"Chanel" Platinum Egoist "- elite fragrance for men

Men's fragrance should express a strong character and personality of its owner. That is why his choice should be taken with the utmost seriousness. In this article you will learn about the famous perfume series for men "Chanel" Platinum Egoist ". It is this refined aroma gained immense popularity all over the world.

A series of "Chanel" Platinum Egoist "- the perfect choice for confident men

Chanel French house engaged in the production of stylish clothes and luxury perfumes and cosmetics for more than a century. During this time the company had created the most famous and popular in the world of fragrances, one of them is the "Chanel" Platinum Egoist. "However, this is not just a perfume, but a whole series of funds for men's care. Consider it in more detail.

In 2015, the unique flavor of twenty-two years. And until now, it remains an essential attribute of stylish and self-confident man who is willing unceasingly to conquer the hearts of women and present themselves in the best light. No wonder men's series from the house Chanel choose even celebrities.

The history of perfume series

The aroma of "Chanel" Egoist Platinum "appeared in 1993. This song was released on the basis of the popular at the time of perfume Bois Noir. The specialists have made some changes in its basic notes and added tartness, which is peculiar to it is masculine fragrance. After the "Chanel" Egoist Platinum "perfume (men) have received universal recognition, a series of products based on the unique fragrance has been created. It should be noted that, despite the long history, perfume line remains relevant to this day.

Men's fragrance from the "Chanel"

It is known that the words is quite difficult to convey the smells of perfume compositions. However, as the creator of the series "Egoist Platinum", the basis of spirits - a woody-spicy scent with floral and musky notes. In this case, clearly felt the admixture of rosemary, lavender and neroli. A train compositions are sandalwood, oak moss, sage, jasmine and cedar. This unusual at first glance, the combination to yield a very tart flavor that is perfect for almost all men.

Perfume from Chanel break all the stereotypes that men's fragrance must have citrus or mint flavors. Its creators were able to do a combination of virtually incompatible flavors. Moreover, among those rare customers who are the result would not come to their liking.

Concise package design, made in a minimalist style, will be a real decoration of the dresser. After all products are Chanel is distinguished by its noble and elegant style, which is reflected even in the cosmetics and perfumery means.

How much is a perfume "Chanel" for men?

The price can not be considered low. Thus, perfume vial in fifty milliliters cost about two and a half thousand rubles. While one hundred milliliters of spirits will cost about four thousand. However, for the same amount the buyer will receive an elite and very noble aroma that will be remembered for all others.

In some shopping centers and larger networks perfumes can be purchased at once a complete set of perfume and caring means by "Chanel". In the season of discounts and sales have the opportunity to buy products at very competitive price. So before you go shopping, compare prices in shops of your city. Well, if in search of goods have no time, you can order perfume online store.

Other means of a series of

In addition to Chanel perfume series can meet the following products:

  • Eau de toilette "Chanel" Egoist Platinum ", which is a lightweight version of the perfume. This tool is ideal for everyday use, while the spirits best reserved for special occasions.
  • Deodorant "Chanel" Egoist Platinum ", which is released in the form of a spray and solid Stick. This tool will be indispensable in the hot heat of the day. In this case, it antiperspirant properties or slightly inferior to other popular brands.
  • After Shave Gel "Chanel" Egoist Platinum "with a tart flavor and excellent antiseptic properties. Its light texture helps to restore the skin after hair removal procedure.

"Chanel" Egoist Platinum ": real user reviews

You can find a lot of comments about the male perfume. Oddly enough, but their opinions are divided mostly women. After all, the fair sex is important that their men have always looked with dignity and confidence.

Members noted the unique and unmistakable aroma of perfume "Chanel" Platinum Egoist. "The spirits are really different unusual combination of woody, floral and spicy notes. It creates a feeling of true men's fragrance.

It is also possible to meet a positive feedback with respect to perfume stability. According to users, the spirits can not lose their properties during the whole day. But the toilet water evaporates rather quickly. Therefore, it can be used as a refreshing option for every day.

If you are still unsure what to present to the man in honor of a memorable event or simply as a token, then pay attention to a series of perfume "Chanel". You can be sure that any representative of the stronger sex, who is used to keep track of your style, appreciate such a gift.