Men's hairstyle with shaved whiskey varieties

Modern man no less than women want to look stylish and fashionable. But in contrast to the beautiful half of humanity, they are not willing to spend a lot of time and efforts in order to meet the fleeting fashion trends. Therefore, they have a matter of choosing a suitable hairstyle is even more acute than in women. Mowing should not only look good but also be easy to clean.

Men's hairstyle with shaved whiskey varieties

For the past few seasons, the basic requirements are met by men with shaved hairstyle temple.


All variety of cuts of this kind is based on a single version. Often the men's hairstyle with shaved temple is characterized by two lines of edging, the main border will be held at the nape or slightly higher. Classic option involves a clear cutoff line and symmetrical length in the temporal region. At the temples leave a few millimeters of hair or shave them completely. The upper strand can be either very short - 3-5 mm, or long enough. But in any case it looks neat haircut.

The benefits of hairstyles

Easy to care and styling, versatility and variety of hairstyles allow her to stay more than one season in a row at the peak of popularity. The width and length of the shaved area range, which makes it possible for every man choose to your liking. Men's hairstyles for short hair of such a plan let you visually adjust the shape of the face, if necessary, to emphasize the dignity. Owners of square-shaped face hairstyles allow data to demonstrate well-defined cheekbones. Men's hairstyle with shaved temple profitable open round face. Men with long hair and any structure can afford one of the options haircuts. The average length on top and short of whiskey - a great option for a soft and obedient hair.

Men's hairstyle with shaved whiskey varieties

Hard hair can be shaved short at the temples, slightly longer - at the top and bangs make elongated. A rigid structure would be good to keep such a shape.

The disadvantages of

Although male hairstyles for short hair are universal, but baring whiskey is not recommended for men with a very high forehead, protruding ears or small features. Should think also the guys who have small scalp defects such as scars. If a person's lean face, with such a haircut, it will be even longer and longer, and therefore, it is better to consider other options.

The name of the men's hairstyles with shaven temples

Despite the fact that the variety of men's haircuts are not different, in a lot of varieties of hairstyles.

  • Men's hairstyle with shaved whiskey varieties

    Classic involves a smooth transition from short sideburns to the long top. It is these traits inherent in the popular boxing today and poluboks. Flavor by making shaving patterns, which may take the form of zigzags, geometric shapes, different lines.

  • Canada's implies a short top, back of the head and temples. the length of the transition smooth lines. All three of them. Characterized by the volume of the front.
  • Hitler - haircut, originating in the 20-30-ies of the last century. From the title it is clear that she has German roots. Classical form, but is considered to be the hallmark of the obligatory presence of bangs that are combed to one side.
  • Undercut by the absence of a smooth transition between the temporal and parietal areas. The length of the temples minimum, a couple of millimeters long enough clearly highlighted bangs.
  • The British came to us from Britain of the 1950s. On a haircut should pay attention to men who prefer medium length hair. Volume, again, front, long combed to the side and back fringe. It may be formed with parting.
  • List of men's hairstyles with short temples swell tennis and playground. At the top of the hair of medium length shear level ground, at the temples and nape hair shortened. If the top of shaved short, you get a beaver.
  • Asymmetrical hairstyles with shaven temples fit for the creative mind. Shave a temple, or the width of the shaved area at various temples is different.
  • Voyage is characterized by clearly highlighted line separating the short hair at the back and long at the crown. Often, this line just shaved.

Installation and Care

Stylish men's hairstyles will look neat and fashionable, if cared for properly, in time to adjust and put right. Clean hair with a healthy scalp - it's half the battle.

Men's hairstyle with shaved whiskey varieties

For daily styling will have to acquire a modeling agent: gel, mousse, lacquer, wax. To create the desired shape is enough to clean damp hair, apply a small amount of the fixing agent and distribute it to the strands. With the help of mousse and a hair dryer in the average length can easily create a stylish volume, which will demonstrate the beauty and strength of hair.

Men's hairstyle with shaved temple rightfully takes its place in the top of the best haircuts for men. Correctly matched to fit the shape of the face and, of course, the wishes of the client it is capable of an ordinary man do this conqueror of female hearts.