Mesotherapy - what is it? Reviewed the

Of course, the net tightened skin without a trace of aging - is everyone's dream. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology offers a large number of tools to preserve the beauty and freshness, perfect body, to remove existing defects and shortcomings. It can be a variety of creams, massages, body wraps and other treatments until the surgery.

Quite a good means for rejuvenation Mesotherapy is considered. What it is? What is the procedure? What results can be expected? Are there any contraindications or side effects? Answers to these questions are of interest to many people who care about their appearance.

Mesotherapy: What is it?

The procedure is a proprietary medical procedure. The gist of it is quite simple - with the help of very fine needles specialist introduces the drug into the tissues of the epidermis and muscle.

Mesotherapy - what is it? Reviewed the

This procedure allows to achieve several goals. Firstly, microtraumas inflicted needle stimulate active regeneration of the skin and natural collagen synthesis. Second, a properly selected mezokokteyl helps eliminate problems such as wrinkles, dryness and sensitivity of the skin, age spots, spider veins, and so on. D.

The main indications for this method

The course of this treatment, provided a qualified holding and proper drug selection, it helps to solve many problems. In particular, the indication for therapy are:

  • age-related skin changes (large and small wrinkles, "crow's feet", etc...);
  • different defects on the skin, including hyperpigmentation, rosacea, stretch marks;
  • scars, atrophic and hypertrophic scars;
  • Acne and traces of acne;
  • cellulite;
  • alopecia, brittle and dry hair, dandruff.
Mesotherapy - what is it? Reviewed the

This procedure is also used for skin tightening on the body and non-surgical breast augmentation.

Types of mesotherapy

Today, there are many variations of this procedure and, accordingly, several classification systems. For example, the huge popularity of mesotherapy person (patient testimonials demonstrate that it really tightens the skin). In addition, injection can be performed anywhere on the body. In some problems trichologist will recommend a procedure called mesotherapy head.

Treatment classified depending on the drugs. The process can be applied vitamin complexes, protein shakes, as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite agents, antibiotics, drugs, strengthening the vessels.

Quite popular are fractional mesotherapy, which has some differences from the normal procedures. In this case, the doctor does not cut away the entire surface of the skin, but only some portions, which are uniformly spaced apart. Naturally, in this case, various cosmetics or drugs. Fractional mesotherapy also gives a very good result.

In some salons, offers and other procedures. The skin is first treated with massage roller attachment, after which it will inflict on the anti-aging drug, or serum - is no injection mesotherapy, which are allowed to carry out even during pregnancy and lactation.

What drugs are used for the procedure?

During the examination and diagnosis of the doctor determines what it means should be used in your case. Selection depends on the drug present problems. In most cases, a cocktail for the skin is made individually. Typically, it contains a complex of vitamins, minerals, protein components, collagen, and sometimes drugs (e.g., anti-inflammatory, antibacterial).

How is the procedure?

Of course, many people are interested in the question of how to look mesotherapy treatments. Immediately I must say that they can be carried out only in a specially equipped office, in compliance with all health and safety standards.

Typically, the skin starts purified further applied anesthetic ointment or solution. After the anesthetic will act begins directly administering the drug cocktail. Do it, or manually (the doctor inserts a means of using a syringe with an ultrathin needle) or using a special injector (the device that injects the drug automatically, sometimes piercing the skin in several places).

Mesotherapy - what is it? Reviewed the

Depending on the area of ​​the treated area, the procedure takes from 15 minutes to an hour. After introduction cocktail skin treated with disinfectant agent (which may be a solution, lotion or ointment).

Many patients are interested in the question whether mesotherapy painful face. Reviews of people have gone through the procedure ambiguous. Of course, some discomfort will be present. It all depends on your pain threshold, emotional state, medical skills, and so on. D. However, injection is quite tolerant.

Are there contraindications for?

Of course, the skin mesotherapy has some contraindications to the list which you want to read. First, let's talk about the so-called absolute contraindications, which include the presence of malignant tumors on the skin. In such cases, any manipulation is contraindicated because they can accelerate the development of cancer. In addition, such a procedure is prohibited to patients suffering from hemophilia and other blood clotting problems, especially if the needles need to work on deeper layers. There are some relative contraindications to the procedure called "mesotherapy". What it is? For example, many doctors and cosmetologists do not conduct such activities in the event that the treated area of ​​the skin is inflamed or infected. On the other hand, an experienced expert can solve this problem by using as a means of injecting antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. There is also relative contraindications include keloid scars - inept exposure may lead to escalation. However experienced mezoterapevtov using special equipment and preparations may, conversely, decrease the amount of scar tissue and scar make less noticeable.

Do not forget about the medications, vitamins and mezokokteyl that are used during the procedure. Before definitely need to conduct appropriate tests for the presence of starting therapy the patient is allergic to any of the constituents of the mixture used. Contraindications also include pregnancy and lactation that, again, due to the introduction into the body women drugs. The procedure was also performed on the skin, if compromised its integrity - for example, if there are abrasions, scratches, open wounds, sores, burns, then you need to wait from complete healing.

What are the possible side effects?

