UV lamp nail dryer: reviews and advice on choosing

Beauty and tenderness of female hands praised by many authors around the world for many years. Today, as before, a woman's hand is associated with warmth, tenderness, care and beauty. Modern development of the beauty industry allows facials easier hands, better, faster.

UV lamp nail dryer: reviews and advice on choosing

The most popular decoration of this part of the body is considered a manicure today, which has become an integral part of the lamp for nail drying.

Types of lamps

Depending on the type of lamps that are built into the unit, there are several types of devices:

  • fluorescent;
  • led-lamps; UV lamp nail dryer: reviews and advice on choosing
  • gas-discharge;
  • hybrid, connecting in one instrument several modes of UV-led and pure UV mode.

Bulbs may vary in size and be calculated:

  • on two hands or feet, if you wish;
  • on the one hand, there is every 5 palchev;
  • 4 fingers, while the thumb and then dried separately;
  • on one finger.

There are also non-professional lamps, semi-professional. Non-professional models presented to low power, low cost devices, well polymerizes varnishes and even shellac. Dimensions do not allow to dry at once with both hands. Semi-professional models under force dry gels Bio Gel, varnishes, but with colored lacquers some firms may be difficult, so you should pay attention to the label and look for a mark or UV led, which ensures dry under a lamp. Professional models have good power, but also their overall size. Prices are not available every pocket, but they significantly save time, twice reducing the drying process. Professional lamp for drying the gel polish, polish with shellac coating, bio-gel is mainly used in beauty salons.

What is UV light?

UV lamp for drying nail is scanty design consisting of a casing, directly bulbs and a small control panel on the housing. Such elemental device promotes polymerization nail coating without damaging the nail plate and the skin. And most importantly - eliminates the need for women to sit for half an hour or more on the couch, fingers spread, waiting for the paint to dry. Additionally lamp for drying nail can be equipped with an automatic timer on / off, a fan, a mirror surface, a sliding panel and other advanced features that significantly affect the nail drying process.

UV lamp nail dryer: reviews and advice on choosing

UV lamp for drying nail is good because it can create not only a neat manicure, but also to treat the nails of the hands or feet, because the wave ultraviolet perfectly struggling with fungi and bacteria.

Power mode: impact on the drying process is

A variety of devices in power makes the choice even wider. The numbers start at 9 watts and end at 54 watts. Power 9 W and 18 W for home use. they are dried as well as more powerful, but require a little more time. They are compact and easy to use, and will find its place even at the small shelf.

UV lamp nail dryer: reviews and advice on choosing

If the process of creating a manicure / pedicure and put on stream every minute, it makes sense to invest in a powerful devices, for example, 54 watts. In such devices the coating drying process takes less than a minute. Optimum lamp for drying nail, the price of which is directly dependent on the capacity and the number of built-in advanced features, this 36-watt, which will cope with any kind of varnish and gel.

The advantages of UV units

UV lamp for drying nail has a reasonable price for many. Worthy device can be purchased within 1500-2500 rubles. A huge variety of species, capacities, functions allows to choose the device most suitable for each in each case. Buy it in a specialty store or on the Internet will have no difficulty.

The disadvantages of a luminescent device

The shelf life of fluorescent lamps, unfortunately, is not long. Uninterrupted period of operation could reach 7000 hours. And many devices do not accept the replacement of the lamp, as a violation of the factory calibration mirror arrangement may cause the lamp for drying nail stops to cope with its main function. Although often lamps do not burn, but just beginning to fade, which affects the time it takes to dry the coating. With the utilization of ultraviolet lamps should be very careful, since in damaged lamp may emit mercury vapor.

Care UV lamps

Before using the lamp, if it is not used every day, be sure to wipe the dust. Otherwise dust layer will affect the wave intensity and the drying process will be of poor quality. Regularly clean the appliance after use, especially if there were traces of varnish. It is not suitable for use with solvents. It is better to try the dried paint scraped off from the surface with a sharp object.

UV lamp nail dryer: reviews and advice on choosing

Disinfection device also need regular. To do this, alcohol-based substances are applied to the cloth and wipe the device. Anybody case, nothing can be sprayed inside the device, as the substance can penetrate the contacts that will lead to their closure or a blown bulb. If in the process of audible crackles, it is an occasion to carry the lamp to the master, or replace it, as this feature indicates that an element needs to be replaced.

The lamp should not be exposed to liquid. If this happens, the instrument should be well wet cloth and leave for a few days to complete evaporation of moisture, and then try to turn on.

Drop lamp is strictly prohibited. Damage to the bulbs themselves can lead to evaporation of toxic mercury vapors. If there was a crack, then from such a device should get rid of.

The lamp should not overheat. So, from time to time required to disconnect it from the network during long-term use, so it's a bit cool.

New Technologies

Led-lamp for drying nail - this is a new stage in the improvement of the system of care for your hands and nails. But in this case, an ultraviolet light source are LEDs, which are economical and energy-intensive. Lamp for drying nail of this kind any polymerized coating is less than one minute.

UV lamp nail dryer: reviews and advice on choosing

Led-technology absolutely safe even for the most sensitive skin of hands, not desiccate it, making the process of creating a manicure more comfortable. Power range led-lamp as UV counterparts have wide.

Advantages and disadvantages of led-lamps

The first and foremost advantage is the durability of the device, which is ready to work continuously for more than 5 years. Heating workplace minimal and does not cause discomfort, even the most sensitive clients. The size and weight of the device is often small, which is very convenient for the craftsmen working on the client home. LED lamps are resistant to damage, but the lamp housing is plastic, so treat carefully still stands. Special disposal unit is not required, as the malicious chemical elements he has not. As UV-lamp, led fellow may have a number of additional built-in features that make the process more convenient. As paradoxical as it may sound, but the main drawback is a consequence of the main virtues. The long-term device operation is expensive. So, and everywhere he is available until. LED lamps, designed to accelerate the process of creating a neat manicure, have a narrow wavelength range, which limits the choice of materials that can be used to build up and manicure.

UV lamp nail dryer: reviews and advice on choosing

Care this type of lamps do not care differs from UV lamps: also disinfect, careful not to overheat, purify as needed.

UV and led-lamp for drying nail, reviews which indicate both the popularity of devices, will be your indispensable tool in the process of creating reference manicure.