Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

Hockey striker Maltsev during a career heyday was the favorite of the whole country. His athletic talent in the 70's brought a lot of joy to the Soviet viewers. In the homeland of hockey in Canada, said of him, "Soviet lightning." Famed coach of CSKA and the national team, Anatoly Tarasov once called him Yesenin Russian hockey. Anatoly fond of saying that the USSR national team - is CSKA plus Alexander Maltsev.

Hockey childhood

He was born in a located 20 kilometers from the Kirov-Chepetsk Setkovtsy village, in a large family. Anastasia Stepanovna mom was a housewife but raising children. The family lived a wealthy life. Father Nikolai Mikhailovich, who works as a mechanic, was even forced, for the sake of high wages, work in harmful health shop. Mom sometimes moonlighted washing driveways, and children helped her.

Sasha started playing hockey at age 10, in the preparatory group Master Class B team city Kirovo-Chepetsk. At first, the guy in the equally fascinated and football, and hockey.

Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

The choice twelve Sasha made after the tournament for the first time saw the adult game, with his or her children's team at the training camp in Moscow. CSKA met with a team of Novokuznetsk. Teen struck while their teamwork and speed of the first three of the game CSKA (Almetova, Alexandrov, elbow). Impressed by what he saw completely fell in love with the dashing and flamboyant sport Alexander Maltsev. His biography, beginning with childhood and ending the game in a team of masters - the best proof of what was said, because, in fact, it is a chronology of the ministry hockey.

At that time, most of the boys attended sports clubs, but coaches hometown hitherto have not seen such a talented and hard-working as a young hockey player. He was devoted to playing hockey just ridiculous. At the training camp in Sokolniki boys trained with 3-4 nights, because the only other athletes claimed hockey field had at their disposal. Young athletes were surprised when the first of them, still sleepy, just rolled out onto the ice, Alex Maltsev half an hour warming up. When asked what the secret, Alexander replied that he goes to bed, just completely put on the form.

Game Talent

Alexander himself, then - the captain of the youth team of the USSR, once in an interview admitted that his own special, "Mal'tsev", the style of play he polished influenced Dynamo coach Arkady Ivanovich Chernyshev. Later he studied the art of hockey as a creatively adopting the style of play brightest stars of Soviet hockey .: 1969-1972,

  • Dynamo defender Vitaly Davydov and central striker Vladimir Yurzinova;
  • central strikers: Vladimir Spartak and CSKA Victor Starshinova Polupanova.

The manifestation of such a bright, extraordinary, remarkable talent only see some happy coaches. This was the mentor junior team of the USSR early 70's Nikolay S. Epstein, who told hockey fans as he was come into the team young Maltsev.

To his first training session of the children's team, "Olympia" Kirovo-Chepetsk arrived modest boy of few words, a little shy, packed their shape to some incredible bag.

Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

But this is the first impression of the meeting with him was soon supplanted followed him admiration. Out on the ice, suddenly changed radically Alexander Maltsev. Hockey player just captured, conquered and held on itself attention of the viewer. He did not need coaching tips, he originally conceived in the game and in time to take the necessary decisions. "Chaliapin hockey!" - and could only say surprised Nikolai Semenovich.

The coach did not hesitate took Alexander to the tournament in Sweden. Youth team of the USSR in these competitions won the cup star, she won convincingly with a score of 7: 2 in the Swedish national team team in the first team when it played Stolz and Bern. So, with the recognition of the best forward of the world championships 1970-1972 gg. and began the glorious career of the famous hockey athlete.

Enchanted Tikhonova

After victories in the junior team captain Maltsev its first returned to his native team Kirovo-Chepetsk. At the tournament in Orsk he noticed Viktor Tikhonov, then a second coach of the Moscow "Dynamo". He invited Alexander along with his coach on a conversation. Tikhonov heard from different coaches rave reviews about this young talent, but in this tournament until he saw it in the brightness of the game.

Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

This is the next coach of the USSR celebrated honestly told the young man. That, embarrassed, said, "Victor, and you nowhere these days from Moscow is not going away? Come, please, to the final match. " Tikhonov, the game came. What I saw this hockey expert, surprised even him. One Alexander was worth half team. He is keenly aware of the partners and prospered everywhere. Maltsev so perfectly assisted by what seemed to be playing with them, score anyone. Five goals were scored through jewelry innings Maltsev.

Moscow "Dynamo". The first training

After that Viktor Tikhonov immediately invited the young talent to play in Moscow "Dynamo" in the senior team masters. "Again the boy brought!" - joking when the players, but soon they also acknowledged that a mistake.

This in the "Dynamo" has not yet happened. Young Alexander Maltsev at the first training session forced the experienced players, adult men, for years playing in the big leagues, to respect themselves. Central Dynamo forward Vladimir Jurzinov later told how it looked. Sasha was still a boy, demonstrated this technique puck possession on his very first training session that battered players felt foolish, helpless extras. It turned out to unpredictable for anyone - not for defenders, either for attackers. Newbie really touched a chord with the masters, made them play against itself extremely hard, even beaten. But this did not stop him. Young Maltsev under severe pressure not wilted, not lowered high standard of their game. Such players of the Moscow "Dynamo" has not yet seen: they were forced to admit that the skill of this young guy exceeds private. The team has come a strong player.

A method of Maltsev

Probably, a great friend of the manner best Dynamo striker of all time wrote sports writer Eugene Zyryankin:

over rival Maltsev naturally mocked: he owned any tricks, he could get away with the puck even left, though the right, and if there was nowhere to go, then through counsel, and those willing were his provocation with a stick and throw around on the edges of its scoring route.

Sometimes it seemed that Maltsev and does not know what trick will throw in the next second. Here he moved toward the side, pushed to get the puck tilted housing - now I will try to break through the wall. After a second defender clattered pierces his nose in the glass of the barrier, and Maltsev flies to the goal exactly in the center, managing to spin like a top on the road one more enemy. Further roll - as if with a brush in the left corner. Goalkeeper already covers the puck there, already enjoys Saves defenders relieved exhale - and the puck meanwhile is rolling to the bottom right, and only Maltsev see her at this moment.

And so every time.

Bride Gift - a historic game against CSKA Moscow

Fans of "Dynamo" see: Alexander Maltsev - hockey unique, they are the first games recognized him as their idol. A coach Viktor Tikhonov could not get enough: in the Soviet hockey shone a new world-class star.

However, this formidable striker was kind, gentle heart. This discovery has made his future wife, a young dancer Susanna Buteyko, then just graduated from Ballet School. She then appeared in Odessa as part of the music hall. After 2-3 visits, Alexander flew to the competition.

Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

Love Maltsev, firmly resolved to marry, played with great enthusiasm. Two weeks before the wedding, he was playing with the hitherto undefeated enemy in the USSR championships - Army Moscow club CSKA. Could Alexander Maltsev then go on the ice, without being charged just to win? He played as he had never in his life.

Sasha asked Susanna attend this historic for "Dinamo" match, saying that he wanted to make her a gift. The match, like the hockey player remembers, was cruel - bone to bone, and get a decent score 7: 7. Over the army played by stars such as Valery Kharlamov, by the way, the next witness at the wedding of the hero of this article. Maltsev but still proved to be brighter than the other, scoring four goals, and just in the last second of the match almost snatching victory, under the roar of the crowd slamming the puck into the goal post army.

Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

They married: Muscovite from an elite family, has received an enviable choreographic education, and provincial, who dedicated himself to hockey. They joined a deep and real sense. All came together. Even the mother-in-law, initially skeptical about the son-thawed soon as he saw moving refers to her daughter Alexander Maltsev. hockey family received a small, but friendly. Wife gave birth to son Alexander forward.