Immediately it is worth saying that there are some consequences that inevitably involves mesotherapy. What it is? For example, after the procedure, patients often complain of pain. In addition, the appearance of a strong burning sensation, and redness. Sometimes there are small bruises on the treated skin areas. These phenomena are perfectly normal and usually go away on their own within a few hours or days. If these symptoms do not disappear, and even compounded over time, then you need to immediately notify the doctor or beautician. Naturally, there are some more dangerous side reactions. They mainly relate to the use of substandard or illicit drugs. For example, using improper tools may develop allergic reactions ranging from itching and skin rashes, and ending with severe swelling and even anaphylactic shock. That's why before starting therapy so it is important to make a full diagnosis.

Mesotherapy - what is it? Reviewed the

Side effects can also include skin inflammation, infection of the tissues. Such complications are usually associated with non-compliance with the rules of hygiene and the violation of sanitary norms. In rare cases, the inept use of equipment, the wrong choice of drugs and the lack of timely medical care can lead to necrosis, which is extremely dangerous. That is why you should carefully consider the choice of hospitals and doctors, as well as closely monitor the state of health and well-being throughout the course of therapy.

And of course, the likelihood of side effects depends on the type and technique of the procedure. For example, no injection mesotherapy is more secure, but the procedure that requires a deep injection needles (3-5 mm) is more painful and fraught with many complications.

The duration and cost of therapy

Of course, today, many people are interested in the question of what is mesotherapy. Before and after the procedure, patients are worried about their health. They are interested in the results, as well as indications and contraindications. But for many patients, no less important is the question of the cost and duration of treatment.

Immediately it should be said that a definite answer to these questions you will be able to give only a doctor or a beautician after a thorough inspection. After all, it all depends on your particular problem, the state of the organism, age, and, of course, the use of drugs. A full course of treatment usually includes from 2 to 10-12 procedures, after which it is necessary to take a longer break. Of course, the injection procedure is carried out according to the schedule, which also is a specialist.

As for the cost, it depends on the equipment and drugs (some of the tools can be purchased at any drug store for a penny, while others are very expensive and poses an order made), as well as cosmetic clinics fiscal policy. The average price of one procedure ranges from 2 to 6 thousand rubles.

Mesotherapy scalp and results of

Not everyone knows that hair mesotherapy can also be useful. As a rule, doctors and beauticians recommend it in the event that a woman (or a man) there is an excessive and rapid hair loss. In addition, by the same procedure to restore the structure of hair after dyeing or perming, to get rid of problems such as brittleness, dryness, tip section, diffuse damage after pregnancy and lactation.

Mesotherapy - what is it? Reviewed the

Mesotherapy scalp helps to restore the structure and function of the skin tissue of the scalp, which positively affects the blood supply to hair growth. With the help of this technique, you can even get rid of chronic seborrhea.

Hair Mesotherapy, or rather, the technique of its implementation, looks the same as for other areas of the skin. With special apparatus microneedles or doctor enters the skin the drug cocktail, which preferably consists of a vitamin B complex and trace elements. Treatment results can be seen already in the first few weeks - the hair starts to grow faster, lower drop out, become stronger, shiny and silky.

Mesotherapy at home

As of today, are becoming increasingly popular so-called home (or independent) mesotherapy. What it is? How do it correctly? Whether self-treatment is associated with some risk?

To carry out this treatment, you will need mezoroller, which can be purchased in pharmacies, cosmetic shops and so on. D. This is a special device with a handle at the end of which there is a roller with fine needles. On one mezorollere depending on the manufacturer can be from 200 to 600 microneedles length from 0, 5 to 3 mm.

Mesotherapy - what is it? Reviewed the

Before the procedure, the skin should be cleaned, then soft, slow movements of the roller handle it (if necessary, can be applied to the surface a little pain relief ointment). The needles form the microchannels on the skin that accelerate and improve digestibility you drug used. As for the funds, you can buy ready-made mezokokteyl or replace them with collagen solutions, vitamin complexes, anti-cellulite or sosudoukreplyayuschee means - the choice depends on the problem to be solved.

Of course, home-mesotherapy does not give the same effect as an injection in the beauty parlor. Nevertheless, such an independent procedure better tolerated, and are considered to be more forgiving. By the way, do not forget to adhere to the rules of hygiene, process, skin antiseptics and regularly cleaned himself mezoroller.

Mesotherapy: before and after photos, reviews patients

In fact, this procedure is in great demand today, as it has many advantages. It is almost painless, it does not take up too much time and does not require a long period of rehabilitation. Moreover, the treatment helps to get rid of a lot of unpleasant problems, to improve the skin, tighten it, make it more healthy and elastic.

Mesotherapy - what is it? Reviewed the

Patients mostly good reviews about the anti-aging complex called "mesotherapy". Before & After pictures show excellent results - the skin is really tightened and wrinkles disappear.

Some people complain of some pain during the procedure, although this sensation depends on the pain threshold characteristics of the organism and, of course, the doctor's skill - sometimes patients suffer an injection at all painless. All side effects, including needle marks and redness are really fast. The only thing you need to remember here - carefully follow all recommendations of your doctor. And choose a clinic and a specialist with a good reputation.