Boat fishing - how to make the right choice?

If the winter to fish like a few, that is the summer pastime is fun for almost everyone. Quiet, yet gambling activity in the fresh air attracts more people. Perhaps one of the most important attributes considered to be the boat for fishing. Her choice depends largely on the safety and comfort of people and the amount of production. Availability of our own boat offers great opportunities: to your taste to choose a place for fishing, not limited to the coast.


Swimming facilities mankind has invented a long time. Different cultures used their own manufacturing technology. Their production were animal skins, wood decks, reeds and other materials specific to the region. Use the boat for fishing, hunting or military action.

Boat fishing - how to make the right choice?

In time, I changed the material to improve the design. For domestic use modern industry offers an incredible number of products: small and big ones, for limited water bodies and marine spaces designed for one person or for a friendly company. Let's try to analyze how to pick a boat for fishing among such a variety.

Selection Criteria

Not once mankind has come to the idea of ​​creating a specialized swimming facilities for the "quiet hunt". Previously, the boats was an easy task - not to drown.

Boat fishing - how to make the right choice?

Today, they are subject to high safety requirements, specific speed, comfort and stability on the water.

If the decision to buy is ripe, and financial capabilities allow to purchase the desired product, it is necessary to take seriously the choice of model.

Before you start searching for the necessary swimming means, it is necessary to decide for which it was purchased fishing boat and where it will be operated. In any cases important selection factor is the size, ie, length and width. When choosing, consider the following:

  • is planned to fish on any body of water. When traveling to the same place would be cheaper to keep the boat in the vicinity of water. You can stay on a normal wooden. Her steady presence on the water will remove the problem of transportation.
  • If you have a car and a trailer, it is possible to select a metal, inflatable boats made of PVC or plastic. There are many options and size, and method of transportation. Seasoned fishermen advise you to take the motor immediately, and not to save and buy a reliable and powerful. This will help to avoid trouble on the water, when a weak unit will simply refuse to "pull" the overloaded boat. Well if this is the lake (although the shore is visible), the sea is fraught with more serious consequences than just erased the blood from the hands of the oars.
Boat fishing - how to make the right choice?
  • How many people will be fishing. At most companies require the appropriate size swimming facilities. Overload could end badly for all the participants of rest. It is worth noting that on the big fishing boat is always more convenient. Enough space to throw a rope, to store the catch, take with you the necessary things.
  • An important issue will be the size of the reservoir. On the lake, where there are no major waves, you can use a small craft. Sea requires reliable and preferably not a small boat for fishing. Well-equipped and comfortable in all respects boats have recently become quite popular, and the former Soviet Union. On these beauties comfortably and safely even in the ocean. A significant drawback is their price.
  • An important criterion - quality interior finish, resistance to shock, however, to the fish blood, scratch equipment. Matter and height, the presence of the tent or cabin, resistance to low temperatures and a number of indicators that should be considered in each case.

Let us consider a number of options relating to the material from which they are made.


What is the best boat for fishing, everyone decides for himself. Wood is mainly used on rivers and lakes, rarely on the sea. The advantage of these boats in their size and stability of the flat bottom. To them it is possible to put the motor. Proper care will provide boat service for many years.

Wooden swimming facilities are in use in the majority of the inhabitants of towns and villages located on the banks of reservoirs. Design and material of different, they depend on the local customs and traditions.

The disadvantage is perhaps one - they are very inconvenient to carry.


Low-dimensional boat for fishing, metal (aluminum, duralumin) today is in steady demand for all outdoor enthusiasts. They weigh little, easily transported, durable enough, do not require complicated maintenance. First appeared on the market, they immediately gained popularity among fishermen.

However, in these vessels also present disadvantages. The most important - their "volume". Even a small wave can cause deafening blows on the body that naturally scares the fish. The complexity of the technology of their production involves a rather heavy price for these products.


Quite popular plastic boats for fishing. Reviews owners say high performance, light weight, easy transportation, affordable price.

Boat fishing - how to make the right choice?

Every year the quality of the polymers and their physical properties are improved. Improved technology and design of plastic products. But until now, there are still problems with chipped upon impact, rapid wear of the boards and the lack of opportunity to fix them at home.


Rubber boats for fishing have been a real breakthrough. Produced them from rubberized fabric, products were heavy and short-lived. Nevertheless, such a watercraft have dreamed every fisherman.

Modern technology offers inflatable boats made of PVC (PVC-fabric). Quality, reliable, all sizes and modifications. They can be equipped with a powerful engine, they have a stable bottom. These products are steadily being squeezed from the market of plastic and metal samples.

Boat fishing - how to make the right choice?

The popularity of these boats is the fact that they successfully use shore and rescue services, they are in service with many armies in the world.

How many fishermen - so many opinions about what you should buy and what are the advantages of a particular model. Virtually anyone with a boat in five minutes can justify their choice with the firm conviction that his version - the best.