Today Maltsev Jr. works in the field of IT, engaged in computer engineering. He is married and is raising her daughter Anastasia.

Team player

Maltsev arrived in the USSR national team played like it since birth. His contribution to the history of Soviet hockey impressive. He became the undisputed champion among the outstanding representatives of their country of sports, having to account for 319 212 heads of the match. It is one of the most renowned Soviet athletes. Sports achievements of Alexander Maltsev so weighty that they would be enough for ten honored masters of sport. Judge for yourself:

  • nine-time world champion;
  • eightfold European champion;
  • two-time Olympic champion;
  • thrice honored him as the best striker in the world;
  • three included in the symbolic team of the world as the best right-handed hitter;
  • has twice been in the national team of the world as the best forward;
  • eleven seasons named the best striker of the USSR.

It always will be. But at the end of 1984 Maltsev Alexander retired from hockey, having played his last game in a match of the USSR national team - the national team of the world in which his team won with a score of 7: 3.

Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

However, until the final finish his career, once in the 1989/1990 biennium. I had to play one more season. Could he refuse to friends - the coach of the Moscow "Dynamo", when they are seconded him to play 13 games for one of the Hungarian teams? Whether it is necessary to specify that their contract superforvarda played effectively?

Maltsev - extraordinary athlete

The audience loved him, for he was the idol of the boys. When announced before the match recaps and sound, "Alexander Maltsev," Dynamo "Moscow", in the stands of people know that the game will Neskuchniy. Vsevolod Bobrov said about Maltsev: "To describe his game is not possible, it should be seen." Experts were at a loss: how one person can be on the hockey rink so formidable to the enemy gates, varied in technique and unpredictable in their movements? He had a unique gift suddenly "lost" on the court for the enemy, and then, out of nowhere, in the rapid combination with partners appear in front of goal and score another goal.

He played in bundles with Kharlamov, Firsov, Yakushev, Starshinov, and everywhere, as a true grandmaster games, found full understanding and was effective.

The fact that the audience did not see the

Of course, the game and the goals of the great strikers always spectacular, they bring excitement and joy to millions of viewers. Many professionals and sports journalists know the statistics Alexander Maltsev heads. However, only the wife of a famous hockey player remembers how much he had injuries.

Because of one of these severe fractures in his arms, he treated four months, he almost walked away from the sport. Then on crucial in a series of transactions (which has never hitherto been) he asked his wife: "Susanna, come with me, just for luck." Two or three hours wife nervously waited, knowing how it will come, and will continue. And then came Alexander, a joyous, jubilant, escorted by surgeons and nurses. Managed!


This courageous and integral man is always indifferent and trepidation out on the hockey field; his last game he spent as bright and eager as the first. Previously, he graduated from the Pedagogical Institute, and after the completion of the sports career and the High School coaches, he learned to play the young Dynamo.

Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

Alexander Maltsev was awarded many medals of the USSR, "Friendship of Peoples", "Labor Red Banner" Order "Badge of Honor" Russian Order "For Merit" and the Russian President awards.


Agree, in view of the above, more than a strange phrase sounded "a frustrated hockey Maltsev." However, in reality there is also a point of view.

She expressed great coach of CSKA and the USSR Viktor Tikhonov. He acknowledged that Alexander, despite his impressive credentials, so full and did not disclose its unique potential as a player.

Alexander Maltsev, hockey player: biography, family, sports achievements

As is clearly explained? In the Soviet hockey team prevailed extremely paradigm: "The best team - the best result." In short, coaches the team worked on a team of players. And it is almost 100% of cases is true. However, other, single-piece, completely individual was Alexander Maltsev, whose potential, and it was evident in the art, allowed to exceed the level of outstanding players and become a world legend of hockey. Failed do not grow together ... There was, unfortunately, in the Soviet hockey game five of the highest level, which would be his ideal assisting revealed incredible, just unreal gaming talent forward Maltsev.