Signs of composure

People with a cold heart - those to whom it is impossible to get through emotionally. They do not differ loving and radiate heat. In this article, we'll give you some tips on how to recognize a person with a cold heart.

"... people with a cold heart, I call people closed, depressed and distant from the deep feelings and experiences from those who are abstracted even from themselves do not expect reciprocity -. They will not be able to give you something that is not able to survive on their own", - says psychologist and author Leon F. Seltzer.

Cool man

Signs of composure

The attachment to a cold-blooded person can bring pain and suffering to the one who is not prepared for the emotional remoteness. People with a cold heart differ special habits, which help to determine whether or not in front of you the one to whom you should not get attached.

They do not ask anything of you

Signs of composure

Most often indifferent people have no interest in the other party, and do not hide it. Regardless of whether you are in a platonic relationship with such a person, or romantic - they will not be interested in that, how was your day and how you feel.

If such a person is still trying to learn from you some information - which means that he needs it purely for personal use.

They are far

Signs of composure

These people may be far away from you, not only physically but also emotionally. Often, there is an impression in conversation with someone that thought he was very far away, but actually standing in front of you. They are very restrained in the manifestation of emotions. Cold-blooded people rarely reveal the secrets and allow themselves to show their vulnerabilities. They just prefer to keep their distance.

They perfectly manipulate people

Signs of composure

Owners of a cold-blooded love manipulated heart. The thing is that they are very weak, and often do not feel no pity, no compassion towards others.

They can learn useful information for them about their "victims" and then use it against them. If you notice that your environment has a cold-blooded person - you know, he is bound to have a couple of skeletons in the closet and a list of those who are not lucky enough to fall into his eyes.

They look down on people

Signs of composure

"Cold-blooded people feel the constant need to talk about themselves as much as possible and often more flattering to remind others of their excellent quality, worthy of envy," - says Professor Preston None.

It is necessary to constantly keep track of how they relate to people who are considered "lower" themselves. For example, service industry workers or the homeless. People with a cold heart too little sympathy, to treat them as human beings worthy of respect.

There's something all the time is not enough

Signs of composure

From people who have a cold heart is difficult to find a common language. When they are close to or communicate with you, there may be an awkward feeling that something in your relationship is not enough. While your relationship is platonic, romantic or even a family - with people like you have a lot of difficulties because they do not have attachments. Most often the missing link - the emotional connection.

They are fixated on itself

Signs of composure

I, I, I. People with a cold heart is almost always selfish and focused only on that one way or another affect them.

"Subconsciously such people see others only as a supplement to his assistants and how to meet the needs Auxiliaries they always above all else ....", - says Dr. Seltzer.

They are incredibly self-centered. If you get something better than they have - they will still argue that actually it is not.

They have no close friends

Signs of composure

"To emotionally unavailable people relationships and communication with others - it's just a way to take themselves as long as their life does not appear that something more interesting," - says the author of the work and relationship expert Sarah R. Kline.

They are often quite unflattering comments about his former partner. In their past can find a number of failed relationships. One gets the impression that they are simply not able to get together with one person for a long time.

Cold-blooded people are also quite emotionally distant even from his family. They are hard to find common ground with people, but it is easy to break up and let go without regret.

They are great liars

Signs of composure

When you see in front of potential "cold" person - be careful not to fall for his lies. What he says, can only be part of the manipulation, which he uses to achieve control over the people.

They may lie about very minor things, such as how was their day yesterday or what school they attended. But this does not mean that they are not able and large lies.

Owners of a cold heart can lie about past relationships or about their "friends."

"Recognizing the lie to tell a story, you will be surprised that once believed in the absurd, unreal facts," - says an expert on divorce recovery Cindy Holbrook.


Signs of composure

Rapprochement with the owners of cold hearts may turn out to have big trouble. However, knowing their features, you'll always be one step ahead. Do not be afraid to weed out of his life indifferent and cold people, because you certainly deserve much more than a warm and caring relationship.