Men's clothing sizes and their features

In order to make it possible to select any suitable size clothes to try on it or in cases where the purchase is made without it, there is a standard dimensional grid - ordered system size designation. According to her, according to specified parameters, you can define your clothing size, which must match the size on the label affixed by the manufacturer on each item. Since clothing is divided into children's, women's and men's, men's clothing sizes are significantly different from the others, so it is necessary to take into account when using a dimensional grid. For each type of clothing, depending on the type and purpose, uses its own mesh sizes.

Men's clothing sizes

In this article we consider the features of clothing, denote an algorithm for determining the size and specify the size of the difference of notation in different countries. Men's clothing measurements are made according to the submitted information below.

In order to properly take your measurements, you must make the following measurements. Will provide you with useful information. This is a table of men's clothing sizes.

Men's clothing sizes and their features

Depending on the type of things you want to buy, you must remove these measurements:

  1. Measurement of growth. Measured from the neck to the floor.
  2. Measurement of chest circumference. Produced by convex points chest and back, the arms are raised up, and the tape is horizontal and extends under the armpits.
  3. Measuring the girth at the waist.
  4. Measuring the girth of thighs. Produced in the widest part of the pelvis.
  5. The length of the side surface of the pants. Leg length is measured on the hip from the waist to the feet.
  6. Length trouser inseam. Leg length measured from the inguinal region to the sole.
  7. The circumference of the neck. The tape is pulled to the base of the neck to the cavity between the clavicles.
  8. The length of the sleeves.
Men's clothing sizes and their features

Features removal of measures

For the removal of measures necessary for outerwear, you need to bend your arm at the elbow. The tape is pulled from the middle of the gate on the back along the arm to the wrist.

When removing the yardsticks tape is not pulled tight. At the same time it should not be free. Measurement is best done in the laundry or in loose-fitting clothes.

Focusing on growth by using a dimensional grid, it is necessary to give an allowance of not more than three centimeters.

Men's clothing sizes and their features

Size Chart and its specificity

If you have made measurements corresponding to the data available to the table of men's clothing sizes, and your performance is between the size of the grid, depending on the situation, you need to make the following choices:

  • to choose a smaller size to wear snugly;
  • choose a larger size, the clothes were looser.

Men's clothing sizes have different sized mesh with respect to different types of figures based on height and build. There are 4 basic types of male figures:

  • men having the standard aspect ratio;
  • stocky man (solid figure);
  • slender;
  • with a large amount in the belt (full figure).

You will be able to choose the most comfortable things, if measurements are taken correctly. When buying pants also important to consider the length of the leg inseam, t. E. From the crotch to heel. When buying jeans or shorts is not superfluous to consider hip girth.

Men's clothing sizes and their features

Men's Clothing large size

As previously mentioned, in different countries may use different size designation system menswear.

Men's clothing sizes for Russia (Ukraine) and have similar designations for Europe. At the heart of a dimensional data grid systems is poluobhvat chest. In order to calculate the size of the American system of notation, you must take away from the European size 10. The size of the international designation system, letters are deciphered as follows:

  • S - men's clothing size (small) - small;
  • Men clothing size M (medium) - average;
  • L, XL size men's clothing, as well as XXL, XXXL (large, extralarge) - large.
Men's clothing sizes and their features

The most popular sizes

According to statistics, men's wear large size XL and XXL is the best selling. Much less demand dimensions S and M.

Clothing for men large size allows people to select bodied versions of various types and styles. When choosing a jacket take into account the following parameters: chest girth, height and arm length. The most accurate shirt size reflects the following figure: chest girth should be divided in half - this will be the right size. Comfortable collar size - it is the girth of the neck, plus 1-2 cm, so when buttoned shirt between the neck and the collar remains the reserve (not more than one finger), sufficient to ensure that the collar is not squeezed his throat and at the same time deformed while tightening the tie. The length of the shirt should be selected on the basis of growth - it must be free to be refueled in the pants and stay tucked up, even with raised hands. In accordance with the arm length of the sleeve length selected. In addition, the cuff should not be too wide, and the shoulder seams should be placed strictly on the edges of the shoulders - is evidence that the shirt is the right size.

Shirts there is also a difference in the size of the system designations in different countries. In this varies depending on the size of the neck, cuffs and other parts.

In the American system of notation shirts dimensions are in inches. To calculate the size of Europe, based on the designation of the US, you need American size multiplied by 2.5.

Men's clothing sizes and their features

The choice of shirts and T-shirts

When selecting T-shirts, T-shirts and other clothing is considered a priority yardstick breast volume. That is, if the waist and chest measurements correspond to different values ​​in a dimensional grid, it is necessary to focus on the size of the breast.

Designation systems sizes also exist for men's socks and underwear, and for standard systems, for which there are differences in different countries.