Old furniture in a new way

Old furniture in a new way

Great ideas of transformation of old things in new stylish furniture.

Everyone knows that, living in an apartment or house for many years, we have gradually "accrete" various pieces of furniture. And when we buy something new, some old things are sent to permanent storage in a closet, on a balcony or on a summer residence. But they can be useful and updated interior. It is only necessary to know how to use the old stuff for business use.

1. Metal locker

Old furniture in a new way

stand for garden tools.

Metal lockers, which are often used in offices, locker rooms, and public institutions, can be used with advantage for the home or garden. Inverted shelves, painted in bright new colors, will fit for the storage of garden and household equipment in a garage, shed or any other utility room.

2. The headboard

Old furniture in a new way

Wall hanger.

If you are going to get rid of the old wooden bed, take a look at its details. Such as carved backrest can be easily turned into a wall hanger. To do this, they need to paint and attach some hooks for clothes.

3. Stool

Old furniture in a new way

The economic organizer.

Unusual economic organizer who make a virtue of any of the usual stool and hard tissue. The finished product is suitable for storing correspondence or cutlery.

4. Cutting board

Old furniture in a new way

Suspended holder for cutlery.

Round chopping board, which can no longer be used for its intended purpose, can be transformed into a suspension holder for blades, whisks, skimmers and other kitchen devices.

5. Pencil

Old furniture in a new way

comfortable sofas.

A narrow pencil case quite easily transformed into a bench. To do this you need to put a pencil vertically, and on top put a soft furniture cushions. The finished product is a convenient storage system perfectly fit the interior of the bedroom or children's room.

6. PVC pipe

Old furniture in a new way

The rack of PVC pipes.

Bright, unusual shelving made from PVC pipe, painted in pure blue color, will be a stylish piece of modern interior. The finished product can rightfully be called the exclusive, and its construction will not require significant costs.

7. Chairs

Old furniture in a new way

Hangers of chairs.

Open wardrobes are very popular now and is one of the trends in the field of interior design. However, few people know that make this the power of each, using the materials at hand - namely, folding chairs. Simply fasten their backs to the wall. So, their seats will turn into shelves for bags and hats, and the crossbar between the legs - space for hangers.

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8. The backs of chairs

Old furniture in a new way

hangers for clothes.

Another way to redesign ramshackle rickety chairs - it's turning them into a coat hanger. It will have to cut off the upper part of the backrest, attach the hook in the middle of the old hangers and paint the product in any color.

9. Shelves

Old furniture in a new way

A homemade bed frame.

Narrow shelves with cells are perfect for a bed construction. Such a decision will not only be great to save money on buying a bed, but also to acquire additional storage.

10. Boxes

Old furniture in a new way

The rack of boxes.

Modern design trends allow to turn garbage into the original household items. So, ordinary vegetable drawers can be painted and attached to the wall, turning them into creative shelving for books, shoes or any other things.

11. Pallets

Old furniture in a new way

Stylish dresser of pallets.

Unnecessary building pallets - excellent material for creative crafts. For example, you can make an original chest of drawers, which perfectly fit into the interior decorated in Scandinavian, industrial or country style from 6-7 pallets.

12. Old dresser

Old furniture in a new way

Charming sofa.

If the look of the old chest is poor, it is time to do something. For example, you can turn a piece of furniture in neokovyrny cute divan with drawers underneath.

13. Nightstand

Old furniture in a new way

Open rack of cabinets.

Open a narrow shelf, adjoined to the wall - the original example of the transformation of the old Soviet pedestals.

14. Drawers

Old furniture in a new way

Decorative shelves.

The drawers of the old table that you are cooking on the release can be converted into a stylish decorative shelf. New shelves suitable for storage of various details and become a real decoration of the walls.

15. Ladder

Old furniture in a new way

Shelves of wooden ladders.

From low wooden ladders and a pair of drawers can be designed charming bookcase with containers for growing plants. Such original product will perfectly fit into the landscape garden plot or in the interior of the city loggia.

16. Door

Old furniture in a new way

Hanger with a bench.

Any interior door suitable for creating original hanger with a small bench and a drawer. This piece of furniture harmoniously fit into any interior hallway.

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17. Cot

Old furniture in a new way

Gardening bench.

A stunning example of the transformation of unnecessary cot in the comfortable garden bench that perfectly complement the landscape of the garden plot.