"The morning after the nightmare." Internet users talk about "pleasant surprise" that they found after waking up sex for one night

"One-time sex" - is a risky business. This simple truth today, perhaps, knows practically every first adult. Indeed, if we look the truth in the eye and did not feed any special illusions about life, it becomes quite clear what to look for "a great and bright love" for one night - it's like to turn the roulette wheel in the casino - maybe With luck, and maybe a ticket to Kozhva.

In any case, the heroes of today's collections, definitely lucky even less than the sufferers from the second category. So, today we have prepared for our readers a selection of sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing, and at times frankly shocking stories from users of social Reddit network, which illustrate that, falling asleep one fine drunk night in the arms of a stranger, the next morning you can wake up if not a nightmare, it completely ... well, we wanted to say, in a very unpleasant situation in life, so exactly.

"Uber. The trip will be a breeze! "

"Once he met in a bar with a girl. The evening was great, so decided to make the continuation of her home. I wake up in a good mood with a slight hangover, kiss her on the cheek, saying goodbye, go out, I decide to order a taxi home in Uber. It turned out her father works there driver, and guess from three times, who became his first client in the morning. And yes, halfway, we got stuck in traffic. It was the worst 35 minutes of my life. "

"God, Mom, another one?"

"She was five years older than me. We met, and that same evening went to her home. I woke up from that into her bedroom keeled kid 16-17 years old, made a spectacular feyspalm and mumbled something like, "Lord, my mother, that another one?". Out of the house through the back door. "

"Very bad rapper"

"I met at a get-together with friends with some completely left guy. He liked me, word for word, glass after glass, and we went to him. By itself, the evening was very personal, but in the morning I found out two things. Firstly, it is a rapper, rapper very bad (I know this because, instead of properly say goodbye, he would not leave me until I listened to eight of his songs). Secondly, he lived with his grandmother - a sweet elderly lady who was watering flowers in the yard and greeted me when I left. "

"Bah-bah, you're dead"

"I woke up in the morning from the fact that I was guided pistol wheelchair. It turned out it was her husband. He threatened to shoot me on the spot, but I was the one in front of him a small advantage - the legs. While he was shooting the barrel with a fuse, I managed to escape through a window - without panties, but alive. "

"some souvenirs"

"I woke up the morning after a quite simply a very large amount of alcohol. A few minutes later I found out that I was still alive, and that I was lying in bed with a couple of years under 50. I would like to quietly escape through the kitchen, not even remembering that it was the day before. But no, they woke up. The whole morning, they treated me coffee with homemade cookies, sweet talking and showed photos from her wedding thirty years ago. They also asked me for one sock, said that they have a collection, and it will be a souvenir. "

"Thank you, my dear, it was great!"

"A couple of months ago saw in a pub and met a beautiful woman ten years older than me. She was very in my taste, so I went with her to the hotel without a twinge of conscience. When I woke up this morning, her room was gone. On the bedside table lay two hundred bucks and a note, "Thank you, my dear, it was cool!". If anything, then just say, I've never paid women for sex, and they told me, of course, also never paid. At first I felt a bit awkward, and then spat and paid for with the money the electric bill. "

"Uncomfortable happened"

"I met a guy. Everything is as it should be, and drank a couple of hours have gone to him. In the morning I woke up, got dressed, went downstairs to the kitchen, and who do I see? His mother, with which I happen to about the same for one night "met" a week ago, only in the other bar. Uncomfortable happened. Very uncomfortable. Highly".

"The worst thing that could possibly happen,"

"I am so, so I wake up, it's so, then wakes up, looks at me and says:" And how do you see yourself, our future relationship? ". I slowly get up, get dressed slowly and quietly begins to retreat toward the front door. "

"Fourteen likes"

"I do not know how me has managed to go to a motel with such a fool, but you know what? While I was asleep, she made a selfie on the background without my panties and laid it all in Instagram. Fourteen likes. "

"Six months later we were married,"

"It's been a long time. I woke up after drinking in bed with some girl whose name I do not even remember. When I was able to crawl to the mirror and found that my whole body covered in bruises, cuts and bite marks. Made a great effort to control herself, a couple of meters crawled to the bathroom and found that I was on the eve of zablevali everything that you can. It is, incidentally, also had no idea who I was and what I was doing at her house. Six months later we were married, recently we celebrated the second anniversary of the wedding, and I have never been so happy. "