Seeds that make us almighty

Superfoods have become fashionable and then forgotten at all - exactly the same way as it does with the fashion trends. A few years ago, all the polls started to use acai berries, believing that they not only help to play sports, but also protect from cancer. Then, on the market, rather than disappointing all came acai goji berries, do not carry any benefit other than a placebo effect.

Seeds that make us almighty

Fashion for food does not bring us usually totally useless. This is because we too love to believe in the veracity of the prefix "super" and begin to buy any food, competently presented to the marketing department of a company. Meanwhile, in the sports world, and in fact there is a list of so-called superfood. It plants the seeds of which are able to provide our body almost all the necessary nutrients. We have collected some of the most interesting and effective product of its kind. All data on the percentage taken based on one gram of the product and are based on a standard daily calories - 2000.

Seeds that make us almighty

Chia Seeds

Protein: 4, 4 g (9% RDA)

Fiber: 10, 6 g (42%)

Phosphorus: 265 mg (27%)

Manganese: 0, 6 mg (30%)

Calcium: 177 mg (18%)

Fat: 8, 6 g (13%) Chia seeds - an excellent source of protein, which means that they contain all the essential amino acids. Adding these to the daily diet of seeds, for example, in a post-workout shake, provide human protein dose is sufficient for rapid recovery of muscles.

Seeds that make us almighty


Protein: 5, 1 g (10% RDA)

Fiber: 7, 6 g (31%)

Manganese: 0, 7 mg (35%)

Copper: 0, 3 mg (17%)

Fat: 11, 8 g (18%)

High manganese content - antioxidant which helps to remove the internal cell damage is a major advantage of this SuperFoods. In addition, there are a large number of lignans, substances which, by assumption physicians able to fight against diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis. Knead the flax seeds in the morning and a cocktail party, at least, notice that the recovery takes you far less time.

Seeds that make us almighty

Cannabis Seeds

Protein: 10, 3 g (21% RDA)

Fiber: 0, 9 g (4%)

Zinc: 3, 2 mg (21%)

Magnesium: 179 mg (45%)

Fat: 12, 6 g (19%)

Similarly linseed, hemp seeds have a nutty taste and contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. High levels of magnesium support energy production by the body, and a large amount of vitamin E allows the athlete to be more resilient.

Seeds that make us almighty

Pumpkin seeds

Protein: 5, 2 g (10% RDA)

Fiber: 5 g (20%)

Zinc 2, 9 mg (19%)

Magnesium: 73, 4 mg (18%)

Fat: 5 g (8%)

Pumpkin seeds - the best superfud that simply can bring along and there along the road. The main thing to remember is that they are very high in calories: only gram seeds contains about 130 calories and five grams of fat. It is best to cook pumpkin seeds at home, because the ones that are sold in stores usually contain large amounts of salt.

Sesame Seeds

Protein: 4, 7 g (9% RDA)

Fiber: 3, 9 g (16%)

Manganese: 0, 7 mg (35%)

Zinc: 2, 0 (13%)

Copper: 0, 7 mg (35%)

Fat: 13 5 g (21%)

These seeds are often found as a flavor enhancer in various confectionery products. Because people almost do not perceive them as a useful product. Meanwhile, manganese contained here helps preserve bone health, zinc supports the immune system and helps the reproduction of copper energy. Sesame seeds contain a large amount of iron also responsible for the production of hemoglobin.