Hack squats or leg presses?

It is unlikely that Russian wrestler George Gakkenshmidt, who concurrently served athlete in a circus, allowed the thought that he invented the simulator for the development of leg muscles is an essential attribute of any of the sports hall. I did not expect it, and to isolate the impact on the muscles of the legs, which is achieved by minor modifications to the basic exercises. But first things first. The theme of this article is to hack squats, variety of exercises, efficiency and performance technique.

Hack squats or leg presses?

What is a hack trainer?

By devices, which run hack squats, walk quite difficult. Uninitiated seem simulator device for torture or apparatus to train astronauts. Hack the machine has a strong foundation and a few racks for rigidity. Mounted at an angle of 50 degrees trolley placed on special guides to enable it to perform movement by rollers up and down. In addition, at the top of the trolley have soft limiters to stop the shoulder joint. The bottom of the simulator is equipped with a fixed stop for the legs positioned perpendicular to the guides. The design has a neck for mounting additional weight. It is not difficult to guess that the athlete touching the trolley back, shoulders rests in her restraints, and legs - in the lower stop. Exercise is carried out according to techniques and vaguely reminiscent of squats.

Hack squats or leg presses?

Without technology knee injury guaranteed

Many athletes believe that squats in the hack trainer safer than working directly with a barbell. This is a pure truth. The device decreases the load on the spine and back muscles due to exercise is recommended that athletes having similar problems. Still, how safe hack any machine would be considered, there is a requirement, the violation of which will result in personal injury:

  1. When working in the simulator housing must constantly deal with the trolley at three points - shoulders, back, buttocks.
  2. Regardless of the position of the feet on the palm knees should not protrude beyond the line of socks.
  3. Do not make squat below parallel between the thighs and the palm of the feet.
  4. It is impossible to completely straighten your knees at the highest point of the exercise.

The emphasis load

Performing hack squat, attention should be paid to the location of the stop on the stop. That depends on him the load distribution at the time of squats. Options for the location of the feet a lot. Invited to consider a few basic plays:

  1. If you place your feet low, under the trolley, the load is exposed to the front of the thigh. The wider foot put together, the more the load shifts the focus toward the outer thigh. Naturally, the approach of the legs to each other by sight enters the inner part of the quadriceps.
  2. If you place your feet on top of the palm, the load is transferred back muscle group.
  3. When feet staged in the center of the palm, heels together, toes vrozn load focuses on the inner muscle group.

Each athlete must independently choose the correct setting itself feet, paying attention to the load and focus on the "fly" over the knee socks line. After all legs are different both in length and in structure.

Hack squats or leg presses?

Beauty requires sacrifice

In addition to classic squats and lunges with dumbbells female trainers from the filing does not neglect to perform reverse hack squats. It's the only exercise that focuses most of the load on the buttocks. Maximum efficiency is directly proportional to the disadvantage of execution. Because of what the next hack machines are not many athletes in gyms. Following the rules of professional athletes "unloved favorite exercise to do to achieve maximum efficiency", it's worth taking the time to study performance art, and in a very short period of time, both men and women can get a good result.

for back squats technique

Reverse squats in the simulator hack their equipment performance are somewhat similar to the classic squats, and memorize them in the cellar:

  1. Since the beginning of the exercise to the end of the back should remain flat. Permitted deflection in posture, but in no case can not hump.
  2. Do not, under any circumstances, in the course of the exercise is not allowed separation of heels from the stop. Moved the heel - the load at the knees with all its consequences.
  3. When the squat pelvis should be possible to withdraw ago. Due to the breast all the way into the truck and so he moves back, but you need to strive for the maximum deviation, offloading the quadriceps.
  4. When lifting is impossible to completely straighten your knees and push the load arms up - it's a squat, bench press and not in the delta.
Hack squats or leg presses?

Alternative Exercise with barbell

Exercise is - no simulator. Familiar situation? Nothing prevents perform hack squats. If at first acquaintance exercise seems difficult and impossible, then after a few sit-ups revealed that the technology is no big deal. Very much hack squats resembles classic deadlift. Grief is only the back shins. Following the technique of performing squats to hack the machine, keeping the heels on the floor and holding a flat back, you can not worry about that at the time of the squat body filled up forward or backward. From balancing a full order, regardless of the setting foot. Judging by the numerous reviews of athletes, negative exercise in one - because of the expanded forearm grip weakened. Therefore, this exercise is recommended to athletes with developed muscles in her arms.

Hack squats or leg presses?

Upside Down?

In the hall you can find another interesting device, it is very reminiscent of hack machine, only upside down. This is actually a simulator for the leg press in a sitting position, and no relation to the device Gakkenshmidt he has not. And to all the athletes who can not decide what exercise they perform leg presses or hack squats, professionals recommend to include both options in a single complex. After all, logically, only they are able to resist sharing classic squats. These two exercises are recommended to carry out all the athletes who have problems with the spine. Although many athletes, working through specific leg muscles, resorting to isolation exercises, it is only in the bench legs and hack the machine can be set stops as you like, without fear of losing your balance.

Hack squats or leg presses?


As can be seen from the survey, hack squats are popular among athletes. Moreover, the effectiveness of this exercise, puts it on a par with a basic squat, which emphasizes its importance in bodybuilding. The main problem for any beginner who is familiar with the technique of execution, is only the convenience of the exercise. And, as mentioned above, it is not simple. In any case the athlete make the decision that is the prerogative for it - beautiful and strong legs and ease of training.