Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Usually, art contrasted with commerce, but not in the case of Christopher Nolan. Becoming one of the top grossing filmmakers of our time, it retains the status of auteur director, embodies in his paintings personal artistic vision and delights millions of viewers.

With each film, Nolan swings to new heights. In his psychologized thrillers, neonuarnyh superhero action films and science fiction films, he relies on the philosophical, sociological and ethical concepts. The director explores human morality, the structure of time, malleable nature of memory and personal identity.

His works fill up the lists of highest-grossing films in movie history. Almost every subsequent picture of Nolan's critics call the best in his filmography. Below is a list of all the film's director, in chronological order.

Dunkerque / Dunkirk (2017)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 7, 5; IMDb - 8, 6

Another work of Nolan - a spectacular, emotional, ambitious and the most approximate to the historical reliability of the movie devoted to Dunkirk evacuation in 1940, when British and allied troops were in the clutches of the enemy, his back to the sea, facing the enemy.

"Dunkirk" - one of the greatest war films and most grossing pictures of World War II. Many called it a "masterpiece", "triumph" and the best work of Nolan.

Interstellar / Interstellar (2014)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 8, 6; IMDb - 8, 6

This is a film for the heart, mind and soul. "Interstellar" - sublime thinking about the future of mankind, faced with the need for relocation to another planet. The film asks many important questions about life and the universe, without losing sight of the human factor. Brilliantly shows how quickly time slips away. "Interstellar" - ambitious, thought-provoking film, which has become a par with the biggest science fiction pictures - "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) by Stanley Kubrick, "Solaris" (1971) by Andrei Tarkovsky and "Blade Runner" ( 1982) by Ridley Scott.

The Dark Knight Rises / The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 8, 1; IMDb - 8, 5

The story of Batman pleased with new characters; for someone they proved even too much. Retaining the visual theme and style of the previous parts, adding a winding plot and spectacular culmination, "Rises" was a worthy end of a fantastically successful trilogy. This is another film of Nolan, overcame the threshold of the box office of a billion dollars.

Start / Inception (2010)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 8, 7; IMDb - 8 8

"Since childhood I was interested in dreams. Always fascinated by the idea that while you are asleep, your mind can create a world in a dream, and it feels as if it actually exists, "- Christopher Nolan.

In this film, Christopher Nolan showed us professionals hunted industrial espionage. Crime scene becomes mind. They are introduced into the dreams of others and they run a highly thought-out adventure. Despite the marginal structured, they can be confusing. Directed with great clarity showed us an unprecedented peace, it begs the question: where in our lives the dream ends and reality begins?

The Dark Knight / The Dark Knight (2008)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 8, 5; IMDb - 9

Picking up the pace set in "Batman Begins," director shows us the city to solve their problems with crime and plunged into absolute chaos created by the Joker. "Psychopath mass murderer and schizophrenic clown with zero empathy" - as he described the legendary Heath Ledger supervillain. His performance as the Joker has earned the recognition and noted deserved posthumous "Oscar". While not every fan knows how time consuming preparation Ledger was filming these, including the testing of voice and laughter of the Joker, shut up for a few weeks in the hotel room.

Examining how a person reacts to events and circumstances beyond the reasonable or controlled, the film is confined to psychological conflict faced by Batman. In the role of the wise butler is still Michael Caine. At the box office, "The Dark Knight" has collected more than a billion dollars.

Prestige / The Prestige (2006)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 8, 5; IMDb - 8, 5

The story of two jugglers, illusionists (Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman), whose friendship goes into the competition, and after - in the implacable hostility. In the plot there is the great inventor Nikola Tesla (David Bowie), when possessed by a desire to outdo each other, the characters come to the formulation of ever more fantastic and mysterious tricks. But the biggest mystery of the film - the human soul, and what is happening there at the time of seeking justice.

Batman Begins / Batman Begins (2005)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 7, 9; IMDb - 8, 3

Nolan suffered at the screen all the things that have been waiting for Batman fans, not only breathed life into "betmenianu", but also revived the genre. The film is no longer looked like a caricature of the previous versions. This is a mature film with neonuarnoy atmosphere, which shows the background of the formation of the hero, his adulthood, the dramatic events that influenced his morals. Gotham universe still has never been so convincing. The main role played Christian Bale, and his witty butler - Michael Caine. The film became the first part of the successful trilogy of Batman and cemented Nolan's reputation as one of the most prominent directors in Hollywood today.

Insomnia / Insomnia (2002)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 7, 4; IMDb - 7, 2

"Insomnia" - a remake of the Norwegian film of the same name by Eric Sholdberga. Where Al Pacino starred experienced Los Angeles detective who arrived in the badlands of North Alaska, to uncover the truth about the murder of a young girl. But Detective wildly suffers from insomnia, accidentally shoots his partner, and the Killer bugged his phone calls, more and more confusing. In the unusual role of Robin Williams appears. Magnificent actor's game, the plot and atmosphere.

Remember / Memento (2000)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 7, 9; IMDb - 8, 5

Psychological detective story about a young man named Leonard Shelby, who suffers from a rare disorder. He can not keep in memory for longer than 15 minutes. Hero remembers everything up to his wife's death, but always forget about the recent events and the people around them. Leonard is forced to leave himself photos, memos and even do tattoos to find the killer of his wife and revenge. The theme of amnesia is not new in the film, but is embodied unique. Nolan originally came to the style and narrative structure, as a result of "Remember" - one of the best films of the 2000s.

Harassment / Following (1998)

Smart film from Christopher Nolan

Rating Forums - 7, 6; IMDb - 7 6Cvoy full-length debut, Christopher Nolan took off with a budget of $ 6,000. It neonuarny thriller about a writer who, being strongly constrained in the media, begins to follow the strangers on the street. Just for inspiration. It establishes rules for themselves for whom to follow and for how long. Re to follow one and the same person can not. But once the hero breaks his own schedule, associated with the thief, who begins to imitate, and met with a fatal blonde. Everything is getting out of control.