Bag Guess: history, benefits, testimonials

Probably none fashionista would not mind the fact that there was a Guess bag in her closet. Fashionable, stylish, creative, it is also quite inexpensive. As for the stronger sex, it is also delighted with the elegant accessories. Let's understand that this is a brand, how it developed, what distinguishes its products from products of other manufacturers.

Bag Guess: history, benefits, testimonials

Brand History

Guess handbag - calling card company that offers girls and women a glamorous things, sensual, vibrant. They are addressed to the fair sex aged 20-30 years.

The company was founded in the eighties of the last century as a small company, who made jeans facilities. They quickly conquered the demanding audience innovative design, uncompromising quality and exquisite fit. These benefits added competent marketing policy. Owners had no choice but to expand its product range to the delight of all consumers. Under the brand name "Hess" now you can find accessories (bags, sunglasses, watches), shoes, clothes.

Now have in your wardrobe items of this brand, whether Bag Guess, clothes, or anything else, is prestigious. Many celebrities advertise brand products, among them are such legends as Claudia Schiffer, Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell. Consumers can choose products from three main lines:

  • GUESS.
  • A collection for GUESS kids children.
  • GUESS by Marciano.
Bag Guess: history, benefits, testimonials

Products by's Guess

Sophisticated glamor - these are the products of the American brand. For clothing designers use an expensive fabric and good accessories, rhinestones, embroidery elements. All this together with the original brim does not leave indifferent. For example, for several seasons in demand jeans Marilyn.

Fan of the brand - it is confident woman, seductive and bold, sophisticated and with a good figure. The man in the Guess philosophy - a stylish, successful, who knows his own worth. Philosophy Guess - is freedom (internal and external), comfort, individuality, openness to the world.

Bag Guess: history, benefits, testimonials

Women's Accessories

Handbags Guess necessary as air. They not only take all the necessary things (wallet, cosmetics, keys), but also to emphasize the image. On the creation of each accessory works a whole team of artists-professionals. That's why we do not see a handbag, a clutch or a backpack, and perfection, has no competitors.

The company has a range of Guess bag for every taste and occasion: casual, festive, to work, to go out for a walk with your child. They are made from different materials - both made of leather, as well as from a good substitute lining is made of durable fabric, and she was given special attention. All things are necessarily resistant to wear, are comfortable storage compartments for small things, accessories that will never let you down. In addition, they are easy to care for because they need only wiping with a damp cloth from time to time.

accessories for men

Men's Bag Guess no less well than women. However, it is not so much the bright decor, but it still attracts attention. It is reliable, discreet, minimalist, spacious. Since it is convenient to go to work or walk, it is appropriate at a business meeting. Often it is chosen by the students, who have to carry a lot of lecture notes and books. But they want to look at ease, comfortable. Brand from America to help them in this!

Bag Guess: history, benefits, testimonials

Bag Guess: reviews

Accessory popular American brand gets mixed reviews from all over the world. This is not surprising, because all people are different, with their tastes and preferences, financial resources. Some products are praised and recognized his love for her. They note a unique design and an abundance of decoration, high quality and very special charm. There are people who like to wear by Guess, bags but they are not suitable.

There are people who love accessories, and continuously monitor brand innovations. Among them appear many famous ladies. Some believe handbags by Guess too pretentious or simply addressed to young girls and students.

It should be noted that there are negative reviews, but they can be found in the spaces of the Internet is very rare. Therefore, we can safely say that the majority of people on the planet are, or would like to wear the clothes and accessories of this brand.

Bag Guess: history, benefits, testimonials

Instead of an epilogue

Elegant and attractive handbag Guess can work wonders. It transforms a woman, makes the image bright bar, emphasizes its natural attractiveness. Accessory it emphasizes appearance, but does not distract the attention on himself. The man with the bag looks even stronger, more successful, more confident.

Buy the products of the American brand can be on the Internet, but if you want to buy quality and original thing, carefully choose the store. It is very easy to fall for the bait scams and get a fake, which spoil the impression of the brand.