Trouble tourists lately

• Trouble tourists in recent years

It is well known that tourists traveling happen a variety of unpleasant adventures. However, there are some "lucky ones" who commit such that hit the headlines of international news. Apparently, the current year has been particularly difficult for tourists worldwide.

Trouble tourists lately

The lump similar to the one shown in the photo, was dropped from a cliff into Brimhem Rocks

According to the English county of North Yorkshire police, a group of five young people was seen at the time when they are faced with Brimhem boulder rocks, causing irreparable damage to the attractions, which includes millions of years. This formation is formed over the centuries numerous under the action of wind, rain and ice.

"The result was not only caused considerable damage to a block of stone and rock, but offenders are also endangered their own lives and created a threat to other visitors Brimhem Rocks", - reads the statement of the local police.

Trouble tourists lately

Tourist damaged museum artifact 800-year-old, just to take a photo of your child. In the photo - the artifact before and after the incident

One family in the UK had violated the rules of the museum (as, indeed, and the laws of common sense), placing your child inside the ancient artifact to take a picture for memory. It happened at the Abbey Pritlvell near London. According to local authorities, parents put their child in the ancient tomb of sandstone, which fell from the stand and was damaged. Although this incident led to the damage only $ 130, the neglect of historical value for the pictures in the memory of a truly priceless.

Trouble tourists lately

The woman slapped airline employee, when she learned that her flight registration has already been completed

The journey sometimes we are waiting for disappointment, but there can be no justification for violence against airline staff. However, one passenger flight AirFrance from the Chinese city of Wuhan in Paris, came in sight of a security camera in the moment when it is in the heat of passion struck airport employee to find out that I missed the registration for your flight.

According to the newspaper South China Morning Post, offendress said airline staff that she had to fly to the very important conference. Subsequently, she was arrested and blacklisted airline AirFrance.

Trouble tourists lately

A woman has destroyed a work of art worth 800 thousand dollars at the time of selfie shooting, resulting in exhibition of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has been closed for three days

Striking the imagination of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama "Infinity Mirror" certainly deserves to photograph her. However, one tourist in Washington was so absorbed selfie shooting that seriously damaged the work of art.

According to The New York Times, in an exhibition Hishhorna museum was closed for three days after a visitor broke the glass pumpkin, thereby causing damage to the amount of 800 thousand dollars.

Trouble tourists lately

A tourist threw down the gauntlet in the royal guards in London, just to make fun of him

Royal Guard in London are known for their stoic composure. However, one tourist decided to make imperturbable guards come out of himself, threw down the gauntlet to him.

She immediately made a comment the other guard, one of the world famous London Beefeater. "The guards are here to guard the treasures of the crown, not to be the laughing stock of the public", - he said. Beefeater woman back her glove, and disrespectful tourist left.

Trouble tourists lately

One of the tourists in China collapsed after the broke in a jewelry store bracelet worth 44 thousand dollars

In the jewelry store of a town in the southwest of China tourist has made a very expensive surprise, accidentally broke a jade bracelet worth 44,000 US dollars.

Woman trying on jewelry, but learning about the unthinkable higher price, quickly began to remove it. As a result, she dropped her bracelet, and it broke in half. According to the BBC, C, despite the fact that the store employees tried to calm hapless shopper, she fainted.

Later, tourist and owners of the jewelry store were negotiating appropriate compensation, but as of June 2017 and has not reached an agreement.