What mistakes are made for weight loss

This - Carla, she consulted a nutritionist past seven months.

What mistakes are made for weight loss

A few years ago she was trying to lose weight. But all her attempts failed, as it did not go to a specialist.

As a result, she not only lost weight, but also learned some useful habits should buy.

And most importantly, she realized all the mistakes I made before, whenever trying to lose weight. And you would do well to find out what is this error.

1. Eat only three times a day.

Obligatory meals - it's breakfast, lunch and dinner. But do not underestimate also a snack or two (almonds / other nuts, protein-rich foods, vegetables).

2. There are few vegetables

Want to lose weight? Eat vegetables. You experience hunger? Eat vegetables. You do not know what to eat? Not hard to guess.

3. Do not eat certain foods

In articles about diet are often recommended to avoid foods rich in carbohydrates and fatty foods. It is not right. That's right - it is a balanced diet that includes all food groups in each meal.

4. Sitting on a trendy diet

The Atkins diet, the alkaline diet, soup diet - none of them will not help you lose weight in a healthy way, and most importantly, for a long time. Most likely, you will get better again very soon.

5. Eat breakfast very little or nothing at all

If you do not have breakfast, you will feel energy shortages.

6. Do not make any physical exercise

Do you want to see changes for the better? Eat well, eat healthy food and exercise. No other way.

7. Overeating during stress

Stress causes us to finish off a bag of chips or a whole chocolate bar. But there are products that are much more useful for us, and to help deal effectively with stress, for example, all of the same amazing vegetables.

8. Believing that the "low-calorie food is not conducive to weight gain,"

Do not fall for the bait. Even if you eat something with low calories, it does not mean that you can not eat too much.

9. Adhere to the detox diet for weight loss

This is probably the worst of methods to lose weight. You can not eat solid food for several days, you will be weakened and will feel disgusting.

10. There is only salads

As already mentioned, the vegetables are very useful, but as with everything in life, excess vegetables to anything good will not, especially if you give up the other food groups.

11. No "days off", if you lose weight

Do not believe the myth that only one "wrong" meal can ruin all the progress that you achieved during the week. Nothing will happen if you somehow eat a burger with fries or enjoy a milkshake, but if this will be followed tacos (hot tortillas with filling), but in the end you will allow yourself to two glass of beer and pizza, because that "oh, was was not, a man can die but once ", then your results are, indeed, will decline or even come to naught.

12. Or deprive yourself of favorite foods forever

If you love ice cream, indulge yourself from time to time. As long as you manage to keep a balanced mix of treats with a healthy diet, everything will be fine.

13. Do not eat anything before a workout

This is a recipe for poor health.

14. blindly believe advertising on superfoods

Often advertise this or that diet product. But he's not magical. Some of the products will provide you with plenty of fiber, while others quickly saturate, but then again, the whole thing in a balanced diet.

15. Coming up with a diet without consulting with a specialist

This is the same as the self-medicate. Each person has a unique body, and therefore everyone has different needs. Understand their needs and try to find a qualified nutritionist, with which you will be able to pass at least one course in nutrition programs.