Biography Swiss tennis Belinda Bencic

Belinda Bencic - famous Swiss tennis player, twice winner of the tournament series WTA singles titles and two junior Grand Slam tournaments. The former seventh-ranked. In an article in the details of the biography of the Swiss tennis player.


The young athlete was born in a small town flawil March 10, 1997. In late 1970 his parents moved to live in Switzerland from Czechoslovakia. Father - a former professional hockey player. At Belinda have a sibling.

Biography Swiss tennis Belinda Bencic

For four years, she began to go to the tennis training. At first, my father was the chief assistant of the girls, but 11 years later, Belinda moved to the Academy of Nicky Bolletri. When she reached 16 years of age in developing athlete invested acquaintance of his father, who is currently the manager of tennis.


Belinda early debut in professional tennis. At the age of 13 years old girl took part in his first tournament, which was able to get to the finals. And in a year and a half Swiss won the first title in the tournament in the Czech Republic. This allowed the young athlete to make his debut at the Junior Grand Slam tournament in France. In the first match, Belinda was defeated. However, at the Junior Wimbledon doubles (the same year) reached the finals. At the last of the season Grand Slam tournament as a young athlete has reached the final stage. The following year, the girl made a splash, winning just two junior Grand Slam tournament.

Biography Swiss tennis Belinda Bencic

After the stunning success of the personal manager began to look for tennis players have the opportunity to speak on an adult level. For 14 years, Belinda was able to make his debut on the WTA tournament series, received a special invitation. By the end of the year she got into the world rankings, taking place in 1059. One year later, the young athlete won two titles on hard, which brought 30 thousand dollars in prize money. In 2013, Belinda was able to reach only to the finals of the tournament in Makinohara, which lost a Kazakh Zarina Diyas in straight sets.

Special and most important tennis career began in 2014. At the Grand Slam US OPEN Belinda reached the quarterfinals. In the autumn of the same year in Tianjin young athlete has reached the first final at the WTA tournament series, which lost American Alison Riske. Outstanding results have helped 17-year-old tennis player to enter the top 50 world ranking.

The peak of a career for a young athlete may be considered in 2015. At the Grand Slam tournament in France Belinda she reached the second round at Wimbledon and reached the fourth. In the same season tennis player reached the final four WTA tournaments, but only managed to win twice: at the end of June in Eastbourne and in mid-August in Toronto. The success of that season helped Belinda be 14 world ranking at the end of the playing season.

Biography Swiss tennis Belinda Bencic

Next season turned out to be not so convincing in his career. In the beginning, in the Australia Open, Belinda reached the fourth round of the tournament. A month later, the young tennis player lost in the final, held in St. Petersburg. Such success before the end of the season the Swiss tennis player had so fallen in the rankings to 29th position.

In 2017, Belinda appeared mostly on the ITF tournaments. During the season, tennis won four titles insignificant that Belinda lowered even further - by 74 world ranking. In 2018 she again began to achieve good results. At the Grand Slam tournament in France and Wimbledon young athlete made it to the fourth round. Series tournaments on the WTA Belinda failed to win seats in the important stages, losing in the beginning.

During his career in tennis Belinda Bencic has won only two titles WTA. At the Grand Slam tournaments athlete maximum reaching out only to the quarterfinals.


Belinda Bencic at the current time takes 47 world ranking. The best indicator of his career was in 2015 when a young tennis player was able to finish the season on the 14 line. In the following seasons she just dropped in the rankings.

Photos Belinda Bencic at the Grand Slam tournament in Australia is presented below.

Biography Swiss tennis Belinda Bencic



In 2015, the young athlete began to meet with the famous German tennis player Alexander Zverev. After the end of the season a couple vacationing in the Maldives. In social networks, the lovers are trying not to advertise their relationship, trying to refute all kinds of rumors. To date, Belinda continues to meet with Alexander, but this information is not evidence.