"Life - the pain, and I was in it the king!", Or several high-profile scandals in the history of modern British royal family

Over the past few decades, morals Albion changed almost beyond recognition. Whereas in the past the noble lady blue blood who are fortunate enough to be born into the royal family, as a nice bonus received something like a life-long immunity against any attack on his personal life and "dirty insinuations" in the address, now the freedom of speech and the dominance of nosy reporters and the paparazzi still did their job.

I do not know whether this is good or bad, but it is worth to some hapless scion of the royal notably screwed up, and his photos are instantly beautify all the editorials of newspapers.

Well, what happens if we add to the "royal aerial" aptly aiming the camera lens, each of us, perhaps, understandable without further explanation. Get a big, loud and savory scandal.

That's such a scandal and we decided to tell our readers as part of today's article. So, dear friends, we present to you a couple of the most controversial incidents of media in the modern history of the royal family of Great Britain.

The little girl, who was waiting for a prince

Perhaps the most loud and dirty "royal" scandal last decade burst when in 2015 in the press suddenly began to swarm rumors that noble Prince Andrew, Duke of York, to whom the order has exceeded 50, in fact, a pedophile, a pervert and keep in the sex slavery underage girl.

The first "bell" for journalists was the fact that the Prince often began to notice in the company of a certain Jeffrey Epstein - American financier, which a decade ago was tried and found guilty of corrupting minors and coercion under the age of girls consent to prostitution .

Although by themselves these ambiguous love honor our prince by no means done, this thunder in the beginning of 2015, when some 17-year-old Virginia Roberts has publicly stated that the Duke of York and his friend pedophile few years forcibly kept her in her as a sex slave.

The news immediately picked up by newspapers around the world, but, at the Prince's reputation was hopelessly flawed, to criminality on a very mysterious and mystical reasons, this case never came. After several years of proceedings the judge ordered to remove the statement about the rape from the case, and then, who is it that this story was a liar - Andrew himself or supernatant suddenly out of nowhere "slave" - ​​and it remains a mystery to this day.

"I do not want to be a prince, I want to be an officer of the SS!"

If someone does not know, get acquainted, before you Prince Harry, which the people have already dubbed the noble and honorable nickname "Harry the Nazi". And to blame served, to put it mildly, not very good choice of wardrobe for a closed parties, which in a tragic coincidence, waded a few watchful men with cameras.

What prompted perhaps the most famous of the young man in the country to cast away such a fun and dress up in some semblance of impromptu Nazi uniforms, it is not clear, but the humor people clearly did not appreciate.

Press immediately accused shortsighted prince of Nazism, and he because of his "innocent jamb" almost flew out of the Royal Military Academy. In other matters, as in the previous case, the joint efforts of the relatives managed to hush up the hype without any tragic consequences for His Highness.

"I want to be your bud ..."

On the accusations of Nazism and pedophilia this little amusing incident, of course, can not be compared, but, you see, when your intimate conversations with his mistress suddenly seeping into public access, nothing good in terms of the reputation of this to you, most likely, not promises. Especially if the "merge" it managed the conversation in which you share your curious sexual fantasies.

In particular, Prince Charles has pleased all the media space, when it was made public a recording of his telephone conversation with the then mistress Camilla, where the eldest son of Queen acknowledged lover that he is "ready to live all your life in her shorts and if I could then it would become a tampon. "

"Kiss my foot ..."

Meet this Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and ex-wife of the very "slave owner" Andrew, around which scandals have accumulated so much that in the royal family, she has long been something of a persona non grata.

The first time the Duchess goof when it was caught trying to sell reporters' access to the body, "her precious ex-husband all the while for some paltry 500 thousand pounds. As a result of this scandal out immediately surfaced all ducal problems with alcohol, and a whole bunch of other deeply intimate excrement, however, finally "finished off the viewer" Sarah entertaining their bedding preferences.

Presumably, the reporter who accidentally made here is the photo above, literally peed of joy, because the picture in which the Duchess of York basking in the sun without underwear until her financial adviser, John Bryan licks Her Grace legs, was in the press most a real hit.