Scrubs intestines. Scrub from oatmeal diet: reviews

Colon Cleansing - the procedure is very useful, both for people with a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, and for absolutely healthy. So today we'll talk about how to prepare scrubs intestines and what effect you can achieve with them. It should be mentioned that today at the pharmacy, you can find a lot of tools that help clean the intestines. This "Fortrans", "Duphalac", many teas for weight loss and special cleaning fees based on laxative herbs. But oatmeal is an excellent alternative, moreover, is more gentle means. And yet it is very tasty, so that morning would be much nicer.

Scrubs intestines. Scrub from oatmeal diet: reviews

Colon Cleansing

Scrubs the intestines are very necessary to us, they help to remove toxins that have a very adverse effect on the condition of the body, contribute to the accumulation of fat and fluid accumulation in the tissues. In this case, you are not required fantastic effort of will to use it. Believe me, as opposed to receiving an enema or laxative is a very pleasant procedure. Oatmeal - this is sblansirovanaya, useful and inexpensive croup. It contains iron and calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chromium, magnesium, fluorine, sodium, iodine, calcium, zinc, manganese and copper. Why drink expensive supplements when there is a pantry of health? In addition, oatmeal contains B vitamins and many others. Wonderful scrubs intestines help not only enrich the body with useful substances, but also significantly improve it. Parallel to disappear tummy, improves hair and nail condition, there is a healthy glow. In general, it is worth a try.

Cold scrub

These scrubs intestines cooked in the evening, according to the doctors, they are most useful. For the preparation of one portion need 3 tablespoons of rolled oats, that must be filled with cold water or milk. Leave to swell overnight. In the morning, you can add a little honey to taste and a few nuts. In allergy can not use flavorings. Porridge need to chew and do not drink. Such cleaning consumed breakfast for 3 hours before the main. Cool scrub perfectly displays cholesterol and normalize weight fast, but it can take over a month. So, without any effort, you are guaranteed to lose weight.

Scrubs intestines. Scrub from oatmeal diet: reviews

Hot scrub

Such scrub bowel of oatmeal is prepared from crushed flakes. 3 tablespoons flour such need 1 cup of hot milk. After 15 minutes, your porridge is ready. If you want to have breakfast very quickly, you will need to put the mixture on the fire, and after 5 minutes you can start to breakfast. The finished pudding can add nuts and dried fruits, berries, dried apricots or raisins. This hot and tasty porridge replace the usual sandwiches and give you the courage and health.

Cleansing Diet

Oatmeal sufficient calories, but is digested very quickly. Scrub bowel of oatmeal helps to bring the body of toxins, as well as clean the epithelium of excess mucus. It has a strong anti-inflammatory action, prevent flatulence. Regular consumption of oats facilitates the assimilation of fats coming from food. For people leading a sedentary lifestyle, it will prevent constipation. Regularly eating oatmeal, you thoroughly clean your intestines, but you do not have to starve. Ie you lose weight, prettier, and with no effort.

Scrubs intestines. Scrub from oatmeal diet: reviews

Scrub intestine minus 11 kg is provided!

Prepare it very easy to fill with boiling water fairly oatmeal pm and cover (20 g cereal per cup of boiling water). In the morning, you can add a tablespoon of honey, half a grated apple and walnuts 2. Now the most important thing: should eat porridge slowly, carefully chewing and not eating any liquid. Habitual coffee drink can be just three hours after you can follow the usual diet.

What if you forget the evening to prepare flakes? It's okay in the morning just fill them with boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. There is an alternative that can be used from time to time. For this oatmeal in the evening with cold apple juice. admission rate - 1 month. You will immediately notice that the skin becomes more smooth and clean, and the waist will get nice shape. It should be borne in mind that throw 11 kg per month can be used only if you have a very large overweight. In addition, the result will be much better if you stick to a sensible diet for the rest of the day and add physical activity. However, in any case, you will quickly notice that the general condition was better, there was a vivacity, a burst of energy in the morning and comfort in the intestine. In addition, a couple of weeks you are not able to look at the usual sandwiches, because the body will solicit your favorite cereal. When the course is over, you can switch to the regular oatmeal, boiled in milk or water. Not worth it for breakfast every day, but to include it will be very helpful in the diet 1-2 times a week.

Scrubs intestines. Scrub from oatmeal diet: reviews

So we can say with confidence that the scrub bowel diet is very effective.


To date, a lot of people got to know what is oatmeal scrub the intestines. Reviews exceed all expectations, without exception, we have noticed a great effect. Normalized appetite and sleep, the discomfort is gone, ceased to swell limbs. Slowly began to decrease excess weight began to melt tummy and hips. Against this background, all women notice improvement of the condition of hair, nails and skin. Particularly striking difference on the face. The skin becomes smooth and radiant. This is a great scrub intestine. Reviews women say it helps to effortlessly lose weight, with a delicious breakfast.

Scrubs intestines. Scrub from oatmeal diet: reviews

Contraindications for intestinal cleaning oatmeal

Like any other, has its contraindications, and is a wonderful tool, like oatmeal. Despite all its benefits, you need to know when to stop. If the excessive use of cereals possible leaching of calcium from bones. Therefore, mono-diet on porridge is fraught with various complications. Too frequent bowel cleansing, too, would not be good, doctors recommend to carry out this procedure once every three - five months. If there are contraindications, you should reduce the number of cleanings to once a year. Contraindicated purgation oatmeal with chronic intolerance to grains. You have to be careful if you have a history of liver disease and gall bladder, heart failure, kidney failure. Even if you do not have obvious contraindications, you should consult with your doctor to cleansing the body has brought only benefits.