Hairstyle French waterfall. Step by step instructions, the recommendations of experts

The desire to be transformed every day, to change and do better of course for every girl, because today there are many different options for hairstyles for any clothes and mood. Due to their diversity it can be easy to emphasize the unique style of the created image, to express their individuality. For the romantic natures were invented exquisite, delicate and unusual hairstyles, among which the most popular is the French waterfall. This cascade braid suitable for medium to long hair and is considered a benchmark of tenderness and romance among all other hairstyles weave.

Hairstyle French waterfall. Step by step instructions, the recommendations of experts

Stylish styling and on holidays, and on weekdays

Love Spit? French Falls - here's what you need! This hairstyle is versatile, ideal for normal everyday work or for training in the educational center, as well as combined with festive attire. The only difference between such a solemn laying of the ordinary is the accessory. For daily walks and works using discreet rezinochki and pins to secure hair. And for the holiday release you can pick up a variety of artificial flowers, big bows and other bright decorations that fit the color and shape of the chosen dress or other clothing.

Hairstyle French waterfall. Step by step instructions, the recommendations of experts

Weave braids: French waterfall

The only difficulty that arises in girls, is that without the knowledge of weaving braids hairstyle scheme can not be implemented either on themselves or on a girlfriend. That is why, before you sit down in front of the mirror and start to make French the waterfall, you need to concentrate and understand what and where you want to send a lock to weave such a feminine and refined plait. The following detailed instructions explaining how to do so, to get the perfect hairstyle.

How to start?

In order not to spoil the hair and once again not to expose them to comb, the first trial weaving to try to perform on a mannequin. Only in this way can understand and remember how to do a French waterfall. Driving the creation of such a hairstyle is quite complicated for a beginner, and consists of eight steps. In the future, skillfully weave different kinds of braids, you need to start with the simple classical variant. Weave a novice takes an average of thirty minutes, but the time spent is completely dependent on the length of hair, their structure. Too curly tresses do similar hairstyle is very difficult. Faster and more convenient to just do them on a slightly wavy curls.

Hairstyle French waterfall. Step by step instructions, the recommendations of experts

Step by Step

There are several types of such hairstyles, but remains a popular classic version. French waterfall presupposes curled tresses, making styling looks airy and light. To braid a braid, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Carefully comb the hair and divide them by the cross parting. Side in this case, choose one that is familiar.
  2. Take extreme strand (temporal lobe) and divide it into equal thirds.
  3. The first three are to be binding from the standard plaits on top of the right side of the middle, then left over the middle strand.
  4. French waterfall has a distinctive feature: the average strand is produced, but instead takes the part of the hair, which has not been used in the pigtail.
  5. The selected part of the hair is woven into a braid, and was again in the middle of the strand is released down.
  6. continues to weave around the head. It is necessary to get a smooth bezel along the face from ear to ear.
  7. All the issued and left to curl hair using curlers or curling irons professional.
  8. Upon reaching the second ear, do the standard strand of the resulting transfer to secure the netting.

French waterfall - hair style, which is to face any girl! Try to implement the instructions suggested above and see for yourself.

Hairstyle French waterfall. Step by step instructions, the recommendations of experts

Preferences experts

This type of hairstyle is suitable for any hair structure: wavy, curly and straight. There are many different versions of such a weaving braids, but it remains a classic way when issued strands curl. If you want to make the holiday an unusual feminine hairstyle, you should choose a French waterfall. weaving scheme though a bit complicated, but it is easy to learn, remember if a couple of recommendations from professional stylists:

  • Do not be hair on the newly washed and dried hair. She simply fall apart and will not be held.
  • To Spit during weaving was voluminous and beautiful, it is necessary to form a thicker strand.
  • At the beginning and at the end of weaving performed an ordinary scythe. Such an element makes it stable and reliable stacking.

French waterfall: an option for romantic natures

When it comes to beautiful hairstyles, it brings to mind that they have to do for a long time. In inexperienced girls, it takes a few hours, but if it's different from the French waterfall. To create such hairstyles experienced master take no more than 10 minutes, as a novice - not more than half an hour. Such an option of laying perfectly with short dresses, trousers and jeans. If you decorate the bright hair accessory, it is suitable for a holiday release in a long dress.

Hairstyle French waterfall. Step by step instructions, the recommendations of experts

Feature French waterfall - giving a romantic look. By themselves, spit considered the benchmark of femininity and in the hair weave is combined with elegant curls that create a unique gentle way.