfume was a surprise. Typically, the creation of the brand have a bright, distinct character, and "Hypnosis Senses" has an uncanny ability to dissolve on the skin, almost merging with its natural flavor, and at the same time remind yourself sometimes splash delicate and gentle composition. He does not impose his vision, but emphasizes the beauty of its owner, whatever it was.

Perfume notes:

  • top: pink pepper, mandarin orange;
  • Heart: osmanthus, rose petals, honey;
  • base: Indonesian patchouli, cistus yellow, benzoin, tonka bean.

This gentle, unobtrusive perfume many suits as an ideal flavor for every day.