Acne Electric: description. Features fishing for eel

Electric eels (Electrophorus electricus) are the most dangerous of all the naturally occurring electric fish. If we take into account the loss of human life, they are ahead even piranhas. These entities can deliver powerful repeated electric shocks, which develops due to cardiac or respiratory failure. So that a person is better to stay away from these amazing creatures and dangerous nature. On this basis, it is not recommended to keep them in home aquariums. This is a very dangerous fish!

Electric Eel: Description

Electric eel looks very similar to a snake. He is as slippery skin, a long cylindrical body and a flattened head with wide square mouth. Fish has no dorsal fin, swim perfectly, it helps a long anal fin.

In the natural environment, electric eels can grow to three meters in length and a weight of forty kilos. Under the conditions of aquarium fish species do not exceed one and a half meters in length. Females are noticeably larger than males.

Acne Electric: description. Features fishing for eel

Top eel color dark green or grayish. Abdomen electric fish with a yellow or orange tint. Elvers olive-brown with yellow spots.

In front of all are the vital organs which occupy only 20% of the whole body, and the rest - it is a continuous electric organ, which consists of thousands of items reproducing electricity. Develops the body immediately after birth. If you touch a hand to the two-centimetric fry, it is already possible to feel a slight tingling shock. When the baby will grow up to 40 mm, the capacity will increase greatly.

Electric organs

The positive charge of the eel is in front of the body, a negative, respectively, in the rear. In addition, fish has an additional electric organ, playing the role of the locator. That's three electric organ distinguish it from the rest of the creation of animals. They are connected with each other, this feature ensures that even the smallest category of the electric eel is powerful, since the charge is added. He eventually becomes so strong that it can lead to the death of the man who will face him.

Thanks to the electric organs of the eel as a radar finds its prey. In addition, they are also used to communicate with each other. Especially during the reproduction period, when the male produces frequent loud signals, and the female is responsible longer.

When the eel is in a quiet position and at rest, the electricity does not come from him, but when he leads an active lifestyle, then around an electric field.

Habitats in natural environment

Electric eels are often found in French Guiana, but mostly in the wild live in the South American region in the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. Amazing creatures like warm water and prefer muddy fresh water. The best places for electric fish - it's bays, flat-bottomed, swamps and floodplains.


Electric eels still are not fully understood. For example, the life span in the wild is not established. When the content of the aquarium female can live 10 to 22 years, the male is able to live under the same conditions of 10 to 15 years.

Acne Electric: description. Features fishing for eel

As mentioned earlier, the hallmark of acne are electric organs. In addition, they have another amazing feature - they breathe air. For them, it is necessary as breathing mechanism electrical giants is very complex and is designed so that the fish need to swim out regularly on the pond surface and breathe air. Thanks to such features acne can be outside the reservoir for several hours.

Sight fish like giant snakes, do not boast, and behave active mostly at night.

Electric eels are carnivorous, vegetarian them just can not be named. Their diet consists of fish, small birds, amphibians. Sometimes these monsters reservoirs may bite small mammals. So that they can be safely attributed to the category of predators.


Surprising details about these unusual creatures, not all are listed. Electric eels reproduce a very interesting way. Male using his saliva builds a nest in which the female lays eggs. Amazing that only one such masonry are born about seventeen thousand small electric eels.

Acne Electric: description. Features fishing for eel

newborn baby immediately eat those eggs, which puts their mother after their firstborn. Kids electric eel remain near the mother of as long as they develop bodies orientation.

At that catch electric eels?

Eel, although electric, but still considered a fish, which means that it can catch, as well as any other, going on a fishing trip. But not all so simple - these creatures are deadly, so fishermen are not eager to have a catch, despite the fact that the meat is considered a delicacy acne.

Acne Electric: description. Features fishing for eel

In the areas where ponds are found in electric eels, the locals have come up with a simple way of catching these dangerous fish. If you ask, what to catch eels in the method invented by the Aborigines, the answer is very unusual - catch them on the cows! The thing is that the cows need to take on the first high-power electrical discharges. Fishermen have noticed that the cows, in contrast to all other living beings, it is very easy to tolerate electric shocks from the serpentine fish, so the livestock just driven into the river with acne and wait until the cows moo and stop rushing water.

Calm herd - a signal that it's time to expel them to the shore and conventional nets to catch eels from the river, which at that time are completely safe. After all, these monsters can not emit a long talk, each subsequent digit is weaker than the previous one. To restore power strokes, the fish will take time. Here is a non-traditional fishing, but then catch very unusual!