How to choose the starting gun? Signal, starter, stun guns and revolvers

Gun start is an attribute of many competitions. With the help produce a blank shot, giving start a variety of sports or other events, where it is stipulated rules or regulations. The main purpose of such weapons - feeding a loud beep. Used as a standard combat pistols, and a specially designed model.


Starting gun had previously been used only for sporting events. About any other use of the weapon out of the question. His appointment was determined by the title - starting, that is, to provide a signal in swimming, athletics, horse racing, dog racing and other competitions.

And to start the stopwatches stewards guided not by the sound of the shot, and the smoke or flash from him. This was due to the fact that the sound is due to the slow rate of passage could give some time error.

How to choose the starting gun? Signal, starter, stun guns and revolvers

To ensure that all athletes were on an equal footing, and if possible at the same time heard the sound of the shot, the 70-ies of the last century began to use the speakers (speakers) for transmission.

Relation to the starting gun was ambiguous. In 2009, the Olympic Committee on behalf of the State of Washington had filed a petition for the abolition of the use of starting pistols at the Olympic Games. This request was justified by the fact that a shot from a gun, even if not fighting, insults the memory of black athletes. Their ancestors lived in slavery under the threat of execution and often fleeing from armed men. The request was rejected.

In the development of the automatic timing, attempts were made to give up firearms and completely replace it with an electronic device that simulates the sound of a shot and and very flash. For the first time such analogs starting pistols were tested at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. At the next Olympics returned starter pistol firearm. But in Vancouver at the Olympic Games in 2010 used electronic guns. Apparently, the future of these electronic devices.

Types pistols

Starter pistols can be divided into the following groups: electronic, appeared more than twenty years ago, and the usual "mechanical" model.

Mechanical models are not as reliable than its modern counterpart. Any gun can misfire, especially the sin that model shop. Most often used drum gun: even in case of misfires out of it, you can quickly make the next shot.

The electronic starting pistol bears little resemblance to military weapons. It gives a bright flash of light. The rapid spread of light waves allows us to see a signal to all athletes at the same time. To enhance the effect of each competitor (in the race) establish special speakers that simulate the sound of a shot.

How to choose the starting gun? Signal, starter, stun guns and revolvers

The developers of this device - the company's specialists Omega - are ready to provide a model of the electronic miracle, capable of tracking a false start and automatically stop the race.

Despite the development of electronics, in particular, a variety of tools to facilitate the work of stewards and more accurate timestamps, the usual starter pistols do not lose their relevance.

Noise gun

Pistols starting noise - it is specially made for the product model blank shot. Acquisition of noise like a pistol protection is justified. Looks like a weapon of war, it can fairly scare one of its kind. And if that does not work, a resounding shot in the air finally persuaded the attackers to inexpedient to continue the attack.

Such weapons are not firearms. It does not require a special permit to buy a good gun noise.

The signal pistol

Starting signal pistols are suitable solely for alarm. A shot is accompanied by a sound or light effect. As a defensive means of such a product is not used.

How to choose the starting gun? Signal, starter, stun guns and revolvers

To get a flare gun can be in free sale points. But there are some limitations. To buy alarm caliber guns exceeding 6 mm, will require mandatory registration in law enforcement. In addition, its sale is prohibited to persons under the age of majority.

Though in appearance the gun and is very similar to the combat, there are some differences: perfectly smooth trunk has a diameter along the entire length, without the transition from the main body to the chamber. Signal pistols are usually single-barreled, but there are models with two barrels.

Lovers of extreme tourism, tourists, travelers, sailors acquire the signal starting gun. The price of the product is quite affordable (an average of $ 55 to $ 250) in view of the fact that in an emergency situation the existence of such a signaling device can save lives.

Cartridges for signal pistols

Cartridges for the starting gun signal can be different:

  • parachute with one star,
  • parachute with several stars (two to five);
  • lighting besparashyutnye;
  • with drafts of smoke of different colors;
  • combined (along with the visual effects they produce and still sound like firecrackers break).

Smoke cartridges used in the daytime, and at night - the cartridges with the presence of stars. All kinds of cartridges can be released to a height of 150 meters.

Lineup "Ecoh"

Starter pistols Ekol produces Turkish company Ekol Voltran. It provides market models of various types of weapons. There are small compact models for concealed carry, there are large, impressive product - analogues "Beretta".

How to choose the starting gun? Signal, starter, stun guns and revolvers

Minimalism in design of weapons is combined with its functionality. Some models come with cases for storage products, which saves the owner from the additional costs.

Model Ekol Major Black - one of the most popular among small guns:

  • Caliber - 9 mm;
  • Shop by 7 rounds;
  • weight - 570 grams;
  • length - 162 mm;
  • height - 115 mm;
  • width - 30 mm;
  • type of ammunition - cartridges noise.

This "baby" excellent fit in a handbag, and on occasion will rescue his mistress deafening shot. The most important thing - not a single woman in the case of careless handling of weapons will not hurt yourself.

