Painting "Londa Professional": color palette, reviews

All the more positive feedback received hair dye "Londa Professional". The palette has a gorgeous selection of attractive colors. You can use it to solve a variety of problems. For example, to adjust the dim inconspicuous hair color, paint the gray hair or create a new unique image. In pursuing these goals, every woman strives to use only effective medications that do not harm the hair. It possesses such qualities "Londa Professional". Palette, reviews of which testify to the extraordinary variety of colors, allowing to perform miracles.

Londa Professional - brand with a worldwide reputation

First time brand "Londa" declared itself in 1956. The main focus of the company is the production of hair dyes.


In the early 90s there was a unification of the two largest manufacturers of products for hair Londa and Wella. Due to the cosmetic industry started to develop more rapidly, offering customers excellent products of excellent quality. In 2006, it declared itself the trademark "Londa Professional", the palette is allowed to create real miracles.

Coloring agents include four groups of products that are worth considering in more detail.

Persistent cream "Londa Professional"

The color palette consists of 91 shades and 9 mikstonov, allowing to create a completely new solution for staining. Rich black, blond, auburn or brown, bright red or mocha - are just some of the options of shades for coloring.


Very popular this tool uses the women who need to reliably dye the gray hair. Not every hair dye to effectively cope with this task. The search for effective drug often leads to disastrous results. Experiencing the paint from different manufacturers, the women get frustrated and terrible condition of the hair. This is indicated by the negative feedback. But help came from the company "Londa Professional". Palette with rich colors and excellent quality steel main selection criteria.

Additionally, the excellent care of hair, giving them vitality and energy. For staining required oxidizing emulsion. The concentration is chosen depending on the desired result and may be 3, 6, 9, or 12 percent.

ammonia-free coloring, or intensive toning

For thin and damaged hair resistant paint staining may become too aggressive. For a more gentle procedure recommended by ammonia-free dye "Londa Professional". The color palette contains fewer colors, a total of 41, but that does not stop to achieve the desired result.


The keratin and natural wax - the main components of the drug caring. They make the hair smooth and shiny. The facility can easily cope with 50% gray.

Intensive toning is performed using a special oxidant (4% or 1, 9%).

for hair lightening preparations

paint palette "Londa Professional", of course, is very rich, but sometimes you want to lighten hair. It uses a high-quality product "Blondoran". It is necessary to get the following result:

  • When the base color is dark, and the client wishes to obtain a shade 3-4 levels lighter requires bleaching hair before coloring. "Blondoran" copes with this problem effectively without damaging the hair structure.
  • Very often it is being used for dyeing. The desired result is achieved thanks to the latest technology introduced in "Blondorana" manufacturing process.
  • For blondes is simply irreplaceable product. With it you can create a unique color. Painting

"Blondoran" is produced in a large amount of banks for professional use in sachets for home use.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

When the color of hair and eyebrows in harmony, get the perfect image. Not all nature has endowed women expressive eyebrows. Rare nondescript hair color can greatly upset their possessor. To remedy the situation, it is sufficient to adjust the shape of eyebrows and color them. And not to spend a lot of time on makeup, eyelashes without mascara if not encouraging, also need special paint from the "Londa Professional". The palette includes black, brown and gray.

Advantages of paint for hair "Londa Professional"


  • Color Palette. Not every brand name can boast of such a choice. Any desire of the buyer simply implement. You can select the classic calm tones or hair dye in bright red and purple hues by means of Micro Reds. Special Blonds series is designed for blonde girls.
  • creamy consistency. In order to master a real pleasure to work with the paint Londa Professional. She lies perfectly, creating a uniform tone.
  • Quality. The control system is organized in such a way that none of the production process is not without control, from raw materials and ending with the final product. All cosmetic products are tested and have the appropriate certificates.
  • Application. Highly rated stylists and barbers production capabilities, "Londa", so many beauty salons and studios use the tools of this brand. At home, you can also use hair dye Londa Professional. But still if you want to radically change the color is better to turn to the master.
  • cost. Hair dye is readily available to middle-income consumers.

Customer Reviews

Most consumers trust the opinion of friends and acquaintances who have experienced one or another product. Usually, hair dye "Londa" respond favorably. The main indicator for many women is a resistance and an effective coloring gray hair. Girls are prone to experiment, like the palette "Londa Professional". Photos before and after dyeing delight magnificent changes.


Some women complain that they did not get the desired shade. But the reason may be not as a means. For best results, you must consider the level of the base color, and choose an oxidant related interest and adhere to the necessary proportions. Ignorance of the basics of color can prevent dye hair yourself in the desired color.

One can often hear that after using hair dye becomes stiff and bad fit. Masters recommend to use after shampoo balm or hair mask. In addition, the brand offers a means of caring for all hair types.

Before you make any conclusions based on the reviews, it is worth to try the products. But first you need to carefully consider this statement, and if you have questions consult his master.