Top tricks for losing weight

Top tricks for losing weight

It is well known and scientifically proven that the most effective and efficient way to lose weight is to limit the amount of calories consumed with food and regular exercise, which help the body to burn the most calories. What to do - it is clear. But how to do that? How to suppress the feeling of hunger, how to make yourself to change eating habits and even a way of life? ...

A few simple and original tips listed below will help you resist the temptation and cope with numerous psychological problems in this difficult struggle for harmony.

will help you ... blue

I guess it's hard to believe, but according to research it is blue color helps to suppress appetite. When exposed to blue food color is perceived by our brain as less appetizing. A bright color such as orange, red, yellow, capable, on the contrary, an appetite.

Try a table for a meal lay a blue cloth or use a bowl of blue.

"my light, mirror ..."

Food the mirror is also an effective way to lose weight. Believe me, to see the plate in front of him and see themselves with a plate side - two different images. Not everyone wants to see their reflection in a mirror during a passionate absorption plate contents.

Top tricks for losing weight

In addition, considering himself in the mirror, you do not hurry up and swallow whole pieces, on the other hand, have become slowly, enjoying the process of eating and view themselves in the mirror during this process.

Try to make at least one meal in front of the mirror and you will see its effectiveness.

Let there be light! .. and quieter music

Visiting a cafe or restaurant, you've probably noticed that they are always the atmosphere is conducive to relaxation - dim lights, background music. This stop soothes and relaxes, and promotes appetite. Without realizing it, a person drinks and eats much more than enough.

Try during main meals to avoid such a situation, or choose a room with a bright light and the absence of music.

Candles with the scent of vanilla

In another study it was shown that the neutral-sweet scent helps in the fight against hunger. Especially good suppress cravings scented candles with the scent of vanilla.

Top tricks for losing weight

Light a fragrant candle for lunch or dinner!

Snack should not be sweet

Snack should not arouse the appetite, so do not suppress hunger or chocolate cake. It is better to eat an apple or banana. Fruits lower in calories, but they are useful and nutritious.

Replace the plate in the lower

Your eyes used to capture a certain amount of food on your plate, well, let's say, on the rim. Reducing the size of the plate, you automatically reduce and serving, although it bude also occupy an area on the rim of the dish. Believe me, it will be the perfect ploy for your brain, and you will not notice a difference in the feeling of satiety.

Use spices

Accepted fact - spices improve metabolism, and therefore - burns more calories. In addition, it is impossible to eat a lot of food, richly flavored spices. Sometimes only one flavor of spices can reduce appetite.

Get a diet diary

In this blog you should write down all foods eaten during the day. In the beginning simply captures data, and at the end of the week, try to analyze the recording.

Top tricks for losing weight

The next step would be to write, and daily calorie count of foods consumed (table calorie products easy to find on the Internet).

With this easy way you will learn how to choose food for your useful low-calorie foods, and can be the best menu, contributing further to weight loss.

Try to eat slowly

A well-known fact that the feeling of fullness comes after some time, after a person starts eating. At first, you quickly chew and swallow food, and after a while already suffering from overeating.

Try to eat slowly. With prolonged chewing the body produces hormones that regulate appetite. And as a result - the saturation without overeating and extra calories.

Think of Me brake

Meetings and gatherings with friends often drop out of the normal rhythm, contribute to the fact that the person relaxes, he loses control and, as a result, overeat.

Top tricks for losing weight

, the so-called brake To this will not happen to you, you must come up with a kind reminder for yourself. As an example, you can use a trick resorted to by the French. Before you go to a meeting, they tied on the waist belt, which serves as a stop overeating.