Star tattoos: Angelina Jolie

Why do beautiful on the nature of the world-famous man held on to do a tattoo? This question Angelina Jolie responds simply: it is a way of self-expression and the ability to tell the world about yourself as a person. The number of tattoos on the body of an actress approaching 20, and each of them represents a particular moment in the life of his mistress. New tattoo Angelina Jolie fills in the moments of ups and downs, and now her body is able to tell the story of life without words.

The most striking tattoo

Star tattoos: Angelina Jolie

In the upper part of the back of Angelina, between the shoulders, showing off a large inscription in the Gothic style. This is the slogan of the feminist movement: "Know your rights" actress, is a happy wife, she explained that this slogan is addressed to all those who wish to deceive her or use for their own purposes. On the left hand of the woman - quote Tennessee Williams. It is said that this tattoo Angelina Jolie did with his mother. The literal translation in Russian is: "Prayer for the wild at heart, languishing in prison." At the bottom of the belly of the actress is a tattoo depicting a large black cross and the inscription: "I am destroying what gives me strength." The full meaning of this statement does not reveal the star, but says there is nothing wrong and the negative image is not responsible. Having received the citizenship of Cambodia, Angelina made a tattoo in the form of a Bengal tiger in the lower back - today it is the largest and most complex tattoos on her body.

The mystical image

Star tattoos: Angelina Jolie

On the left shoulder blade actress is the inscription of five lines - the ancient Buddhist prayer. This tattoo Angelina Jolie made upon adoption of his son Maddock. Noteworthy is the fact that the figure filled very well-known in the circles of the special master, who himself had previously been a monk, but now agrees to decorate the body only special people who have known the secret meaning of the nature of things.

Interesting fact: one day to prove his indifference to the superstitions and omens, Angelina stuffed on his left forearm Roman numeral "13". But over time, the actress wanted to give a new meaning to this number, and it changed the inscription on the "XIII V MCMXL". This is the date speeches of Winston Churchill with one of his most famous speeches. On the left shoulder women can see a list of the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children and husband.

Other tattoos Angelina

"H" you can see a miniature letter on the left wrist of the actress. All tattoo Angelina Jolie significance profound and sometimes mysterious. There are two versions of decoding the selection of this letter: after one of the boyfriends or actress in honor of her brother. On the right hand in front of the elbow Jolie you can read the word "determination" written in Arabic. Not so long ago on the right forearm of the stars, a new inscription in Arabic. However, that means it's a tattoo, Angelina Jolie tell the public is in no hurry.

Interesting rework

Star tattoos: Angelina Jolie

Everything is changing, and some tattoos are no longer relevant. Keep the whole story of his life on his own body Jolie does not want to. She drove a lot of time and rework tattoo. She was on her shoulder dragon depicted above with the name of her second husband. At the bottom of the back of the actress once adorned with two abstract tattoo. Between them there was another dragon, later on this place there was a tiger.

Tattoos of Angelina Jolie on the blade is not always looked as elegant as it is now. Previously, there has been represented the Japanese character for "death", and his right hand was a sign, meaning literally "courage." Two more unsuccessful tattoos of Angelina Jolie, which does not exist today - this is the dragon in the abdomen (blocked by a black cross) and the abstract line that was invented by a star together with her second husband. Rumor has it, that in fact, the actress is much more tattoos, including eating and intimate. However, the very Angelina proudly tells only about the images described in this article.