"Joy full pants" or selection of great masterpieces from the underwear category, you can easily buy online, but better not

Well, dear friends, this is it, what you have been waiting for. Finally, the all-seeing eye of our editorial staff to get to your bottom belishko. And yes, I warn you once, if you are still at least partly retained faith in the common sense of mankind, after experiencing the wonderful masterpieces of design ideas, which we will tell you today, you will once and for all, make sure of the opposite.

So, ladies, hide away your wallets with hard earned salary, because today we have prepared for you a small selection of the most insane "masterpieces" from underwear creators, followed by edible Truhan from a sex shop will seem just childish pranks.

"Blood, guts and dismemberment"

Do fans of Stephen King and Clive Barker's going to happen a small heart attack, and all thanks to the creative guys from the vain attempts of "Sourpuss Clothing", who decided to reconsider some usual concept of horror films. In general, get in the end came quite bloody masterpiece, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

The boys have released a whole line of "special super-comfortable waterproof underwear for critical days" with a life-affirming images of a bloody ax, bloody monsters, bloody knives, bloody aliens and other kraken, eating someone's kishochkami. By the way, in spite of a rather biting at the price of 12. e. Unit diverges this creation on the Internet just to cheer.

Grandma pants (literally)

Well, in general, if someone wanted to treat yourself to the underwear with the image of a smiling face cute old lady, rejoice, your dreams come true. Yes, that's right, now the phrase "granny panties" becomes quite literal and practical importance.

"Well, about tsya ... easy!"

What could be sexier than a couple of neat little white panties with ruffles and a nice little speck products of human activity, we have settled inconspicuously behind? Released this creation of a company with the eloquent title "Poop Fashion" (that is to say "kakashechnaya fashion" in terms of our great and mighty), and is worth the happiness of all these things, then 24.95 dollars per pair.

In general, we are not going to talk about that, why would suddenly someone wanted to drag on itself belishko with brown spots on the fifth point, but if it comes to that, than to lay out almost a half thousand rubles for print, much easier and more efficient it would be to do everything yourself, no?

"Jesus loves you!"

No, we certainly understand that tsitatki Bible today can be found everywhere, from the mineral water with the image of the holy temples of the label, which "can not be thrown away, be sure to burn", and ending with the Orthodox buses, but biblical briefs, Really? In any case, now we know what underwear wife prefers Milonova deputy.

And yes, what would anyone not seem enough, sew are now "Christian Truhan" good and hard-working Chinese people, and the inscription contains at least a few grammatical errors, not to mention the umbrella that the feelings of believers, though not offend, but the true its role in the composition remains a mystery.

Anatomy Lesson

I guess there is nothing in the world so do not get turned on man as an opportunity as a prelude to "thereby" combine business with pleasure and learn a little useful lesson of the female anatomy. And in general, it has come as a good tool for beginners followers of Jack the Ripper.

truselyah Invisible

According to people who sincerely hope that it is really someone will buy, then in front of you, "invisible, convenient and sexy underwear, has become all the rage the last years." But seriously, it feels like someone accidentally sat on a circular saw, underwent a complex operation and has a bandage until it is time to remove stitches.

Greetings from the "Alien"

Well, what a fragile girl at times you do not want to feel ksenomorfov with glowing toxic green mouth, alone can make a shuttle brave Space Marines? What, no? Really? Well, in general, if you suddenly want, luminous underwear "LuminoGlow" quickly help you to immerse yourself in the right atmosphere.


Well, actually, the fact that the perverts in the world has more than enough, it is unlikely someone will surprise, but the fact that in our time on the Internet there is a service for the purchase and sale of wearing underwear, it's something new. The project is called "Sofia Gray" and offers lovely ladies anonymously and through an intermediary to sell their little old pants "interested clients".

By the way, judging by the prices on the site, to be a pervert today - not a cheap pleasure. For example, the cost of a pair of "panties that beautiful girl carefully and lovingly, without removing, bore three weeks in a row," easily comes to 5000 US dollars.