Cedar oil: application, useful properties

Applying any oil for cosmetic purposes (consisting of household masks and creams), it is always possible to replace the cedar oil and significantly improve your appearance, your skin and hair. Do you have confidence? Then read carefully, and all doubts will be dispelled by themselves!

Cedar oil: application, useful properties

Cedar oil: application, properties, composition

You can often hear the term "heat treatment". During this process, the product may lose its beneficial properties and qualities. Cedar oil is not subject to such a process, which means that all the healing properties remain in it, and on the shelves of pharmacies and stores it comes useful. In its composition are proteins, unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, phosphatides, lecithin, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, D, E, amino acids and essential oils.

In addition, cedar oil contains a lot of macro-and micronutrients necessary for vital processes occurring in the human body. Namely, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, iodine and more. Such a composition makes universal pine nut oil. Properties and application of this product are unique.

Thanks to all that there is in the composition of cedar oil, it has been called curative, and you can use it in cooking (a combination of a pleasant aroma and unique taste), as well as in cosmetic and medical purposes. Cedar oil, beneficial properties, use of which in many ways - a storehouse of nutrients.

Cedar oil: application, useful properties


Incredibly useful and versatile cedar oil. Properties and applications in various fields it is really impressive. The oil is well suited for the treatment and prevention of various diseases such as angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, anemia, varicose veins, heart attack and stroke. It contains vitamins E and F enhance elasticity of blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity and cholesterol in it, and magnesium normalizes blood pressure. The list of what can cure and prevent the cedar oil is very high. This is understandable, because there are so many components that are vital and extremely important for the body. You can also use cedar oil in the preparation of the burn, abrasions, as well as if there are small blisters. All damage will heal quickly enough.

Could you imagine that cedar oil is not only possible but also necessary to bury the eyes? Yes, it is only suitable for this role, in fact in its composition has vitamin E. With instillation into the eyes of one drop every morning of age-related changes will pass you by!


The pine nut oil has a linoleic acid. In the body with food, it gives the brain a signal of saturation, but with food it comes to very little. Taking oil three times a day for one small spoon, you can lose weight without harm to the body (if at the same time to eat). Also, linoleic acid helps to burn excess fat, only for a good and quick effect to take the oil should be combined with exercise. So the cedar oil can also rid of excess weight.

Cedar oil: application, useful properties

Cedar oil: properties and applications in cosmetology

Now let's talk about the role of cedar oil in cosmetology. Today, many women face the problem of excessive hair loss. If the cause of this disease lies not somewhere deep in the body and is not associated with severe disease, you can buy cedar oil and restore the vitality of hair effect quickly and easily. Permanent placement using varnish, stylers, hair ploek and other enemies attenuate them, they become brittle, faded and weak and do not grow well, it seems that they are now getting less. Do you want to fix this situation? Just rub the oil into the roots, and the rest of the work will do it itself. Also, a few drops of it can simply be added to shampoo or make a variety of masks based on it.

Cedar oil: application, useful properties

for hair mask

This is the most, perhaps, a simple mask. For its preparation is necessary only egg and cedar oil. The use of such a mask will allow to forget about the problems with the hair. You must do it within a month. Calculation: one egg yolk, 1 teaspoon spoon of oil, and the amount depends on the length of hair. You need to whip the egg yolk (or more yolks) and add the butter, and then rub into the hair roots and distributed throughout their length. Three hours later, rinse.

for the skin cedar oil

The skin is dry, the person has lost a pleasant natural shade, somewhere lost elasticity? And to cope with this problem cedar oil! Its use in cosmetic purposes pleasantly surprised even professional cosmetologists. As well as in the fight against hair loss, it can be simply applied to the skin, in other words, to use instead of a moisturizer. It will not only restore the vital forces of the skin at the cellular level, but will also be protected from undue influence of sunlight, which is especially good in the summer. Compresses based oils are used for skin rejuvenation, after several procedures, it becomes supple, soft, natural color is restored.

Cedar oil: application, useful properties

Face Mask

Cedar oil, which application is useful without additional components suitable for preparing a warm mask. Prepare a piece of gauze the size of the face, cut holes in it for eyes and lips. After warm up the oil in a water bath: it should be neither hot nor cold, but warm. After the soak cheesecloth and place it on your face. Soak well, until the oil has cooled down. Flushing is required.

Cedar oil: the use of

In order to prevent possible undergo regular admission rate inside. As a general rule, it should be twice a year for 20 days. During this time, the oil should be taken three times a day for 30 minutes or an hour before meals for 2-3 teaspoons.

Are there any contraindications?

Contraindications to virtually none. It is very rare to find an allergic reaction, a consequence of individual intolerance. But there is rarely.

Cedar oil: application, useful properties

What is the pine resin on cedar oil?

Actually, the sap - a tree resin. Cedar oleoresin in cedar oil, the use of which is well known, has not less useful properties than the oil, and our ancestors continuously used it for therapeutic purposes. During the Second World War, it was replaced by antibiotics and successfully decontaminated the wound. Meanwhile wounds quickly tightened thanks to cedar resin, in particular the elements contained in it.

Since ancient times, the Siberians use resin for the treatment and prophylaxis of a completely different disease. For example, they made cakes based on it to cure everything diseases of the oral cavity (they had to chew), and it is treated with a cataract in those days, when science did not know the solution to this problem. Pure pine resin is rarely used. Often because it makes ointments, oils and balms, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and completely safe for humans. Pine resin on the cedar oil, the use of which is diverse - a unique natural product, natural, containing a lot of useful components, and only a positive effect on a person. Being healthy - simply, you only want to.