Essence - Cosmetics for a great makeup

high quality cosmetics makes it possible to perform a great makeup, while caring for the skin. Essence - cosmetics, have excellent properties. She is well proven in the market today and has earned excellent customer reviews.

Beauty Essence brand

Essence - Cosmetics for a great makeup

His story began with a trademark in 2001 in Germany. The founder is Christina Oster-Daum. Since then the company has expanded significantly and expand our portfolio.

On Essence today - cosmetics, which has won more than 35 countries around the world. All products are high quality and relevant certificates. Several times a year the assortment is replenished innovations developed with the latest technology.

Caring means

The company offers creams for different skin types. Among the products you can find cleansers and correcting some flaws. The brand fine selection of creams for oily skin prone to irritation. You can pick up tools for teens to help in the fight against acne. Reviews of young buyers confirm that the product effectively treats problems of young skin.

Very popular is the BB cream. According to reviews, it is perfectly evens out the complexion and makes the skin soft and attractive. Its cost is about 300 rubles.

Essence - cosmetics for all age groups, so it may well be used, and young girls and older women.

Essence - Cosmetics for a great makeup


Absolutely any makeup can be performed using this cosmetics:

  • Eyes. Each shopper can select the ink cost from 200 rubles, which will make eyelashes long and thick. For an expressive look, you can buy a pencil or eyeliner. The color scheme of shades will pick up color, the most suitable for tsvetotipu.
  • Lips. A fine selection of lipsticks, glosses and eyeliners. Proper emphasis on the lips will make all make up a harmonious and attractive. The price of such funds - from 200 rubles.
  • face. Tonal foundation and powder - it is cosmetics Essence, reviews of which make it possible to opt for this brand. Means well hide small defects of the skin and make the oval clearer. Using blush can give a nice healthy focus image. High demand bronzer powder Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder. It gives a beautiful tan color and mattes the skin. Buy it possible for 200-220 rubles.
  • Nails. Various nail varnishes, products for a French manicure possess excellent quality and stability. Caring funds will help make your nails strong and healthy, they are perfectly cope with the bundle and fragility of the nail plate, the cost starts from 160 rubles. Means for nail polish remover is very gentle and does not destroy the structure of the nail. Well proven means Essence XXXL Shine Gel-look Top Coat. It has strengthening properties and gel effect gives well-groomed appearance nails.

Many women prefer the brand Essence. Cosmetics designed for all skin types. Customer reviews indicate that it can be used with a propensity to allergies.

In addition, the company offers practical accessories that help in drawing tools.

Essence - Cosmetics for a great makeup

The advantages of the brand Essence

  • Excellent quality. Decorative cosmetics perfectly fits the skin, does not crumble and does not swim. Makeup will look fresh all day long.
  • The magnificent range. Each woman will be able to choose the product that most closely matches its needs. The color palette is very rich and gives the opportunity to do daily make-up, and for evening out.
  • cost. Essence - cosmetics, prices for which are readily available to the buyer with average incomes.

Such cosmetics - a real assistant in the creation of beauty. It will emphasize the dignity of the person and hide minor flaws. Glowing skin and gorgeous make-up will give the image of attractiveness and charm. Products will be a great gift for any occasion or just a nice token.