The diversity of models to satisfy the most demanding buyer, and he always found the perfect starting gun. The price can range from $ 70 to 200 and above, everything will depend on the gun model. All products are characterized by quality and reliability.


Starting gun "Zoraki" Turkish producer Atak Silah - what can we say about it? Highly controversial model of them may be different conclusions of experts on the recognition of weapons fire, with all the ensuing consequences.

How to choose the starting gun? Signal, starter, stun guns and revolvers

The firm was established to manufacture weapons for self-defense and sport. The brand is known far beyond the country. This is not surprising: 80% of all production is exported.

professionalism of employees allowed to create models of weapons with excellent value "price-quality".

Characteristic of one of the most popular starting pistols - Zoraki 925:

  • Caliber - 9 mm;
  • charge capacity - 25 rounds;
  • length - 202 mm;
  • height - 198 mm;
  • width - 35 mm;
  • weight - 800 grams (uncharged).

The company management values ​​the reputation and strives not to lose markets worldwide. To achieve this, the company is not only strictly controls the quality of its products, but also seeks to create new and improved models of weapons.


Starting gun "Stalker" produces Turkish company Atak Arms. Lineup presented pistols simulating military weapons. Used for the production of durable metal alloy and polymer materials, which guarantees high quality products.

Consider the characteristics of the weapons of this company as an example Stalker-2918. The perfect choice for personal safety. It belongs to the category of "starting pistol 9mm" and is one of the biggest:

  • store 18 rounds;
  • the total length - 200 mm;
  • height - 140 mm;
  • weight - 880 grams.

Such an impressive weapon itself can stop any attack only one of its kind. A warning in the air shot can rout and the whole group of thugs.

Owners of such weapons should be aware that any changes to the design are strictly forbidden and entail criminal liability.


Starting pistol PM has been created based on the legendary Makarov pistol. He is exactly copies the military model, including its functional quality. It is made of steel, is used to handle durable plastic. The kit includes a standard for PM store.

How to choose the starting gun? Signal, starter, stun guns and revolvers

model gun specifications MR-371 (TM):

  • Caliber - 9 mm;
  • store for 8 rounds;
  • weight - 730 grams (without simulators - 630);
  • length - 162 mm;
  • height - 115 mm;
  • width - 30 mm;
  • type of ammunition - plastic imitators cartridges (30 pieces included).

Such a flare gun is perfectly safe. It is used to create a sound effect, or to attract attention. Weapons varies by configuration:

  • if the simulators plastic, the recharging is done manually after each shot;
  • Steel simulators reproduce the full shot process: extraction and ejection of the cartridge, as well as the chambering of ammunition in the chamber.

An earlier model released at the Izhevsk arms factory, - the starting gun IZH-CPF. Soviet reliable signal multiply charged pistol can be any collection of weapons. Rather rare model, made of steel.

The starting pistol

Another development arms factory in Izhevsk - the starting gun at the base of the gun "revolver" (model 1895). The unique model created through the alteration of combat pistols the first half of the twentieth century.

How to choose the starting gun? Signal, starter, stun guns and revolvers

Characteristics revolver MR-313:

  • caliber - 220 (5, 6 mm);
  • Shop by 7 rounds of ammunition;
  • length - 235 mm;
  • weight - 800 grams.

It is a model of non-automatic weapons multiply charged. Revolver barrel equipped with fixed simulator with rotating doffer 7 rounds.

This gun is the perfect gift for the fan of weapons and the serious collector.

Each model comes in a starter's gun sales network exclusively as built. Any Unauthorized modification entails criminal liability.

The use of

Starting gun in the modern world not only performs its main function at a sporting event. He expanded the scope of its application. Today is a great weapon for self-defense. They can scare the opponent, to attract attention.

Imitation gun battle and attracts a large army of collectors. Fair execution model attracts a lot of fans of firearms. Behind him are willing to pay a decent amount of money to complete your collection of rare specimens.

Starting gun can be used as an accessory for the interior of the working cabinet or room. It is great cope with the role of an original gift to the man for his birthday or any other occasion.


As a weapon for self-defense starting gun has several advantages:

  • does not require a special permit for the acquisition;
  • does not require special skills to the right with reference thereto;
  • is safe to use, they can not injure the attacker or the defender itself.

may be purchased starting gun in any specialty store or department, the price is acceptable. Imitation military weapons worth more. The cost depends mainly on the brand and manufacturer. The price of the model Ekol Aras Compact 9 mm Black reaches $ 81, 918 Black Stalker stands already in the region of $ 130, MT-317 - from $ 250.


Some brands can be regarded as complete firearms. According to experts, forensic experts of the Ministry of Justice, "Zoraki" easily remade by "in trauma", and this is their main feature. Despite the fact that they are starting, the design features of the models allow "craftsmen" their remodel. Wearing such "advanced" weapons entails criminal liability. Everyone defines for himself, he needs weapons in their own home or not, you can do without. Currently there are no problems with the purchase of the starter's pistol of any brand from any manufacturer. Besides the usual shops, product offers a huge number of websites. If there is a question about buying signal or noise pistols, it is possible to find even the most rare and exotic models, up to the rare copies.