Home manicure: Figures on nails

Surely every self-respecting fashionista knows how to make yourself a manicure. Figures on nails at home is much more difficult to perform. This process requires a creative approach, certain skills and knowledge. If you do not have the opportunity to attend master nail service or you want to transform a useful exercise decorate their toes in a favorite hobby, then this article will be helpful.

Home manicure: Figures on nails

Determine the nail length

Did you pay attention to how glamorous stars are not averse to demonstrate to the world their manicured nails? Most often beautiful manicure, drawings on the nails celebrities prefer to do in a short length. What is it - a tribute to fashion trends or the banal desire to stand out? The average woman just say that without the long sharp nails easier to keep house, but the men and did frighten causing manicure. Figures on nails are considered representatives of the stronger sex as a kind of luxury. However, this state of affairs men are willing to put up with, but with the proviso that the nails in the hearts of the ladies would be as short as possible.

Some of the secrets of perfect coverage

So, we decided that the ideal length of the nail plate should be no longer than the average. These are the current trends, it is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and practical. Short and medium nails prepared as a nail art some flavor, and are the hallmark of its owner. Before you decide on the design, color and location of the picture, do a home manicure. Figures on nails choose based on the structure of the plate itself:

  • On the square shape nail flawlessly look bright colored varnishes and graphic designs.
  • Medulla and oval nails manicure masters recommend using pastel and bright colors framed by romantic floral patterns.
  • Owners short fingers and not enough long nail plates will help to hide this fact vertically drawing figure. Tip: If you are dissatisfied with the length of your nail plate, apply nail polish saturated hues, slightly prokrashivaya sides. If you are unhappy with the length of his fingers, better give up the bright decorative paints.
  • Be aware of the rules, which help execute a perfect manicure: drawings on the nails should not be too large and too small elements. At home, do not use more than 3 colors cover. Elaborate multi-colored images leave on the conscience of the professionals of nail service.
Home manicure: Figures on nails

Experiments in nail design

In recent years, experiments in the nail design simply stagger the imagination. Some time ago, the classic moon manicure or jacket, faded into the background because of their excessive conservatism. Then, the master began to modify the classic, experimenting with different colors. And here's a new twist in the saga to the modernization and improvement of the classic cover: nails (French manicure) with a pattern. If the classic jacket focuses on the tip of the nail, the modern trends offer a mixture of styles with bright ornaments, unexpected contrasting shades and patterns.

Home manicure: Figures on nails

To fit the style of nail art?

Undoubtedly, ladies aged quite conservative and prefer to mostly classic strict manicure. Figures on nails choose for themselves the young ladies who want to stand out from the crowd both in everyday life and at the party. This manicure can not only fit perfectly with the bright youth of everyday clothing, but also give a good mood, but also affect the surrounding his eccentricity.

Figure presents the mood of

As we said a little earlier, drawing on nails, beautiful and unusual manicure gives a good mood of its owner every time you look at your hands. Just because one of the reasons for any girl, even one that does not have progressive views on life, should try at least once to paint their own fingernails. Basic and most simple examples of non-professional home design, we brought in the illustrations to this article. Let these pictures provide a starting point, a manual for beginners for the first time, as well as a stimulus for further development.

Home manicure: Figures on nails

Modern manicure: drawings on short nails. What is most often portrayed in the home?

Let's look at the most popular patterns and designs that can be easily done at home without professional artistic skill. Start a new occupation for themselves suggest starting with a line drawing, floral prints and patterns using small dots. We also offer a variety of manicure by applying contrasting bases: matte and glossy lacquers of the same color. It is very popular and easy to perform themes of nature: sea waves, clouds, sun, clouds and rain with an umbrella.

Delicate floral patterns look good on the classic moon manicure. With him well blended fruit graphics that require a certain skill.

In recent years, an incredibly popular application on the nails of various geometric shapes and abstract lines. This design with skilful approach to the application of virtually indistinguishable from a professional, but it's incredibly simple to perform.

Themed pictures: funny faces of animals, pictures in the style of Halloween, painting in the form of national flags - all of which can also be used with regard to wear appropriate clothing.

Home manicure: Figures on nails

The need to stock up for spectacular manicure?

Purchase paints a wide variety of shades, because you never know what you want to portray it today. Let your collection will be the standard black and white color pearl pearl, pink, gold, as well as a variety of bright colors. Do not be afraid to combine textures and stock up on a tube with a thin brush, which you and will be applied to the nails of their future masterpieces.