Cross tattoo on his arm. its value

Today, nobody will be surprised underwear painting, or more simply, a tattoo. Many variations, from small drawings on the collarbones like Beyonce, and to as much as narrative scenes in the whole body. The most common and popular option in the salons is a cross tattoo on his arm, made often in the most bizarre variations. Why is the popularity of this theme sketch is not reduced?

Having a lot of symbolic meanings, the cross can be a reminder of the deceased loved people. In general, the cross as a tattoo, there was many centuries before the spread of Christianity, with, of course, unusual for the modern form, but the content still was divine. Cross tattoo on his arm - the value of his divine, or is it something "bandit", as is rumored? Let's talk about it.

Cross tattoo on his arm. its value

Types of crosses in tattoos

As a tribute to the ancient, now the most popular tattoo Ankh cross.

Cross Ankh - the cross of ancient Egypt, symbolizing life, wisdom and immortality. Also refers to the union of earth and sky. Often used in magical rituals, popular with the people, to delve into the esoteric knowledge.

The second demand, but not beautiful image "Celtic Cross"

Celtic cross - a symbol of the spiritual self. Fly nodes on the Cross emphasize the endless cycle of birth and death.

Latin cross - a revival, salvation, belonging to the Christian religion. And in the days of the ancient Greeks and even the staff of the god Apollo - the patron of the Muses.

The revival of interest in the Slavic roots and beliefs tattoo morphed into "hand of God" - solar cross. Maltese - is a reflection of the desire for bravery, courage and protection. Cross tattoo on her arm in a Gothic points to belong to the subculture ready.

There are tattoos with images of cross the Mexican and Chinese styles that surprises newcomers, visit a salon for the first time. Their respective designation wind and stairs to the sky gods are like lovers tattoos with meaning. This, of course, is not a complete list of popular searches in tattoo studios, but the trend is clear.

Cross tattoo on his arm. its value

Where a cross tattoo will look best

Professional Wizard, not one tattoo, always tell what size and on what part of the body should be to fill the cross pattern. In pure form, the cross tattoo on his arm is not commonly used, and is supplemented with details, focuses on the "history" of the owner of the tattoo. Important role in conjunction with the figure on the cross chains, rose, bird, barbed wire prison played symbolism. For example, a cross with chains showed that the holder of tattoos believe in his good fortune. A flying bird to the symbol indicated that the thief calls luck.

Cross tattoo on his arm - its value often depends on the location. Impaled on the fingers, he pointed out that the owner is hostile to the police officers. On the back - "I choose your destiny itself." Located in the middle of a cross with a precious stone meant the search for the meaning of life. Cross tattoo on his left hand meant protection, it serves as a talisman. Often as a cross tattoo on complementary sayings and phrases that have meaning for the wearer. Previously it was thought that such a tattoo on any part of the body protected from the cold steel, but most of it is on the left side of the chest, protecting the heart.

Cross tattoo on his arm. its value

Safety tattooing

For safe tattooing is desirable to turn to a professional master. The skin should be disinfected prior to the procedure, the master of sterile instruments, is also a place on the skin, selected specifically for the most tattoos, there should be no damage. To be sure, always use the services of experts in the field, proven by their works.

Cross tattoo on his arm. its value

Interesting Facts

  1. Before the 80s were popular tattoo in black and white. Style called "Gaston."
  2. Since the beginning of the 80s - the complex and colorful patterns in the eastern Japanese style.
  3. Then the favorites became Celtic, with a recognizable graphics, drawings, tattoo of a cross on his arm.
  4. To date, there is a fashion in the expressive colors and the complexity of the tattoo using the latest equipment, which prevents even the outflow of blood from the wounds.

It does not matter how large the tattoo will be a cross, or something else - an approach to the issue thoughtfully, after drawing will last a lifetime.