The palette of paints for hair "Estel" - professional palette

Every woman at least once applied to hair dye. On the market there are many remedies that can be used even on their own. Contemporary diversity hair colors makes the choice more difficult. How to choose the means to be reliable, efficient and safe at the same time? The palette of paints for hair "Estel" - a variety of colors and shades, guarantees excellent results.

Features paint

The main indicator of the reliability of this tool for coloring is the recommendation of experts. They are advised to use this paint to professionals in salons and hairdressers. care system, which is incorporated in the composition, can not only get the desired result, and iznachitelno improve the structure of hair. Keratin restores the hair and makes them flexible. Green tea and guarana seeds nourish and moisturize them.

The palette of paints for hair

The palette of hair colors "Estelle" is so diverse, that will satisfy every woman. The consistency of the cream makes the application more convenient means. As a result, hair coloring acquire a beautiful, well-groomed appearance and natural shade. The palette of paints for hair "Estel" (professional palette) allows you to create new variants by mixing several colors. It is a product of domestic production, which is as good as foreign agents, and has a lower cost.

Several recommendations

The end result is always dependent on the proper use of funds. Stereotypes about the harmfulness of hair coloring agents of the brand in relation to "Estelle" is not valid. When used correctly, there is no problem, on the contrary, the state of locks is improved. That the result met expectations, you need to carefully choose shades. A lot depends on the original color of hair. Repainted in an instant a few shades lighter difficult to cast. It is necessary to carry out a radical lightening or gradually pick up the tone of one shade lighter than the previous one.

The palette of paints for hair

Paint the room is very important. The first digit in the designation indicates the depth of tone. The figure is stronger, the greater impact will paint the hair. The second number is the basic shade. Similar to each other colors may be different. The third digit tells about minor shade, but it can not be shown. The palette of hair colors "Estelle" is very rich, so it's best to seek help from a shop assistant.

Line Essex

The special composition of Essex paint, created on the basis of the molecular system, allows for persistent staining and easy to get rid of gray hair. The resultant color is maintained permanently. Easy application and tender care make it a popular tool among women. The hair becomes shiny and elastic. The palette of paints for hair "Estel Essex" includes a variety of colors that can be mixed to give a new color.

The palette of paints for hair

It includes 76 basic colors, 7 colors lightening series, 6 reds, 8 corrective funds, three colors for color and contrast for the three dyeing and 4 creative color. Cream allows you to paint over 100 percent of gray hair. The basic palette consists of black, rich brown, purple-red, golden, light-brown, dark-brown, chocolate, medium-brown and blond shades.

The line "Estelle Deluxe"

The palette of colors for hair "Estel Deluxe" can effectively dye hair style update and preserve the natural beauty of hair. This means consists of natural components and does not contain ammonia. It has a gentle effect on the hair, nourishes and strengthens them. The composition of the ink ensures impressive hue, gloss and brightness. "Deluxe" - a huge palette of natural shades.

The palette of paints for hair

It is well applied to the hair and has a pleasant aroma. Painting is great for all hair types, even dry curls thanks to the olive oil, avocado and macadamia nut. As a result, use of non-chemical hair burn occurs. Palette 134 includes ink color. This is a classic black, a few darker shades to suit all the women and will help to change the image, giving new nuances hair. The palette includes light and dark brown tones and the means for fundamental clarification.

The additional lines

A series of "Estelle Anti-Yellow effect" created to give hair natural. These tools eliminate a yellow tint that appears on the curls after staining in blond color. They give the hair shine and radiance. Like all tools, "Estelle" is a safe drug, which also takes care of the curls. Special semi-permanent dye Sense De Luxe does not contain ammonia. The palette of paints for hair "Estel" this series has a luxurious colors.

The palette of paints for hair

This tool provides a gentle toning light curls. It does not have a chemical effect on the scalp and is a safe drug. The composition of this ink includes caring and nourishing hair components. "Estelle Silver" - is a gentle 100-percent gray coverage. Hair acquire lasting color and gorgeous glow for a long time. This series includes 50 colors to suit all tastes.

The series "Love Estelle"

The variety of colors, bright and saturated color - a palette of paints for hair "Estel". Professional palette used by both professionals and at home. Over 30 vibrant shades Love series, thanks to its formula penetrates well into the hair structure, providing persistent staining and intense color for long. Ylang-ylang nourishes hair, and fruit acids give them softness. This series is especially popular among young people. However, it is worth noting that the paint "Estelle" perfectly fills the gray hair. Line Love ove Nuanse - it's 17 bright colors, among which 5 are intended for coloring light curls. Three tools in this series are designed for the efficient removal of gray. The paint is perfect for creating a new image. It has no negative impact on the structure of the hair, even with frequent use. The palette of paints for hair "Estel" (the photo is in this article) - is the best choice.