Professional hair dye "Matrix": palette and reviews

Trade mark "Matrix" is known on the market for over 30 years. It was created by the American hairdresser Arnie Miller. He found an innovative approach to the production of hair products. It was then that the first hair dye has been released "Matrix". The palette of subdued barbers its variety of shades. Products designed for salon use. But the company has taken care of the customers, for which the master service is not always available because of cost or lack of free time. So there were means, coloring hair at home.

The advantages of the brand "Matrix"

Professional hair dye

All products are produced on a highly professional equipment. an entire team of professionals working in the state of the company. Chemists, engineers, stylists and other professionals follow the latest trends in the cosmetics industry and implement them.

Products undergo rigorous testing and has all necessary certificates. Quality control is exercised at all stages of production, from raw material inspection to testing of finished products. This makes it possible to obtain high quality and safety assurance.

Large assortment of cosmetics for hair to select the necessary products for coloring, daily care, treatment and styling.

What qualities must have a professional hair dye

Professional hair dye

The means for salon application exhibited more severe requirements. Master must be confident that the drug will not fail, and the result will be at the proper level. Such requirements correspond to a professional hair dye "Matrix".

  • Quality. It is a guarantee of a good result.
  • resistance. If the paint is not washed for a long time, it is one of the indicators of a high-level product.
  • Security. The tool should not cause allergic reactions and other unpleasant effects.
  • Caring ability. Professional tools for dyeing typically contain ingredients that can improve the structure of hair. This allows you to get healthy beautiful strands. "Matrix" has such properties for the hair dye.
  • The palette. The large range of natural and trendy colors to create a desired image.
  • The ability to mix. Professional masters often mixed paint to achieve the desired tone. Accounted for the state and the base hair color. There is a science, as a coloring, which allows you to do it right.

These are the basic requirements that apply to professional dyes. And if at least one of them is not met, means efficiency decreases significantly.

What should be the color for home use

Professional hair dye

You can dye your hair at home, without the help of the master, but it is also necessary to use high-quality tools. For such cases, perfect for hair dye "Matrix". Reviews suggest that it allows you to get the desired result.

To paint for home use are exposed to the same requirements as a professional. But they still have to meet several criteria. First of all it's easy to use. The tool should be easy to apply and spread evenly. It is also very important. the composition was ready for use and does not require mixing, because, having no experience, you can get not what we expected. Hair coloring paint "Matrix" does not require special skills and the strength to almost anyone. It is very important that the instructions contain detailed information about the use of the drug.

So, we decided to change the color, paint the gray hair or to give a new shade of natural strands? How to choose a paint? To decide, you must deal with the main line. Consider the two main areas of staining of the "Matrix".

Socolor Beauty - hair dye "Matrix"

Professional hair dye

This product is resistant to staining. It allows you to completely change the color of hair. It fits in the following cases:

  • staining of natural hair. The drug does not worsen their condition, and only give more saturated color and make them silky and shiny.
  • Copes with gray. Even a large number of gray hair under force Socolor Beauty.
  • It is used to create a strand, amber and other cutting-edge techniques staining.
  • It is used to obtain an even tone across the canvas after a failed painting means other brands.

Socolor Beauty can be used both in the professional field as well as at home. Still, if you decide to radically change the image, it is necessary to trust the experience of a specialist, or at least talk to your master. He tells how the hair dye "Matrix", the color of the level you are more suitable.

The manufacturer claims that the saturation of the color persists for 4-5 weeks even with frequent washing. But do not forget to paint the roots every two weeks, otherwise your image will lose aesthetics.

Color Sink - ammonia-free hair dye

Professional hair dye

"Matrix" offers a more gentle means to give a new color. Known fact that ammonia adversely affects the condition of the hair. Nevertheless, many dyes contain it, as it increases the resistance of staining. Application bezammiachnoy paint:

  • In order to give a new shade of colored hair. If you want to adjust a little color available, it is the most intrusive option.
  • staining of natural hair. If the aggressive impact resistant dye is undesirable, it is recommended to use Color Sink.
  • In order to work with thin weakened hair. Since they require a careful treatment, the better use of free ammonia content.
  • Toning gray. Most often it requires stable dye gray hair. "Matrix" offers an easy-toning, which will give a desired hue such strands. Despite the fact that the drug Color Sink completely fills the gray hair, give an attractive aesthetic appearance, he is quite capable.

The effect of this agent is called enrobing, as a result of the use of every hair enveloped a drug does not penetrate into the structure. As a result, the hair remains intact, get shine and silkiness.

The only drawback Color Sink may be called a poor durability. The dye is quickly washed off and require a repeat procedure. But for those who like to experiment it is a big plus. If you do not like the result, you can quickly and without damage to the hair to get a different shade.

in the home staining

Professional hair dye

You have decided that for coloring hair dye suitable for most "Matrix". Mocha, chestnut, black, chocolate, and other color palettes do not require a complex approach. But if your base color is dark, and you decide to become a blonde, it is necessary to trust the professionalism of his master. In the case of coloring tone on tone can handle the procedure on its own, enough to follow the recommendations of the instructions.

  • Prepare everything you need.
  • Wash your hair without a balm and a little dry.
  • Apply drug and sustain the necessary time.
  • Rinse off the paint under warm running water with the shampoo for colored hair.
  • Use a balm. This will make your locks silky and manageable.

To carry out the work necessary to wear protective gloves are also recommended to test for sensitivity, even if not a new hair color for you, "Matrix". Reviews say that in some cases it can cause itching or burning.

Sensitivity Test

In order to exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction. Follow these simple steps:

  • Apply a small amount of paint mixed with an oxidizing agent to the inside of the elbow or behind the ear.
  • Soak for 10-15 minutes.
  • If after this time you will not bother, repeat the application.
  • Do not see redness, itching or other unpleasant reactions - boldly proceed with staining.
  • The people who are prone to allergies, it is recommended to paint the hair only one day after the test.
Professional hair dye


As with any product, hair dye "Matrix" has both positive and negative feedback. Although most of users confirm the dignity possessed by hair dye "Matrix". Palette - is the main advantage of the product. Many girls say that they could achieve the desired shade.

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that after the procedure, the hair become stiff and lose its elasticity. Most often this happens if you do not use the balm, suitable for the type of hair, or if the staining was performed before perming. The damaged structure requires a careful maintenance and better not to use persistent dyes, to impart sufficiently attractive shade toning. Sometimes there are problems with obtaining the desired color. Most often this happens if you do not take into account the basic tone and incorrectly selected hair dye "Matrix". Palette has its own levels, and this must be taken into account. When painting, use complex hairdresser.

Why customers choose "Matrix"

Trade mark "Matrix" has long established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality and modern cosmetic products for hair. High confidence is due to many years of experience and professionalism. So you can safely use the company's products, and your hair will shine with health and beauty.