Surprising facts about condoms

• Surprising facts about condoms

Surprising facts about condoms

Only 5% of men all over the world put on a condom. Keep in mind that this is the data from the different countries, where access to contraception can be very difficult. However, 5% - it is really small, very small. Especially given the fact that the modern world is committed to 100%.

There are 4 different kinds of condoms. Nowadays, tortoise shell and fabric covers that served as a barrier method of contraception in ancient times, is no longer in such demand, but it's for the best. Most condoms are made from latex, but there are also latex-free products for those who suffer from allergies. There are those that are made of polyisoprene - they are used by people who do not happen to have allergies and latex, and polyurethane. There are also condoms made from lamb intestines - though their popularity is also in doubt. Finally, there is the female condom, which operate a little differently than men, but still serve as protection against pregnancy and STDs.

For the invention of the condom is to thank manufacturers of automobile tires. The invention is a process of vulcanization by Charles Goodyear led to the first condom in 1855, which is why some people still call them "rubber bands".

Condoms almost since the invention is mutated. First condom "Troy" appeared in 1920, since it appeared the edges and points to enhance the stimulation, but, by and large, it has remained exactly the same.

Surprising facts about condoms

Condoms, for the most part, do not affect the quality of sex. Multiple surveys have shown that sensation during sex with a condom and without it are almost identical, but some guys still make jokes about sex in "suit". And now think: condoms protect against pregnancy by 98% and makes sex safer in terms of transmission of various infections, so can the excuse, "I am not comfortable with it" worth it to risk it?

Your parents are likely to be less likely to use condoms than you. Sorry for the association, but couples older than 40 years, almost do not use condoms for many reasons. On average, according to world statistics, only 25% of stable pairs are protected by condoms, among free people, this figure is much higher and reaches 40%.

Surprising facts about condoms

Almost half of all the world's women buy condoms. Naturally, they are not what they wear, but more than 40% sold condoms were bought just the girls. It's great, because they care about the security and do not fall into the situation: "Oh, it seems I have run out", who love to use the guys.

Only a third of teens know how to use a condom correctly. This is a rather sad statistics, and not just because that knowledge would have saved them from embarrassment during first sex. The fact that those teens who showed and explained the rules of putting on a condom, will likely use in the future, and those who are not aware of its importance, prefer to ignore the strange object. Even the most ordinary condoms freely put on the largest penis. Manufacturer TheyFit condoms produces the largest size: developers joke that their products Bank Pringles chips placed without problems. By the way, not so long ago an ordinary American once and forever solved the problem of man's excuses "He told me small": she took off on camera putting on a condom process on his foot. And you know what? He took her to the knee!

There is a person who wants to improve condom - is Bill Gates. With his wife, Melinda, charity fund annually provides more than 100 thousand dollars in grants to inventors and researchers working in this industry. It is assumed that "the future of condoms" will have different shapes for different penises and even pens ... (probably for ease of removal and donning).