Tattoo on her collarbone for men and women

People who are able to decide to get a tattoo in the open area of ​​the body, no doubt, have a desire to stand out from the crowd. Tattoo on her collarbone is simply impossible not to notice. It is evident not only native people, but also bystanders.

Tattoo on her collarbone for men and women

As a rule, the tattoo in the collarbone area bears no semantic orientation. Most often, they are simply for decoration and to attract special attention from the opposite sex. An exception are characters and words, which are applied to native or foreign language.

Tattoo on the collarbone: lettering

The bold inscription on the collarbone, embossed in the native and understandable language, bears precisely the sense which means that word or phrase. One like trivial subjects, others - interesting inscriptions that reveal their character traits of people, the purpose of life, morals and values, and much more. The inscriptions in people formed a definite opinion about the individual.

If a person wants to convey some information only to a certain circle of persons may use a hidden cipher and figures, the value of which is only available to him and dedicated or elected.

Many make the writing on some ancient language, for example, in Latin. This dead language with each passing year more and more blooms in the form of a tattoo on the fan inscriptions on the body. Mystical and even a little fatalistic sense of the letter or the whole word is able to enthrall both fragile girls, as well as the stronger sex.

Tattoo on her collarbone for men and women

tattoo on her collarbone for girls

The clavicle is a very sensitive part of the body, and do a tattoo in this area quite painful. However, many girls it does not stop. They boldly go to the master, to fill a tattoo on her collarbone, despite the fact that the skin in the process of visibly damaged. If the picture is large, and the wound is not small, it is very noticeable. When a girl or woman is not afraid of physical pain, she can choose a tattoo of any size. Impressionable would be better to choose a small graphic that looks not only accurate, but also very tempting, even to some extent, sexy.

Among the fairer sex huge popular following tattoo on her collarbone: birds, flowers, bows, various ornaments, a variety of patterns and inscriptions. Most often tattoo on this part of the body carries no special meaning and is just a decoration, nothing more.

Tattoo on her collarbone for men and women

Tattoos at collarbone in men

It is believed that the collarbone - exclusively female location for tattoos, but many men also like to decorate this part of the body. Most often, they prefer to fill your skin silhouettes of snakes and insects, giving a certain charm to its image. Some knock out the names and phrases, important dates, Chinese characters or secret signs. Making a tattoo in a foreign language, you need to know exactly the meaning of these words or characters, or you may be in a rather difficult situation.

Temporary Tattoos at collarbone

Wanting to decorate the body with a tattoo on her collarbone, you should carefully weigh the decision as decoration will remain forever. For those who doubt, there is an alternative solution - to put a temporary tattoo that disappears over time. They have the following features:

  • allows you to determine with an inscription or a pattern, which can later be beat for life.
  • Give the opportunity to highlight the various images. The girls at the neckline look great on the collarbone, butterflies, flowers. If they are dressed in the style of a rebel, it will look perfect tattoo of a bird, snake or phrases.
  • lets you know the public opinion about the tattoo.

No clothing or jewelry no longer able to emphasize individuality, than the tattooed on his collarbone, carefully made by hand of professional craftsmen.