"Horrors of our town" or more real-life stories from users of social network Reddit, which "put on the shoulder" of any ghost raspiarenny

Today, a lot of people are looking to intern various information associated with the other world. Ghosts, phantoms, terrible hotel, filled with evil and good spirits, poltergeists, torturing people - all very excites the imagination, do not you?

Many people love to find such stories to tickle your nerves, and it just works over and over again. No one still does not know whether it was true that they write about these or other sinister places in the world where ghosts live, but, despite this, many people believe in such stories. Well, what about the stories from real life? As it should react? Today we have prepared for you some very horrific and nasty stories about the people who will give odds to any raspiarenny ghost or poltergeist.

Eater persons

On the day in Miami it was very hot and stuffy. Austin Harrouff, student at the University of Florida, as usual worked in the diner. As they say, no signs of trouble is nothing. After the incident surveillance cameras show that at some point, Austin has become very strange and not closing the restaurant, he pulled somewhere, taking with one of the kitchen knives. Guy in his car drove for about five kilometers, and for some reason, stopped next to a conventional house, which he was not familiar. Coming out of the car, he went straight to the front door and knocked softly at her. The door opened by a woman, and he with all his strength began to apply her stab wound. The cries of women ran a husband, and a guy who clearly had a physical advantage over the man who killed him, too. Given the fact that all this was not even in the house and on its doorstep, a neighbor heard cries for help and rushed out of his house. Seeing him, Austin at some point switched to him and struck the man a couple of stab wounds, but the latter survived and managed to call the police.

When the scene came a patrol car and left it three policemen, Austin had vyvoloch two bodies on the lawn in front of their home. As soon as the guardians of law and order came closer, they saw a terrible picture. 19-year-old Austin Harrouff stood on all fours and eagerly ate the man's face, which recently slaughtered. He hissed, coughing and groaning. Despite the fact that the guy dealt with three people a kitchen knife at a police Austin offered no resistance. Following the results of the questioning of parents and friends Man revealed that in the last few weeks, he went not himself. In the last video, which he posted on his page on the social network, Austin said: "I have two sides of my" I ". One - normal, and thanks to her, I can work, communicate, and learn from, and the second - crazy. I understand that losing my mind. Help me".

Terrible Totem

In a sunny autumn day in 2016 in Sacramento, California, passers-by were shocked by the seemingly tasteless prank, which many do on Halloween. An elderly woman dressed in dirty clothes, aimlessly walked down the street, holding a big stick with impaled human skull, which still had the skin. She carried it as a trophy. The woman calmly walked past the police, who immediately have noticed a strange lady, and not to make noise, immediately followed her. She led them to a kind of camp where settled a large number of homeless people. At the center of this kind of houses lay decomposing body without a head. The police assumes that the woman was a killer, but so far no tangible evidence. The case is still open.

The bloody house

One day in Chicago police called some anonymous and described what he saw as on the back porch of a house lay stabbed 45-year-old woman. The call was late, so the call went to all three police officers and an ambulance. When they arrived at the address, really they found the body of a woman who was lying face down on the back porch of the house. It was immediately clear that she is with someone struggling because some nail plates just were not observed. She was Zadran skirt and blouse cut. Based on the initial examination of the body, it was revealed that the woman inflicted about 45 knife wounds, but, despite the fact that her things were in this state, there was no violence. When the police decided to inspect the house, they were horrified to see a picture that unfolded before them. Inside the house reigned chaos. It seemed that all the walls were smeared with the blood of a ceiling the same fate also not spared. How to detect when in the house there were other family members, and to be precise, the five relatives of the woman. The age of victims ranged from 10 to 58 years. The bodies of all the victims were in a terrible state. They were found numerous beatings, stab wounds, and one of the family members of the murdered women were simply shot. At the moment, the police do not know who perpetrate such brutal murder. The case remains open.