Common myths about natural fur

• Common myths about natural fur

Common myths about natural fur

from the popular since prehistoric times refuse material fashion houses and entire shopping centers.

Myth №1: Heat

Do you think that only fur can provide warm winter? Perhaps a few thousand years ago, things were so. Just today, in the XXI century there are a lot of materials, at times warmer than the skins of dead animals. For example, most of artificial fur use Thinsulate. Popular material in 1, 5 times warmer than down and can withstand temperatures down to -40.

Myth №2: Fashionably

Brutal stuff disappears from the fashion catwalks, shop windows and pages of glossy magazines. The use of real fur in recent years, refuses more brands from Gucci and Michael Kors to Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren, Armani Group, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. As a result of negotiations UAnimals animal welfare initiatives, the use of fur in collections declined Ukrainian brands Andre TAN, ELENAREVA, Ksenia Schnaider, PRZHONSKAYA, Nadya Dzyak and Yana Chervinska.

Common myths about natural fur

Myth №3: Humanely

Many fans of natural furs argue that animals for fur is grown under humane conditions and die they did not volunteer. Moreover, some people think that the failure of one person from abuse material will not change anything. First, conditions at fur farms horrific and sew one coat is necessary to kill more than 50 mink marten 60, 400 and 200 protein chinchillas. That so many lives can save your refusal to buy a new coat. Secondly, for the killing of animals used gas chamber, and a lethal injection of electric shock in the crotch. Being fully conscious animals die from a heart attack. All in order not to damage the "valuable material".

Myth №4: Eco Friendly

Natural material can not bring harm to the nature! There is this myth among the fur-lovers. In fact, wearing a fur coat you put on the real environmental catastrophe. Like any remains, fur quickly begins to rot. For his savings using an arsenal of chemicals, including cyanide-based inks, lacquers, resins, formalin and formaldehyde.

Common myths about natural fur

Myth №5: status

Several centuries ago, the fur was really a sign of status and security. Then the true witches still burned at the stake, but the earth was considered flat at times. Today, during space flight and cutting-edge gadgets, it's silly to consider considered a status spanned over clothing animal corpse. This is at least bad taste is like a carpet on the wall, and certainly - bloody zhlobstvo, which should be abandoned.