"Take me quickly ...". Teachers who decided to run away with his disciples. Part 2

So the teacher. In the first part of the article we told you two cases are not exactly the standard of relations between student / student and teacher, and how it ended. In the second part of this article we will tell you no less interesting story about how the teacher's affection for his students clearly crossed the line of what is permitted.

Glenn Harris

tridtsatidvuhletnego Glenn Harris taught at a school for troubled teens. It was there that he met the 15-year-old Christina, and they immediately became friends. As soon as she came to school, Glenn greeted her, and they often dined together. After the couple exchanged phone numbers, their meetings became more frequent and gradually spilled over into a romantic relationship. Classmates Christina saw them hugging and kissing. Of course, this information, and flew to the other teachers, who tried to reason with Harris and explain what kind of relationship with a minor he will face not only dismissal from school, but also, quite possibly, jail time. The director of this institution called Christine and Glenn to his office and said that they ended their relationship.

When it comes to the police, Harris strongly denied any connection with a minor and said that Christina is living in a dysfunctional family, and that his father was being abused. However, as it turned out, the girl's father simply did not live with her, so Harris sued the mother of Christine because she allegedly abused a child. While the investigation was conducted, the couple actively met, and once Christina decided to send a love letter to his teacher, the answer of which is not long in coming. But when it's a response letter, the girl's mother she decided to print it out and read. From the letter it was clear that the teacher has a sexual relationship with her daughter. When the truth is out, Christina's mother decided to talk to her, but she strongly resisted. After a while, the girl ran to the teacher and agreed with him to leave the city. They boarded the train and began to travel all over the country. In total, Harris and Christina spent together, traveling from one motel to another, almost two months. All this time they were looking for loopholes in the law that would allow Glenn marry Christina. Include one television, the couple learned that the police were looking for them, and Harris decided to surrender to the authorities. He asserted that took the girl to protect her from the harsh treatment of the mother. Eventually, Glenn Harris was sentenced to three years probation.

Kelsey Peterson

Kelsey Peterson twenty-five years until the time was considered a model teacher. She easily found a common language with a number of students at the secondary school where she worked. The staff of this institution is very flatteringly about Kelsey, and no one could think that it meets the 12-year-old student. She met with Fernando Rodriguez in one of the sessions, and immediately arose between a good and a very close relationship. Some time later, Peterson and Rodriguez became very intimate exchange messages. The boy could stay at his late teacher, and until that time it no one raises suspicions. Over time, Rodriguez began the night with Kelsey, and it became clear that their purely friendly relations have moved into the category of intimacy. Before school administration heard rumors that creates their teacher. They started an investigation and seized personal laptop Kelsey, which later found a few dozen emails love content from Rodriguez and respectively from Kelsey. Peterson knew that the police would arrest her relationship with a minor, and actively plan their joint romantic life with Rodriguez in his native Mexico.

In total, they traveled 2250 km to Mexico. At this time, Rodriguez calmly watched cartoons in the back seat of the car. The couple spent a week on the run, and quickly ran out of money. Rodriguez called his family and asked them to send money. FBI tracked his call, and Mexican authorities immediately arrested the couple. Peterson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to imprisonment for seven years and three months. Rodriguez later admitted that at first he liked the attention of the teacher to his person.

He strongly showed all the class that he is better, because the teacher is in love with him. But after some time, these relations have become his burden. He realized that it is wrong, because the age of the teachers was significantly different from his age, and communication really have not worked. While the boy and Peterson spent time together, Rodriguez found himself a girlfriend his age and actively began to communicate with her. At the station, he admitted that he was just much more comfortable with it, and not with Peterson, even despite the fact that he was her first sexual experience.