History of Greek dance Sirtaki

• History of Greek dance Sirtaki

I can not remember his name, but the melody, under which marks the Sirtaki, as are the dance moves, know, probably all. Sirtaki seems something primordially Greek, old, old. However, at the dance, like music to him, there is a very real authors - also including Mexican American Anthony Quinn.

History of Greek dance Sirtaki

"Zorba the Greek"

Sirtaki first appeared in the final scene of the film "Zorba the Greek" was released in theaters in 1964. The film was shot on the eponymous book by Nikos Kazantzakis, directed by Michael Cacoyannis.

History of Greek dance Sirtaki

In the film comes to Greece Basil, the Englishman of Greek origin, its purpose - to receive the inheritance that left him in Crete. He meets Zorba, cheerful and inconsiderate local resident, who convinces Basil to go to the island together. And then the characters have to face with the manners of the Cretans, simultaneously hospitable and cruel, and all this is accompanied by an infectious smile Zorba and his eccentric, impulsive actions.

The main role in the film played by Anthony Quinn, who was nominated for her on "Oscar". Quinn and taught her the screen of another, and with it the whole world to perform Sirtaki.

a leg injury and choreography

At the end of the film Zorba Basil shows how to dance Greek dance. Movement predestined case: on the eve of filming scenes Anthony Quinn severely injured his leg - so that he could not make any sudden movements, like jumping and flapping feet.

History of Greek dance Sirtaki

"And I danced. I could not lift his leg and lower it - the pain was unbearable - but I realized that I could drag it without much discomfort. Thus, I came up with an unusual dance sliding-pulling step. I pulled the hand, as in the traditional Greek dancing and shuffling in the sand. "

Later, Quinn said that he had learned the dance from the Greeks, and it's called - Sirtaki. "Sirtaki" - diminutive form of "sirtos", and this name is the ancient dance rhythm in Crete.

Music for the dance was composed by Mikis Theodorakis.

History of Greek dance Sirtaki


National Dance?

Now, half a century later, Sirtaki already so closely associated with Greek culture, that his story takes a back seat. Dance performed by including in ancient Greek costumes, like similar ancient dance "hasapiko" - who played soldiers before battle. Sirtaki dance standing in a line or in a circle, his hands on his shoulders straightened neighbors. dance temp gradually increased - from very slow and smooth motions to spike.

History of Greek dance Sirtaki

The interest in the Sirtaki is not quenched. In 2012, the record was set - at a special event organized in the Greek Thessaly Sirtaki danced at the same time 5164 party. Therefore, the brainchild of Anthony Quinn Mikis Theodorakis and deserved the right to be popular.