The palette of hair colors "Matrix" will satisfy the whim of each girl

Brand Matrix was born thanks to the passionate desire to famous hairdresser Arnie Miller and his wife bring their most stunning and crazy ideas. Arnie its goal reached, and today means hair of the Matrix enjoy almost everything, even the person of world scale. Matrix firm has become the undisputed leader, not only in America but in the whole world. The brand represents high quality means to change the hair color, the active care of them and their modeling. The palette of hair colors "Matrix" is so rich and diverse that the best stylists in the world use it to create their masterpieces.

The palette of hair colors

"Matrix" - means to change the hair color, which is based on an innovative formula that provides deep, gentle and uniform color. It gives curls shine and a healthy glow. Curls after painting look natural and beautiful, they are alive and well maintained. Specialists have developed a gentle formula that will not damage the hair even with frequent use of paint.

The main advantages of hair dyes the Matrix

The palette of hair colors "Matrix" takes the first position in the ranking of brand hair dye. Many hairdressing salons use only Matrix paint. They secrete such undeniable advantages of these funds:

  • uniform hair coloring;
  • the absence of chemical attack;
  • hair care, providing them with brilliance, radiance and health;
  • color lasts a long time due to the deep penetration of paint pigments in the hair structure;
  • a huge range of bright and saturated colors in a paint palette. This advantage allows professionals to satisfy even the most capricious clients and creative approach to the dyeing process.
The palette of hair colors

Types of paints the Matrix

The color palette of hair colors "Matrix" is very wide: from light to blue-black. There are all shades of brown, copper, gold, red, light brown, pearlescent. This allows a huge variety to keep pace with the times, following the latest trends in fashion.

Professional Series "Matrix" includes:

  • "Sokolor Beauty" - ultrastoykie paint;
  • "Color Sink" - ammonia-free paint;
  • "V-Light" - of paint intended for lightening or dyeing. The palette of hair colors

"Sokolor Beauty" - proof paint

"Sokolor Beauty" is well suited for an ideal, stable hair coloring. The color stays alive, saturated and bright, not washed for a long time. Wide palette provides an opportunity to choose the color according to their tsvetotipu. Tone paint can be mixed to create new shades of the most unusual. "Sokolor Beauty" acts more gentle on the hair structure. After staining procedure, the hair shine health.

Paint "Color Matrix Sink"

"Color Sink" - ammonia-free dye that is Palette "Matrix". Paint, hair which will not deteriorate and will look just perfect, it is better to choose without ammonia. "Matrix Color Sink" is ideal for natural hair, and for those that have already been repeatedly painted. The absence of ammonia does not affect the result of coloring - the resulting color shines on the hair. Professional hairdressers use it "Color Sink" when the hair has lost its healthy glow - a unique paint formula to quickly solve the problem.

The palette of hair colors

In the production of Color Sinc uses the formula of ceramides which restore damaged hair. Due to ceramide complex paint perfectly absorbed and manifested, and the lack of aggressive substances such as ammonia ensures a mild effect and preservation of healthy hair structure. Hair Dye "Matrix" (Matrix), which delights the palette of shades wealth - the best solution when it comes to the health of the hair.


The palette of hair colors "Matrix" V-Light is designed for the ladies who dream of blond curls. Shades of blonde women presented to a wide palette, from cold to warm platinum golden hues. V-Light - ideal for highlighting partial or complete hair lightening. V-light is able to lighten curls to seven tones. Due to the fact that the composition of Matrix V-light enters panthenol, hair will be protected from damage. This component will provide them with food.

Description of the color palette

"Matrix" - hair color, palette which has more than 50 colors. Brand presents three main collections:

  • mixed - Blended;
  • brilliant - Reflect;
  • special - Specialty.

Matrix Colors palette designated by letters of the English alphabet (the first letter of the English name):

  • A - Ash (ashy);
  • N - neutral (neutral);
  • W - warm (warm);
  • M - Mocha (mocha);
  • G - gold (gold);
  • R - red (red);
  • V - Violet (violetovy);
  • B - brown (brown);
  • C - copper (copper); The palette of hair colors

The numbers 1 to 11 indicate a hue saturation. Anyone who knows about these legend, easily orient in the palette.

color palette "Matrix"

The color palette contains the following otenkom:

  • black - dark brown, n Examples: Ash blue - black - (1A), a dark brown - (3N)
  • Brown, examples: ashy brown - (4A), brown-red brown - (4BR), brown - copper brown - (4BC);
  • light brown hair, for example: warm natural light brown - (5WN), light mocha brown - (5M);
  • dark blond f Examples: copper brown-dark blond - (6BC), a dark ash blond - (6A);
  • blond - light blond - blond mocha, n Examples: natural blond warm - (7WN), brown-brass light blonde - (8BC), ashen light blonde (8A) , pearlescent light blonde - (8V);
  • very light blonde, f Examples: blond mocha very bright - (9MM), blond ash very bright - (10V), blond copper-gold is very light (10CG), warm natural blonde very bright - (10WN);
  • extra coating gray n Examples: natural warm brown - (4NW), mocha natural blond - (7NM), natural light mocha brown - (5NM).
The palette of hair colors

To date, the best option is to color hair dye "Matrix" (Matrix). The color palette gets only positive reviews. Everyone who saw the result on coloring their hair forever remain fans of the brand. "Matrix" - hair color, a palette that does not stop to please their fans with new, fresh colors. With them the fair sex will always be in the spotlight.