"Ale, the police?" Or some of the most funny, crazy and stupid calls that came guardians of law and order

Work manager in the service of rescue or police hotline, taking hundreds of calls every day and listening to the frightened people on the other end of the line tells about the robbery, rape and murder, this is the job for which really need to have nerves of steel just for girls and koe any other steel parts of the body for the guys.

Considering the sad statistics on the number of violent crimes that almost every second taking place in different parts of the globe, there is nothing surprising in the fact that for a false call to the police you can easily get a fine of several thousand dollars or go for a year in jail to think about their behavior.

However, the heroes of today's article similar measures against idiots, takes time and nerves of law enforcement officers, apparently did not stop. So today we decided to lighten the mood of our readers and have prepared for you a collection of stories about the most stupid and delusional calls to the police, to have ever had to answer a few pribaldevshim of human arrogance and stupidity of the dispatchers.

"Throw me to wine and vodka"

Driving drunk - this is a very bad and dangerous, this hack to death on your nose, kids, and do not risk their lives for nothing, remember that you are waiting at home dumplings. So, what we do, one guy Makmarrin name proved to be very responsible driver, so when one Saturday night, he discovered that a few minutes ago, he successfully sentenced last bottle of alcohol in the house, and the nearest store with drinks was a good distance from the his bachelor lair, he did what he would have done in his place any law-abiding citizen.

Makmarrin called the cops and asked them to come and throw it to the wine and vodka. Tragically, the police did not appreciate the request and warned the guy that if he calls for a second time, it will be responsible under the law. Makmarrina that did not stop, and he immediately called back, insisting that he really, really, really need to call a taxi with flashing lights. At this time the guardians of the law took pity and really came after him, but instead of a drinking shop Makmarrina already landed near a police station.

"I demand my damn lemonade"

Agree, very, very disappointing do not a short path to a favorite cafe and find that they have your favorite lemonade, for which you, in fact, tore ass off the couch is no longer sold. In general, it is easy to imagine the hellish storm of hatred and resentment which had been created in the soul, 60-year-old Jenna Fortune, where a lovely girl in uniform "BurgerKing" told him that his favorite lemonade they no longer pour. Furious, the man did not come up with anything better than to call the local police, however, it did not really help, and instead of the hoped lemonade Fortune was sickly fine for a false call attire.


We will not prevaricate, many of us unwittingly experiencing trembling at the sight of these nice little eight-legged creatures. Well, when in the house there is someone who can be asked to fight with the devil incarnate, but what a sweet girl when she was left with such a terrible creature alone? Well, of course, go to the police. One evening in the management of the provincial American town sheriff received a call from a local resident who, wildly apologized to manager, complained that he was afraid to sleep, since her house was got a huge spider.

The lady said that she understood how ridiculous it sounds her request, but she really does not know who else to turn to her. The young lady also reported that she was able to cover all evil creatures glass jar, but she was too scared to approach the monster catch. Despite the fact that the manager had to politely tell the lady that the police are not engaged in spiders, and to cope with captive creature she would have on their own, courtesy of a frightened girl is so captivated the police quiet town, on the way home one of the management staff is still looked up to her and released unfortunate spider out.

"My son watches porn!"

One day, the operator 911 received a call from a woman named Shevon Gallman that required urgently send her home police outfit, because her son was now committing a wrongful act within its walls. The operator, who has decided that we are talking about drugs or disorderly conduct, immediately sent to the home of Shevon car, and only then began to find out what is actually guilty hapless scion.

It turned out that the fifteen-year-son of Mrs. Gallman shamelessly watching pornography on a large plasma in the living room. Eventually, the police, who arrived on a call, had a very long time and clearly explain to the woman that viewing pornography in the US crime has not yet been considered, but a false call to emergency services and call the police - how.